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Data shows that for Medical Spas in major cities on the West and East coast, the cost of each lead generated is approximately  in the range of  $16 to $23. In the Midwest and Southwest lead generation costs are 23% less. Medspa’s in the outskirts of major metropolitan areas usually see costs in the range of $8 to $14 per lead.

The cost of each new lead varies from area to area, as competition and demand for services offered by each medical spa varies. But the good news is that using a comprehensive Medical Marketing Platform can provide your business with a competitive edge, and only one extra procedure can produce enough return on investment to justify your investment.


Step 1: Must Have an Emotionally Attractive and Google Optimized Conversion Website for Your Med Spa Practice.

Step 2: Must Have a Proven Marketing and Advertising Plan for Your Med Spa Practice. Covering Google, Social Media & Mobile.

Step 3: Must Have a Technology Platform & Staff For Sustainable Competitive Advantage. 


Key Tactics for Med Spa Marketing

The Med Spa industry is becoming increasingly competitive. Successful Med Spas in the United States and Canada can ensure the success of their business if they properly market their med spa to their surrounding areas. Employing these marketing tactics for your med spa can help you stand out among your competitors. These tactics will help maintain and build your customer base.  Read more about medspa marketing tactics here. 


$599 per month plan – read more here.

$999 per month plan – read more here.


Mobile Marketing Example 63
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 63 National Botox Day
Medspa Conversion Website Example 1
Medspa Conversion Applications for WordPress
Medspa Marketing ROI Dashboard

Example of Custom Flyers for Facebook, Email and Website
Example of Custom Promotion for Facebook, Email and Website
MedSpa Website Development
Example of MedSpa Marketing Website

Must Have Mobile Strategy – 78 percent of MedSpa Clients Check Out Your Services on iPhone or Android – Mobile Phones 

Medical Spa Marketing Companies Should-Do List

12 Action Items To Discuss With Your Medical Spa’s Marketing Company Every Month. 


1) Meet with your account manager at least once a month and go over current month’s performance and discuss plan for the next month.

2) Review SEO Rankings. Go over the top keywords and see your rankings. It should be done in a live meeting. Reports have stale data. Automated reports are mostly inaccurate. 

3) Review Advertising  Performance – Top keywords, budget exhaustion, average cost per interaction, Facebook ads performance, Google ads performance.

4) Review Social Media – Posting, Apps, Ads on Social Media. How many posts were posted in the last month.  How are your ads running on Facebook and Instagram. Are they producing any new patients? Or are they simply producing visitors who take no action?

5) Review Email Marketing. How many Emails went out? what is the open rate? Each newsletter should have some useful information for the patients and it should also have some type of “promotion”

6) Review Call Data. Number of phone calls received. Phone calls missed. Duration of phone calls. Time of day when you receive most phone calls. Number of calls received after hours.

7) Review Reputation Management. Number of reviews requested. What percentage is happy/unhappy. How many actual reviews posted. Are you using all three mediums to maximize the your online reputation.

8) Review SMS/Texting Data. Your SMM app is a gold mine. Patients who interact using the SMM app are 6 times more likely to become your patients and buy something from you, than phone calls or contact forms. 

9) Review Content. Every page on your website must have a purpose. Every page should have useful content for the potential patient or existing patient. Call to action should present on every page. Every page should be considered a “landing page” with call to action.

10) Review Promotions & Deals Apps. Monthly promotions and time-based promotions are extremely important for your medical spa. We recommend 3 to 4 active promotions per month.  Recycle old promotions. Custom promotions with nice “flyer” type of look are very effective. These promotions are even more effective if you allow the visitor to “buy now”  online – with a 10% discount. This fill your medical spa calendar.  But the promotion must be meaningful, and there should be sense of urgency.  

11) Review Training and Misc Items. Does your staff need training? Do they know how to respond to inquiries? Can they answer the questions from your medical spa website?

12) Discuss Plan for the Next Month *** VERY IMPORTANT ***

Example Return On Investment Data 


Medspa Advertising Results and  Feedback
Mobile Medical Marketing For Medical Spas - Example 1
Mobile Marketing For Medical Spas - Example 66
Mobile Marketing For Medical Spas - Example 67
Mobile Medical Marketing For Medical Spas - Example 2
Marketing For Medical Spas - Example 23r
Marketing For Medical Spas - Example 239
Best Website Design For Medical Spas - Example 57

Must Have Facebook Strategy – In Addition to Facebook, Instagram is Also Important.

Facebook Marketing For MedSpas
MedSpa Marketing Plan and Data - Example 1

How is MedSpa Advertising Campaign Setup?

