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Over 91 Percent of Medical Clinics has switched over to EMR system. But majority of the clinics are not using the valuable data that resides in their EMR for Marketing to Patients. 

Running any healthcare practice takes long hours and a multi-disciplinary approach. Running a buoyant and profitable Medical Care Clinic adds a whole new promotional dynamic to the mix.  Competing for patients is an everyday reality in healthcare and accessing a solution that not only works but also has key facility integration assets not only makes sense, it’s essential given all the other priorities that are consuming your valuable time. There are 6 key strategies every practice should use.

Medical Marketing Ideas For Doctors Using EMR

EMR Patient Data and Ethical Use of Patient Information & HIPAA Compliance

Over 91 percent of medical clinics now utilize an EMR to track and document a patient’s progress through the clinical visit, but how did that patient arrive at your Front Office and how do you ensure that they will preferentially consider you next time? Patient attraction and post visit, ongoing patient engagements are the keys to generating new patient visits and ensuring repeat visits and positive recommendations.

Medical Marketing Ideas For Medical Clinics

Medical Marketing Solution 

The Medical Marketing solution contains 18 ideas that help you streamlines new patient attraction by utilizing effective online promotional strategies and sophisticated technology, both have been custom designed specifically for healthcare clinics. The solution provides for a sophisticated suite of patient attraction applications that work in concert with your web site and provide a seamless integration of online promotion with effective results tracking. Patients are not only attracted to your medical conversion web site, mobile site and social media, Facebook Business pages; they can book appointments directly to your Front Office from all three marketing sources. EMR Integration

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To accelerate new patient processing, also provides healthcare clients with online patient registration forms, saving the patient time in the clinic and adding an automated process to what is otherwise a tedious, in-clinic patient experience. Patients are happier, your Front Office work load is decreased and door to door throughput times are accelerated. will also work directly with your EMR provider to integrate online patient appointments with your EMR patient process. This saves time for both the patient and your Front Office and removes potential process redundancy.

EMR data belongs to your clinic and not to the EMR company.  This data has very useful information. This patient information can be ethically used to build better relationship with your patients, and hence helps you provide higher level of patient experience.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Marketing
Medical Marketing & HIPAA

Automated Technology for EMR Integration Using API and HTTPS

The system provides the ideal automated technological solution to effect, out of clinic patient communication. You can quickly and easily create custom healthcare communications to your patients’ via the system and then track those e-communications to verify and confirm that your patient messages or e-alerts have been both received and opened.

Understanding how patients really feel about their visit with your clinic is critically important to maintaining a high caliber, patient centric practice. The system provides a post clinic visit, patient satisfaction component, sending a quick response “How did we do” inquiry to the patient. If the patient responds positively, they are then asked to provide you with a rewarding, positive online review. All reviews are tracked internally within your system for quick and easy analysis and reference.

Online Advertising For Medical Practice

Having expended considerable cost and effort to generate a first time patient visit, how best to re-engage with that patient effectively and on an automated basis so as to stay top of mind at their next need for a retail clinic visit? The PatientGain system incorporates a patient re-engagement application making reaching out to your entire patient database on a monthly basis an easy, efficient and automated opportunity, not the traditional chore that never happens.

PatientGain Provides Additional Benefits for Medical Practice Marketing

Clinic owners, practice managers, dentists and doctors are often forced to work with multiple applications and incompatible online tools to help drive their business. There’s a lot to keep track of: website management, social media, Facebook, online advertising, website lead management, generating positive reviews, minimizing negative reviews, monthly email marketing, call tracking, online payments and much more… it can all be difficult to juggle. What’s more, where do you find the time to manage your efforts online while running your clinic effectively and treating your patients? PatientGain data shows you will save 21 to 44 hours a month ( on average 32 hours a month)  by using an Integrated Comprehensive Medical Practice Marketing system from PatientGain. At $47/hour , your average opportunity cost,  this is savings of $1527 per month, or $18K per year, per clinic. This does not include improvement in increased patient acquisition and patient referrals and patient engagement. is a certified premier google partner for healthcare. is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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