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Every day too many physicians and healthcare practices struggle every day to fill their calendar with patients. They have a great location, dedicated professional medical staff, proper equipment, many hard earned certifications and qualifications. They also have a nice looking Website. However what they lack is a sophisticated online marketing software and expertise. In addition, there is increasincommercialization of medical services. 

Most Doctors Ask Us: Do I Need to Advertise? The Quick Answer is Yes, if You Want to Compete Online With Your Competitors.

As a practice manager, you have to focus on 1. Offline traditional advertising and 2. Internet online advertising.  As majority of the patients search for medical services online, healthcare advertising for doctors using the internet is on the rise.  We highly recommend online advertising for 99 percent of healthcare medical practices.   Our data shows consistent increase in patient count and overall business improvement. In some cases we have to stop online advertising for our customers (physicians & medical practice) reason : they could not handle the volume of new patients.

How Much Do Doctors Spend on Advertising?

The actual advertising budget for each clinic and practice is different. Some clinics/doctors are very aggressive and spend $1000 per day (or more) and some spend $1000 a month on advertising. We also have few clinics/doctors who do not spend any money on online advertising, they doctors rely on referrals and very strong SEO rankings. Also you have to understand that every practice area is different. For example for Medspa and plastic surgeons, it is next to impossible to be successful without proper online  advertising budget. The typical range is $3000 to $15000 per month,  with average budget of $6677 per practice in USA. Urgent cares in USA: The typical range is $1000 to $7000 per month,  spend on average spend $2600 per month per location.  However these are “average” locations with medium competition.  Primary care doctors spend $600 to $1300 per month, with an average monthly budget of $890 per month.  Pediatric practices: The typical range is $600 to $1600 per month,  spend on average spend $900 per month per location.  Sexual health practices: The typical range is $3000 to $8500 per month,  spend on average spend $4200 per month per location. Optometrist and Ophthalmologist practices: The typical range is $600 to $1500 per month,  spend on average spend $750 per month per location.  Read more here. 

What Not to Do if You Decide to Run Online Advertising Campaign?

  1. Don’t start and stop campaigns – Data is needed to make adjustments to your campaign. Professional online advertisers, look at the campaign data, keywords, negative keywords, conversion pages, quality of patient behaviour to make adjustments
  2. If you have a small budget and you are in a very competitive market, you are NOT likely to see any results.
  3. Do not switch advertising mediums too quickly. For example one of our customers in a very competitive area of Dallas suburbs, wanted to spend $1000 per month on online ads, 15 days on Facebook+Instagram and 15 days on Google. This will be a WASTE of money.   Running a successful ROI based campaign needs time and analysis.  In this case we recommended to customer to commit for monthly budget and let PatientGain make the decision.  We allocated 80% of the budget to Google PPC ads and 20% of the budget to Facebook ads, for this customer. 
  4. Your competition is not sleeping. They are looking at your ads also. They are adjusting also. So you must be nimble. 
  5. Do not send users to non-relevant pages or posts.  Provide useful information on every page – treat every page of your website, as if it’s a landing page. Have call to action and lead capture on every page.
  6. Do not overload with long videos – Short videos produce best conversion.  Best results come from “in page”  embedded videos.

What Percentage of Doctors Benefit From Online Advertising?

Our data shows that proper advertising produces more patients for 99 percentage of the clinics/doctors.  However setting up and managing Google, Facebook, Instagram ads is not a simple task.  Just one or two mistakes can waste your budget.  Our data shows that over 73% of the campaigns have issues, they have incorrect settings, wrong targeting,  not enough branded images (for display based campaigns), or improper negative keywords or no negative keywords.  List goes on and on. We have seen disasters, but we have also seen good campaigns.  In summary, online advertising for doctors, works – question is how efficient is the campaign? and is it optimized?


Clicks to Patients Advertising For Doctors

No Keyword Markups 


10 Percent Flat Fee for Medical Advertising


6 Pillars of Online Advertising for Physicians:

1.  Local SEO - Local Directories & Maps

2.  Organic SEO - Top Google Search Results

3.  Speech SEO - Patients are "Speaking" to Devices

4.  Google Advertising - Search PPC, Display and Remarketing Ads

5.  Facebook & Instagram Advertising - Many Variations

6.  Geo-Fencing, Location Based Advertising (Includes In-App Ads)


Examples of Online Advertising 


Example 1: Potential patient searching for a medical weight loss clinic near them. They are located in Orange County Aka OC – California.  You will notice that there are a lot of examples related to Google – this is because that we still see best ROI from google ads. Facebook, Instagram is also good. 



Advertising For Doctors Results


Example 2: Potential patient is on Facebook and Instagram – Targeted ad is displayed to a potential patient, based demographics and past interest. GEO location is also a factor. Facebook and Instagram ads have become more complex than Google PPC ads. For example, there are more 62 different settings for proper Facebook ads. Instagram ads can be managed just like Facebook ads and both platforms are integrated. Facebook owns Instagram. 

