Data shows that for Medical Spas in major cities on the West and East coast, the cost of each lead generated is approximately  in the range of  $16 to $18. In the Midwest and Southwest lead generation costs are 23% less. Facilities in the outskirts of major metropolitan areas usually see costs in the range of $8 to $14 per lead.

The cost of each new lead varies from area to area, as competition and demand for services offered by each medical spa varies. But the good news is that using a comprehensive software solution can provide your business with a competitive edge, and only one extra procedure can produce enough return on investment to justify your investment.

Online Marketing Impact for Med Spa Practices

Online Marketing Impact for Med Spa Practices

In the past few years the Internet has become vital for practices that need to acquire new patients, with new strategies and best practices developing constantly.  An effective approach to acquiring and retaining new patients means your medical practice needs to utilize new apps, new social media sites ( Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more), new trends (confirming appointments by texting), online reputation management, sending monthly newsletters, sending monthly promotions, prospect patient CRM, list management in Email Marketing, creating new content for better search engine rankings, effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns, and a lot more. It is simply not possible for a Medical Spa business owner or manager to run a business and be effective at online strategy.

Medical Spa Marketing

How To Launch Medical Marketing Strategy For Your Medical Spa

In order to launch a successful, profitable, and comprehensive medical marketing online strategy, your Medical Spa has to utilize a multiple  software tools and online marketing consultants. Medical practices typically have to work with four to eight different vendors and software companies to coordinate and manage their efforts on the Internet. Keeping up with the constantly changing online landscape is hard enough, and when you have to get strategy advice and execution from multiple companies it becomes an even bigger headache.

Free MedSpa Website is Always Included – This Website is Mobile Optimized, A/B Tested, With Embedded Apps, and Google Friendly.

Medical Marketing for Medical Spas.’s GOLD & PLATINUM solutions solve this problem for Medical Spas.

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OnRevenue's GOLD & PLATINUM solutions solve this problem for Medical Spas.

Proven MedSpa Promotions on

Your Website, Email Marketing & Social Media

Proven MedSpa Promotions on Your Website, Email Marketing & Social Media

After a prospect patient has been converted to a paying client, your medical spa now has to focus not only the well-being of the patient, but also on how to keep the patient happy, and make sure that the patient does not provide any negative feedback on the social media sites. provides a very effective app in the GOLD & PLATINUM package for this strategy.  This app allows you to focus on Maximizing Positive Online Reviews and Minimizing Negative Online Reviews.

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