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Simple to Use Phone Call Tracking For Medical Practice Marketing

Supercharge Your Advertising ROI By Tracking Every Phone Call. It’s included in your GOLD or PLATINUM package at no extra cost. Extra lines are available for $25/mon for each trackable medium like billboards, newspapers and other off-line mediums.

Actual Customer Dashboard for medical marketing phone call tracking:

Medical Practice Marketing Phone Call Tracking Dashboard

Never miss a lead’s phone call. applications for phone call tracking capture every phone call that is generated from your website, mobilesite and dozens of additional sources like billboards, newspapers and any other advertising medium.  Each of the calls are tracked for source and stored in your CRM. You receive alerts as calls are made to your call tracking number. Capture every phone lead in CRM.

Every inbound phone call is stored and displayed in easy-to-view dashboards. Auto-Reports functionality allows the system to send you daily, weekly, or monthly reports. call tracking apps are designed to increase your patient acquisition and provide your marketing and sales staff clear insight on what’s driving the phone calls – tracking both online and offline campaigns.

The system is automated and all numbers are setup for you and ready to be used for any campaign.  You can allocate as many numbers as you like to different campaigns.  Each number can be routed to where you like.  All call data can be exported into Excel files or reports can be generated for easy analysis.

Medical Marketing Data

Medical Marketing Auto-Optimization Built in advertising system is designed to invest more in ads that generate more phone leads for your business. Let’s face it, the more intelligent software you have on your website, the more likely you are going to stay ahead of competition.

Amazing Data for Medical Marketing Phone Call Data

Majority of medical practices receive their first patient lead from simple phone inquiry – but majority of businesses have no system in place to track the phone-based leads!

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