Facebook Advertising For Doctors - Ad Example no 322
Instagram Advertising For Doctors - Ad Example no 312


Example 3: Dashboard report from an actual medical practice. You can see that number of patients being generated from Google ads and or Google SEO. 

Advertising For Doctors Results

Example dashboard from a real campaign. Green arrows are leads originating from Google PPC ads, orange ones are from organic search.  This website has one of the best SEO rankings. So Google PPC ads, Facebook targeted ads, if done properly will have additional positive impact on your healthcare practice.  


Example of Google VS Facebook Ads for Doctors

Example of Facebook and Instagram Advertising For Doctors


Example 22 of Facebook Ads for Doctors
Facebook Ads for Doctors - Dashboard Example 32
Facebook Ads for Doctors - Dashboard Example 37
What is a Good CTR for Online Advertising Campaigns
Example of PatientGain CTR for Online Advertising Campaigns

Example of Online Advertising Lead Capture for Medical Clinics


Example of Online Advertising Lead Capture for Medical Clinics

Proven Advertising For Doctors: Offline Advertising VS Online Advertising

These days having a nice looking website will not be enough to generate new patient clients. If your clinic needs to retain existing patients for repeat services and procedures, then you need additional strategies and software.  Advertising for doctors can be offline or online. Offline advertising for doctors refers to Billboards, Newspapers, Paper Yellow Pages, Ads in Cinemas, Radio Ads.  This form of advertising has lower reach compared to online advertising. Its is also difficult to measure the impact, there are time constraints, difficult to make changes to advertising message once its deployed. Above all it is expensive compared to online advertising, and ROI is much lower.  The figure below shows the impact of Online Advertising for a Medical Practice.  Specifically Google Adwords, PPC Advertising for Doctors.  You can see the spike in calls. This is due to launching an aggressive Online PPC Campaign for this Medical Practice.

Advertising For Doctors

Medical Advertising & Patient Acquisition Costs

Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas – how do we know this? has executed thousands of Advertising, Marketing and Email Marketing campaigns for healthcare companies. If you are located in an area with a lot of competition, your costs will be higher. Also, competing on the Internet for more patients requires that every medical practice must consider three key areas for online success. Each one of these areas are addressed by the platform and we have developed specific online applications for each area to help you become’s online apps have become an excellent advertising tool for your medical practice.  It is imperative that you launch your Reviews Marketing campaign, in addition to online advertising. Let’s show you some examples and how to launch a Reviews Marketing campaign.

10 Percent Flat Rate Advertising For Doctors



10 Percent Flat Rate Advertising For Doctors

Examples of Results from Actual Customers – Please Note: Your Results Will Vary and are NOT Guaranteed.

Cost Per Lead Data from Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads – Based on Actual Plastic Surgeon Customer 

Data: Strategy is to use combination of Google Search Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads for specific services.

CPL stands for  Cost Per Lead : Analysis: Conversion Rate is  28% So basically every 4th lead converts to a customer. Average procedure is $11,100.  This is a high-end plastic surgery center in one of the major cities in USA.

November  $ 21.39  cost per lead
December  $ 27.25  cost per lead
January  $ 27.88  cost per lead
February  $ 29.27  cost per lead
March  $ 29.16  cost per lead
April  $ 25.98  cost per lead


Cost Per Lead Data Base from PPC Ads and Facebook-Instgram Ads

Cost Per Lead from Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads – Based on Actual MedSpa Customer 


Cost Per Lead Data Using Google Ads and Facebook-Instagram Ads - Medspa Example

Simple To Use Complete Internet Advertising

and Marketing For Doctors & Clinics

4 Ways to Acquire Reviews
Online Reputation For Doctors

Medical Marketing & Advertising Made Simple

The patient acquisition platform is designed for business owners, not techies. There is no programming required for applications. apps can be embedded in existing websites or Conversion websites and mobilesites can be used. We have created and tested (A/B Tested) several designs, templates, Call-To-Action, Landing Pages, Promotions, Referral Apps, Google Local-Listings, PPC Campaigns, and Lead Capture Pages for successful conversion for doctors’ offices and practices.’s platform ensures that your clinic’s advertising strategy effectively generates patients by covering the three main sections of online advertising: Targeted Search Advertising, Optimized Business Presence, and Social Media. Instead of going to multiple vendors to piece together solutions to create a complete approach, clinics are using’s comprehensive platform to manage their entire presence online. With’s apps and expertise, your clinic will be able to use online advertising to boost your lead generation, improve your online conversion, and increase number of patients walking through your doors.

To increase the effectiveness of your clinic’s advertising, you need to be active in the three main areas where people interact with you online. With all the tools, support, and professional knowledge in’s clinic solution, clinics using our platform have been able to execute a more effective advertising strategy, and maximize their patient generation. If your clinic isn’t utilizing all three of these strategic areas in your online advertising, Request a Demo to learn how can help implement a better solution for your clinic.

