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Your target prospect patients looking for urgent care and walk-in services are driven by two reasons. They either have a need to address a medical illness or injury or need a quick walk-in visit for another medical reason, such as a physical exam. Approximately 72% of prospective patients are searching the web for the right doctor or urgent care center to fulfill their immediate care needs.

Urgent Care Marketing $499/mon

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Urgent Care Marketing Plan Drivers 

As a business owner or manager of an urgent care center, your goal is to convert these prospect patients into patients who return to your medical business whenever they need urgent care and walk-in clinic services. You cannot simply achieve this conversion by putting together a “great website” that focuses on visuals rather than targeted content. In order to increase your odds of converting those patients from their online searches to real patients walking into your doors, there are six strategies that should be implemented into your urgent care center’s marketing plan.


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Urgent Care Marketing Using Mobile

No 1. Your website should not only have an attractive design, but it should also be designed for conversion.

In order to do this, it should be intelligent. With the various ways and devices available to patients to conduct web searches, including reviewing your business, your website needs to be responsive to your audience and the device they are using. Also, it should have software working in the background that is acquiring new leads, responding to the potential patients, collecting and storing information to build strategic data insights. It should also be HIPAA compliant.

Reputation Management for Urgent Care Centers

No 2.  In addition to the above, you should be using mobile apps to engage, communicate with and ultimately convert the prospective patients to billable services.

With everyone relying more and more on cellular communications, SMS texting is also a very important communication tool. Further, offering marketing promotions on mobile devices, including iPads and other tablets, are effective conversion strategies that should be included in your urgent care center’s marking plan. Read more about Mobile Marketing here.  Across the USA, our data shows 78% to 82% of the patients find an Urgent Care or Walk-In Clinic near them, using a mobile device.

Urgent Care Mobile Marketing Example 1
Urgent Care Mobile Marketing Example 2

No 3. In order to be successful, you MUST ADVERTISE your services online.

If you think that you can rely simply on SEO and organic searches alone to create a prosperous online lead generation tool for your medical business, that is not the case. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and many other online companies earn billions of dollars through their online advertising products. It would be naive to think that they would make organic searching so powerful that it would damage their own online advertising revenues. Optimizing your urgent care center’s website for organic search is a very important strategy; however, it cannot solely be used in place of paid advertising.

How To Increase Patient Traffic For Clinics

No 4.  In order to make your urgent care center thrive online, you must also utilize software to effectively manage the interactions you and your staff has with your leads, prospective patients and eventual patients.

Once you have captured the lead information, a database to manage those leads, such as a PRM (Patient Relationship Manager) or a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) is necessary and effective. Not only do these tools allow you to store your prospective patients’ information, but they also help you keep them organized and allow you to send emails, office promotions, connect through social media and quickly follow-up regarding inquiries. Urgent Care Centers need a HIPAA compliant CRM that securely store any potential PHI that is submitted to your office through your website.

 Urgent Care Marketing Dashboard 1
Intelligent A/B tested Conversion Web & Mobile site

No 5.  As you may or may not be aware, Email Marketing and Email Marketing Automation are two very different tools.

If you are a startup urgent care, then Email Marketing is a valuable tool to get your marketing campaign started. However, if your plan is to grow your Urgent Care Center, you must plan on incorporating Email Marketing Automation into your marketing strategy. This is shown to be one of the most effective ways to convert prospective patients into patients with billable medical events.

Email Marketing For Urgent Care

No 6. Social Media, specifically Facebook, is also an effective tool for the Marketing Plan For Urgent Care Centers.

Although this strategy is listed last, it does not mean it is the least important. For Urgent Care Centers and other medical businesses, social media engagement and conversion is necessary. If you don’t already have it, your Urgent Care Center needs apps that effectively connect your website to your business’ Facebook page. Not only should you be able to push content from your website to your social media pages effortlessly, but you should also be able to schedule appointments and accept payments through social media.

EMR Data + Urgent Care Marketing

There are a multitude of apps and technology, which are worth millions of dollars that fit within these categories. Business owners find this to be a massive undertaking as it requires certain expertise to make these strategies effective. This is why was created.  We have implemented these strategies and tools into Marketing Plans for Urgent Care centers that cover all of these six areas. These strategies are backed by over 20 apps and are available to your Urgent Care Center for a reasonable monthly fee with no setup costs.

Marketing Platform For Urgent Care

Content Marketing for Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Clinics that utilize content marketing to keep in touch with patients are able to both increase the number of times that patients come to their clinic, and increase the long term value of that patient.  Keeping in touch with your past patients, or prospective patients, normally requires a lot of time and effort in outreach from your staff, but with your patient engagement has never been easier.

What is considered content:
1) Text, words and sentences – useful information for the reader.
2) Images with relevant tags and links
3) Videos  and other visual aides that support the main headings, sub headings and actual paragraph text. platform contains 6 different apps that help you with Content Marketing. Medical Content Distribution Engine is new product from 

Content Marketing for Urgent Care Centers
Top Urgent Cares in USA Use This System is used by the TOP healthcare medical practices in USA & Canada. Website development companies also use our apps to help their healthcare clients. 

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