HIPAA Compliant Patient Forms For Medical Websites

HIPAA Compliant Patient Forms For Medical Websites

Modernize paper-based medical forms and signatures with digital experiences.

Gold Service Includes Online Medical Forms. Information is Saved in PDF format and Can Be Printed or Added to Your EMR. Patients Spend 16 Minutes on Average Sitting in Your Lobby Filling Paper Forms. You Can Fix It.

6 Pack Bundle $79/mon – get more details

10 Pack Bundle $99/mon – get more details 

15 Pack Bundle $149/mon – get more details 

On average, a patient will  spend approximately 16 minutes filling out paper forms in your medical office, which backs up your schedule and leads to typographical errors. 

4 Steps to paperless medical office.

Step 1. Form creation: Send your forms to your assigned Project Manager (PM)

Step 2. Form addition: Your PM’s team will add the forms to the GOLD website. 

Step 3. Form review: Review the forms on the website, mobile, tablet and full computer. 

Step 4. Form data: Data from the form can be

 1. Viewed in a PDF format

 2. Printed on your clinic’s printer

 3. Added to your EMR – EMR Integration is required. 

Save time by allowing your patients to fill out HIPAA compliant online forms containing medical or other sensitive information before their appointment.

As the forms are sent by patients, system can send you an alert by :

1. Email

2. SMS/text or browser based notification

3. Your staff can login and view the forms and print them out or save them in your EMR.

4. If your EMR provides API access, we can add the forms to your EMR by calling the API and send the form to the EMR.