Email Marketing For Doctors & Dentists

Email Marketing For Doctors & Dentists Pricing $199 Per Month

Mobile Optimized Content, 2 Blog Posts, Images, Call-To-Action and Tracking Included in Simple To Use Email Marketing For Physicians

Average patient engagement increased by 11 percent over a period of 5 months. Imagine, Every Month a Professional Email Newsletter is Created For You!!! 12 Newsletters Per Year and 6 Seasonal Newsletters Targeting Your Existing and New Patients!!

Email Marketing is a vital for clinics and doctors, as it helps you promote your healthcare brand, engage with your patients, and even reactivate past patients.  To run effective campaigns, your clinic needs to have a clean data, and a targeted list of patients that you’re marketing to. It is important to make sure that your  Email Marketing  is Mobile Optimized. You also need to make sure that you understand your patient’s behavior.  Every medical practice should send Email campaigns 2 times a month. In certain cases, 3 times a month.  The Emails should be optimized for mobile layout, which is single column layout.

Getting a new patient to walk through your medical practice doors is the goal of your medical marketing plan. However, it is not the only goal! Ultimately, you want that patient to come back again and again. When they do, you get a greater return on your marketing investment in them. One of the best ways to keep your medical practice engaged with your patient is through email marketing. After the first time they visit, you will likely get their email address, sending them promotional emails. While not as effective as they have been in the past, they are still a great, cost-effective way to connect with your patients.

For your medical marketing emails to be useful, follow these general guidelines:

  • Get their attention immediately – The attention span of your patients is short. If your email’s subject line and content do not capture their attention within seconds, they will ignore your email. The first impression you make with your email is vital. Use a call to action, but do not over sensationalize either. If every email is the most crucial email they will read that week, and it will eventually begin to mean less.
  • Put time between emails – You are not a national department store offering sales on different parts of your vast inventory. Daily emails from your medical practice are too many. A weekly email may also be too many for your patients. To generate fresh, engaging content that people will find useful and informative, send out an email every two to four weeks.
  • Use pictures and graphics – The more visual aspects of your emails, the more likely the information will be opened and consumed. Photos of your facility, infographics, and logo should all be a regular part of your email campaigns.

Table of Contents:

1. Medical Email Marketing‎ Results and ROI
2. Email Automation for Doctors and Medical Clinics
3. Patient Data Cleansing for Doctors and Medical Clinics
4. 8 Tips to Increase Open Rates For Medical Email Marketing
5. Email Marketing Benefits for Doctors and Medical Practices
6. What are the benefits of email marketing for healthcare businesses like doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals?
7. Why should I be using email marketing in my medical practice?
8. What are some good tips for email marketing for healthcare practices?
9. What can Email Marketing do for me?
10. How does make my email marketing more effective?
11. What are some results you’ve seen with your customers?
12. How does keep my email lists fresh?

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68% of your patients are reading your Emails on Mobile Devices

Example monthly news letter for a chiropractor and integrative practice in Texas.

Email Marketing For Doctors & Dentists
Email Marketing For Doctors & Dentists
68% of your patients are reading your Emails on Mobile Devices
68% of your patients are reading your Emails on Mobile Devices
Email Marketing For Doctors
Email Marketing For Doctors

Email Marketing For Physicians - Example 249
Email Marketing For Physicians - Example 249

Medical Email Marketing‎ Results and ROI

Your campaigns are only going to be as effective as your lists allow them to be, and stale or inaccurate lists that aren’t well maintained can hurt your clinic’s email marketing.  When marketing to patient lists that contain invalid or inaccurate contacts, you harm your clinic’s ability to send email campaigns to all your patients, as bounces and complaints from problem contacts lower your “sender reputation”, and can cause you to be marked as a spammer. has many automated tools included in the Email Automation programs so you can focus on treating patients while we take care of your online strategy. Most doctors do not take advantage of thousands of patient’s data hidden in their EMR.’s Auto-Loader app can add contacts from your EMR system to marketing system with ease, and full HIPAA compliance.  For example, a medical clinic customer of has 7 locations, with an average patient visitation of 54 patients per clinic. It is in a rural & suburbs area of a major city.  After implementing’s online strategy and Email Marketing program, the average patient engagement increased by 11 percent over a period of 5 months, as measured by surveys and patient feedback, and click-thru rates to the website from Newsletters and Promotional Email Marketing.  Net result was 3 percent increase in new patient acquisition and 8 percent net increase in existing patient repeat visits. This data was measured over a year and compared to previous year’s numbers during the same months.

Many clinics and doctors are also increasing Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)** Score by using electronic messaging.

Top Doctors, Clinics and Medical Practices in the USA Use These Strategies to Acquire New Patients, Engage Patients, and Grow Their Medical Practice has run thousands of online campaigns for patient acquisition and patient engagement for medical clinics with typical patient acquisition costs anywhere from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas. Cloud based HIPAA compliant software is simple to use and easy to manage. Free responsive medical website is always included.