Medical Marketing Advertising

Advertising For Doctors Example Data:

One of our customers, a medical clinic in a very competitive market was running their PPC advertising with a local company in Michigan, when they first started using After using advertising platform, the first month,  they saw some drastic results at their clinic now that their Google AdWords Campaigns were being managed by’s PPC platform.  While using a local advertising company, they had an average cost per click of $5.86, and were spending around $1,600 – $1,800 a month on advertising.  After switching over to, they now had an average cost per click of $3.85, which increased the number of clicks they got per month by 166% with the same $1,600 budget.  Their campaign also saw increased CTR and Quality Score ratings, and within days they saw the difference at the clinic, as more and more patients were reporting they found the clinic on Google.  After analyzing where their patients were coming from a few months after making the switch, they found they were seeing 17 to 22 more patients per month who reported they found the clinic through Google.  With a more effective and efficient campaign designed and managed by, they increased the number of patients they saw with the exact same advertising budget.

PPC advertising for Medical Clinics

1. Targeted Advertising offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as Remarketing and Facebook advertising campaigns. When optimized effectively, these advertising campaigns create an excellent boost to lead and patient generation. PPC advertising allows your clinic to effectively target quality leads while they are actively looking for services you offer. has great experience in running PPC

2. Optimized Business Presence

a. Cultivated Online Reviews/Reputation
b. Organic Rankings & Directory Listings
c. Conversion site optimized for search engines, w/ intelligent apps
d. Need to draw your leads & traffic to an effective conversion site; not only need to display yourself well to generate leads, but you have to effectively convert them once they find you

3. Social Media

a. Facebook, Google+, Yelp, and more
b. Apps to add lead capture to your social media, integrated with your backend
c. Improves your lead generation, tracking, and conversion
d. Turn your Social Media into a more professional business tool

Off-Line/Traditional Marketing Checklist For Doctors and Medical Practices

Based on hundreds of practices in USA & Canada, we have found that these tactics are typically employed by many practices.

  1. Newspaper ads 
  2. Direct mailing to people living in a certain town, radius or locality
  3. Local bus ads
  4. Ads in local movie theaters
  5. Billboard rentals
  6. Discount coupons
  7. Product sampling 
  8. Frequent Buyer program
  9. Hosting special events - for blood drive / AARP meeting
  10. Radio advertising 
  11. TV advertising 
  12.  Advertising in local school's publication targeted for parents
  13. Co-advertising with another physician who compliments your services. 
  14. Sidewalk Advertising - attention grabbing person stands with a sign of your service or clinic 


Medical Marketing Platform
Healthcare Medical Marketing And HIPAA

Generate New Patients By Using’s Positive Reviews App

Medical Marketing & Advertising Data
Medical Marketing Websites

Facebook VS Google Advertising For Doctors

Facebook advertising can be very effective, just like Google search advertising.  However, overall Google search ads perform much better than Facebook display ads. The ROI is greater for advertising for doctors on Google search. Lets go over an example below.

The time frame is 1 month, 30 days.  The budget spent is almost the same on Google Search and Facebook Ads for this medical practice.

Google CPC resulted in 2241 total visits, with 5078 page views, on average 2.27 page views per visit. During this time there were 78 conversions and 13 new sales. Each sale is approx $5000 for this medical clinic.

Facebook CPC resulted in 2036 total visits, with 2593 page views, on average 1.27 page views per visit. During this time there were 16 conversions and 4 new sales. Each sale is approx $5000 for this medical clinic.

Based on this and similar data, we know that Facebook ads work, however ROI from Google search ads is much higher.

Facebook VS Google Advertising For Doctors

Online Success Starts With Best Medical Marketing Conversion Website

Medical Marketing Conversion Websites are different than informational websites. Here are 8 examples of characteristics for medical marketing conversion websites

Your Medical Marketing Conversion Websites should:

No 1. Your medical marketing conversion website should have useful information for a patient visitor to easily contact you multiple ways.  This includes 1. Click to Dial – Phone   2. Fill out an Appointment Request   3.   Find Directions   4.  Find Medical Services

No 2.  Intelligence so Information is captured securely in a HIPAA Compliant database

No 3.  Tracking software so source of your leads is captured so you can easily measure the ROI of each advertising medium

No 4.  Promotions and Offers should be included predominantly

No 5.  Tracking of Phone calls is very important

No 6.  Ability to respond automatically  ( Auto-Responders ) should be built into your medical marketing conversion website

No 7.  A/B Tested layout for best possible patient experience and results

No 8.  Your medical marketing conversion website should not take the user away from your primary focus. For example, if your strategy is to capture patient information from a landing page, keep it simple and to-the-point. Do not offer any other offers so the patient is tempted to click on another area  and leave your website.

Physician Medical Marketing

Physician Medical Marketing




Physician Practice Marketing

Physician Practice Marketing

Summary for Online Success For Doctors

These 6 steps are proven to add value for hundreds of medical practices. There are many other steps you can take to further improve your strategy. Monthly Email Marketing is another strategy, among many others.  Contact us so we can help you and view details GOLD package here.

4 Important Impact Areas for Advertising for Doctors is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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