Email Automation for Doctors and Medical Clinics

As your clinic’s email sender reputation drops, your email communications start to get blocked by email providers and email servers, preventing you from reaching contacts that want or need to receive your messaging.  To ensure that you maintain a good email reputation, your contact lists need to be cleaned regularly to remove inaccurate data or problematic contacts.  Manually managing your contacts is a time consuming process, and many clinics simply don’t have the time needed to ensure that their campaigns are being sent to clean contact lists.’s Automated Data Cleansing can help your clinic maintain a good reputation by automatically identifying and removing inaccurate or problematic contacts from your email campaigns.

In addition to automated data cleansing, also provides customized monthly newsletters, promotional newsletters, and recall emails for your clinic.

Patient Data Cleansing for Doctors and Medical Clinics

By utilizing software to automatically scrub your contact lists, helps ensure that you’re maintaining a great sender reputation without any hands-on management from your clinic staff.  As you add new contacts into your CRM, the system checks them against our database, checking for contacts who are recognized as invalid emails, people who file complaints or opt-out regularly, or those who have a history of marking emails as SPAM.  As the software analyzes your lists, contacts are graded, and those with poor grades are automatically eliminated from your email lists. also combs your lists as your campaigns go out, so contacts that unsubscribe or bounce emails are automatically removed from future campaign targeting. By automatically managing your email campaigns and contact lists with intelligent software, makes it easy to send out targeted campaigns at scale without worry.

Email Suppression list is a list that contains email addresses that you wish to permanently exclude from future emails. For example, when someone unsubscribes from your newsletter, our system automatically adds them to the suppression list, so this way they will not receive any future email communication from you. Same thing happens if they mark your email as Spam or if you have an invalid email address and our server is not able to deliver it to the recipient.

Don’t let bad data or contacts degrade the quality of your email marketing campaigns, and prevent your clinic from sending important information to your patients.’s Automated Data Cleansing helps ensure that your clinic maintains a good sender reputation, and saves your staff time that’s normally spent managing your contact lists.  To learn about other ways that’s platform can improve your clinic’s patient acquisition, online marketing, and patient engagement, Contact Us or Request a Demo.

8 Tips to Increase Open Rates For Medical Email Marketing 

Step 1:  You are not collecting Emails properly. For example, your patients should KNOW that you will be sending Emails. Many practices do not clearly inform the patients that they will be added to the monthly Emails. We recommend that you have clearly communicated with patients that you are adding them to monthly Emails, and if they can easily “opt out”  if they like. 

Step 2:  Many clinics collect Emails on “free form” paper forms (like patient registration forms) – This introduces errors.  It is very likely that front desk staff will manually re-enter the data into your EMR or Practice Management system. This is another big cause of high bounce rate.

Step 3:  Subject line should be relevant but not sales oriented.  Support your subject line — don’t reiterate it.

Step 4:  Provide useful information for patients first, then include promotions. If you are only sending promotions, your open rate will steadily decrease. 

Step 5:  Use branding – If your patients see “similar” branded images, they are more likely to open the Emails. 

Step 6:  Provide a call to action.  However, you should do it after the “offer”, not immediately. 

Step 7:  Use lists – They allow you to target patients effectively.  Medical practices who use lists are over 19% open rate.  Medical practices who do not use lists are below 12% open rate.  (Data from PatientGain campaigns from 2018 to 2019 – Millions of Emails sent during this time)

Step 8:  Landing pages matter!!! Send users to a specific page – not a generic landing page. For example if your call to action is to redeem a Botox promotion, first make sure that you have a “Promotions” page, check to make sure that it loads fast!! and then check to see how it looks on mobile devices – 68 percentage of the Emails are read on mobile devices.  

Email Marketing Benefits for Doctors and Medical Practices

What are the benefits of email marketing for healthcare businesses like doctors, dentists, and other medical professionals?

Despite the changes in technology in recent years, email marketing remains a powerful tool to reach more patients and grow your business. Although you may have heard that some marketing gurus frown upon this marketing channel, studies show that your patient love useful information and are you are  more likely to acquire new patients through email marketing than through social media channels. SEO and online advertising is still the no channel for medical professionals, Email marketing included with other channels.  Another important data point – 68 percent of your Emails are read on mobile devices, iphones and other smartphones, in USA and Canada.

 “Let Me Check My Emails” is overwhelmingly at least one of the reasons why people log online and in some cases, it is the only reason why people log on. Email marketing does not solely need to be about plugging your services or products. Instead, connect with your patients by sharing information about your practice and promote good health practices. Email marketing is a cost-effective way to build relationships with your patients, allowing you to highlight your medical practice and what you can do for them. You’ll reach more patients but with less time, effort, and money.

Why should I be using email marketing in my medical practice?

Email marketing will generate more leads for your practice. If patients take the step to sign up for your email list, they’ve shown they want to know more information about your business. Emails are also very easily shared among the patient’s friends and family, exposing more people to your practice and the services you offer.

Email marketing often leads to increase patient conversions to your business. Unlike some other marketing channels, you can follow a patient’s journey from the email through your website to where they eventually make an appointment. This information can show you what areas are popular among possible patients during that time of year, and you can improve your website’s overall flow by identifying any areas where people abruptly leave your site.

Compared to traditional marketing channels like print or direct mail, email marketing is cost-effective. Compare the month to month costs of email marketing with the month to month costs of traditional marketing. In many cases, you will get much more bang for your buck. Unlike sending out postcards or newsletters, you’ll be able to see how many people actually open your emails.

Studies show that for every $1 you spend on email marketing; it repays itself many times over. You’ll be able to determine the ROI (Return On Investment) on every single email campaign you send. This allows you to know how effective your money is being spent and gives you a chance to improve future campaigns to make them even more effective.

Finally, email marketing will lead to more patients. You can send patients coupons, news about sales, discounts and new services you are offering. Patients will appreciate getting a “sneak peek” on any new sales or services before the general public does. This will only increase their loyalty to your medical practice and have them recommend it to friends and family.

What are some good tips for email marketing for healthcare practices?

  1. Patient security and permission is your number 1 priority. Make sure you receive a patient’s explicit authorization to add them to your email list before you start to market to them. It is rude and in many cases, illegal to email people unsolicited without their permission. Too many “spam” reports, and you’ll be blacklisted from most email providers. Also, asking for permission from a patient gives them peace of mind that you are respecting their information and privacy.
  2. Grab their attention with the subject line. Do you know how many emails a person gets a day? On average, it is over 100. Stand out from the crowd and make sure your subject line is unique and eye-catching. The more compelling it is, the more likely it is to be read!
  3. Consider the frequency of your email blasts. Nearly 50% of customers say they get too many marketing emails and unsubscribe from a mailing list. For you to keep a stable list of patients to email, don’t email them too often, regardless of how many offers you may have. Avoid being label as a spammer and pick your spots to send out an email to the masses. Find a happy middle ground of not emailing them too much they mark you as spam and so little that they forget who you are.
  4. Try segmentation to target specific customers. The segmentation of your email list, or putting them in groups where people share similar qualities, is an effective way to get more clicks and emails opened. It allows you to customize an email campaign to patients, making it more relevant to them. This increases their engagement, and therefore makes it more likely for them to engage your business.
  5. Use automation to save time and energy! One of the most powerful features of email marketing is the ability to set up schedules to send out emails, allowing you to focus your attention on other things with your business. Establish triggers or thresholds to send out customized emails to patients. For example, appointment reminders and post-appointment survey emails are effective ways to connect to your patients.

Email marketing gives you a direct line of communication to current and new patients. This engagement on a personal level improves the patient-doctor relationships and helps cement them to be long term patients of a practice. You can present your medical practice as a trusted brand and keep patients up to date with the services you offer. 

What can Email Marketing do for me?

One of our most popular email marketing packages can provide your practice with 12 newsletters per year and six more seasonal newsletters. We will target your new and existing patients with interesting, topical information about your practice and other healthcare news. This vital marketing tool will promote your brand and engage with your patients and reactivates old ones who have not been to your location in a while.

Our emails are also optimized to appear on any device. Over 2/3’s of people read their emails on a mobile device. We’ll ensure your email campaigns look great on any phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

How does make my email marketing more effective?

Your email campaigns are only going to work as well as your email lists allow them to be. If your contact file is inaccurate or hasn’t been updated, you will likely not have a beneficial email marketing channel. You can easily be labeled as a spammer if your emails bounce back, contain invalid or inaccurate contacts, or if you get complaints from patients. Once blacklisted, your emails may not even show up in a patient’s mailbox, being relegated to the “Spam Folder” of any email provider.

Our automated tools in our software allow you to focus on the patients in your clinic while we take care of your email marketing strategy. We can easily add new contacts to your email list with our Auto Loader app. New contacts are uploaded securely and in full HIPAA compliance.

What are some results you’ve seen with your customers?

We have a customer who has 7 locations in the rural and suburbs of a major city. On average, they get 54 patients per clinic. After implementing our Email Marketing Program, they saw average patient engagement increased by 11% over five months. We saw increased engagement in surveys, patient feedback, newsletters, and promotional emails. New patient acquisitions increased by about 3% and repeat patient visits increased by about 8% compared to the previous year.

How does keep my email lists fresh?

Our software will automatically scrub your email lists to ensure your contact lists are accurate, improving your sender reputation. This frees up your time, instead of having management or clinic staff manually go through your contact list. When new contacts come into your CRM, our system will check them against your database pulling out: any invalid contacts, those who have asked not to be emailed in the past or have a habit of marking an email as “spam.” Each contact is graded, and those with poor grades are automatically purged from your email lists. When you send out your campaigns, we’ll check for any unsubscribe notices or bounced emails and remove them as well. You can send out emails without worrying about being flagged as a spammer.

Want to learn more about what can do for your clinic and improve your email marketing, patient acquisition, and patient engagement. Contact us and request a demo today!

Email Marketing For Doctors & Dentists

Email Marketing For Doctors & Dentists Pricing $199 Per Month

Mobile Optimized Content, 2 Blog Posts, Images, Call-To-Action and Tracking Included in Simple To Use Email Marketing For Physicians