Your paid advertising campaign is specifically setup for each of your location(s). It involves different following steps to develop a customized campaign according to your industry requirement and your desired needs.
Step 1: Your dedicated project manager works closely with the our in-house advertising PPC AdWords Certified staff member(s).  We specifically look at your competition and who else is offering similar services,  similar campaign, analyze the market and make strategies to build your campaign in an effective way. Our PPC Expert starts setup of your campaign to target the audience. We look at time of the day and conversion data available to us. Our objective is lowest possible cost with maximum result, best possible ROI for your marketing campaign.
Step 2: Your target area is defined. This is extremely important. Due to our deep experience and our data,  we know that each service you offer can draw patients from different areas.
Step 3: Your key services are discussed with you. We recommend starting with at least 3 to 5 key services. It also depends on your campaign budget.  For example if you are a Med Spa and want to focus on “Coolsculpting” – the team will create an ad-group for Coolsculpting.  Landing pages and campaign “Coolsculpting”  are created and and there are many other keywords related to your service “Coolsculpting”.  For each keyword we know the probability of results and how effective each keyword will be. We also know the mobile vs non-mobile patient behavior.  If the campaign is being designed for Facebook – the steps are similar but tools in Facebook are different from Google.  The same is true for other type of campaigns, like Instagram, Yahoo/Bing campaigns are slightly different.  Some platforms are rock-solid, some are “testing” with your ad dollars. Our job is also to steer you away non-essential expenses.
Keywords are the heart of paid campaigns. Our Advertising PPC team research and design powerful keyword lists relevant to your target audience. Negative keywords are equally important. There are hundreds of negative keywords in our campaigns.  These campaigns have been run thousands of times and optimized for your specific services. These are NOT generic campaigns.
Landing pages and lead conversion software is all included in the GOLD and PLATINUM Packages. Call tracking based on keywords is included in our campaigns.
Step 4: Budget is discussed for each clinic. This is where you have the most input.  Most customers want to spend “X per month per location” – Then we work backwards to get the best results.  Other approach is to let us suggest a budget. Changing the budget is easy, it can be easily increased or decreased.  Sometimes customers come to us and say “I want to dominate online”  – What can you do?  So depending on your business objectives, we design campaigns. There are no cookie-cutter ad campaigns.
Step 5: Based on your services, dozens of ads are created, negative keywords list are generated. Ad extensions, Set Schedule of the campaign, GEO targeting, Excluded areas, low-value-keywords are assign a lower bids, competitor bids, local bids, mobile bids, landing pages with conversion are created/optimized, call tracking is set, lead-capture is tested.
Step 6: Target launch date is set and discussed with customer
Step 7: Campaign is started
Step 8: Typically in the first 10 to 15 days your campaign results are discussed with you. However your campaign is being constantly monitored.
Successful campaigns require continuous optimization such as A/B testing, funnel management and bounce rates.
Our PPC Team evaluates and applies various statistical models to improve and expand the campaign incrementally over the time to beat the market competition on regular basis.
With our service, it is required the you meet with us at least once a month to review your account.
Example 41 Medspa Conversion Website Design

Medspa Marketing Using Content Publishing

Medspa Marketing Using Content - Example
Online Marketing Impact for Med Spa Practices

Online Marketing Impact for Med Spa Practices

In the past few years the Internet has become vital for MedSpa practices that need to acquire new patients, with new strategies and best practices developing constantly.  An effective approach to acquiring and retaining new clients & patients means your MedSpa practice needs to utilize new apps, new social media sites ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more), new trends (confirming appointments by texting), online reputation management, sending monthly newsletters, sending monthly promotions, prospect patient CRM, list management in Email Marketing, creating new content for better search engine rankings, effective Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns, and a lot more. It is simply not possible for a MedSpa business owner or manager to run a business and be effective at online strategy. Gold Package for MedSpa was created to address this issue.

Med Spa Conversion Website
Mobile Website Marketing for Med Spa
Medspa Conversion Website Example 2
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 3
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 4

Free MedSpa Website is Always Included – This Website is Mobile Optimized, A/B Tested, With Embedded Apps, and Google Optimized for Keywords.

8 Strategies That Work for Medspa Centers

  1. Awesome Medspa website – with a lot of photo’s of each procedure – must be intelligent and focused on conversion. Intelligence means conversion tracking CRM for your website. 80 percent of the patients looking for medspa services will contact you by calling you or simply finding you on a map. Majority of the time it is Google Maps. To read more about Conversion Websites for doctors,  please click here.
  2. Google SEO Optimizations for specific keywords, like  “Medspa West Palm Beach FL” – in this case a patient is looking for an Medspa in West Palm Beach FL. To read more about SEO for doctors  please click here.
  3. Google Local Optimizations. To read more about  LOCAL SEO for doctors  please click here.
  4. Content of the website. To read more about Content Marketing for doctors  please click here.
  5. PPC Advertising (specifically Google PPC). To read more about PPC for doctors  please click here.
  6. Facebook Advertising. To read more about Facebook Advertising for doctors  please click here.
  7. Monthly Email Marketing. To read more about Email Marketing for doctors  please click here.
  8. Patient Reviews Marketing & Reputation Management – Minimize negative reviews, Maximize positive reviews. To read more about Reputation Management for doctors  please click here. 
Medical Spa Marketing

How To Launch Medical Marketing Strategy For Your Medical Spa

In order to launch a successful, profitable, and comprehensive medical marketing online strategy, your Medical Spa has to utilize a multiple  software tools and online marketing consultants. Medical practices typically have to work with four to eight different vendors and software companies to coordinate and manage their efforts on the Internet. Keeping up with the constantly changing online landscape is hard enough, and when you have to get strategy advice and execution from multiple companies it becomes an even bigger headache.

Facebook and Instagram Advertising for Medspas.
Medspa Marketing Website
Medical Spa Marketing Platform

Proven MedSpa Promotions on

Your Website, Email Marketing & Social Media

8 Important elements of your medical spa’s website:

1)  It must be mobile optimized – Beyond mobile friendly.

2)  It must be optimized for conversion.

3)  Content must be fresh, relevant, non-plagiarized.

4)  SEO Optimized for Google search engine.

5)  Based on WordPress (or other proven platforms).

6)  Secure and HIPAA Compliant. 

7)  Should promote and build your brand.

8)  Must be pretty, attractive and branded with your own brand.

Mobile Medical Marketing for Medspa

There Are 6 Key Areas Every Medical Practice Should Consider for a Successful Marketing Plan.

1. Outreach and Referral Program.

2. Employee Advocate Marketing.

3. Patient Referral Marketing.

4. Social Media Marketing.

5. Traditional Offline Advertising.

6. Digital Online Advertising.

Facebook Conversion Apps for Medspas
Medical Spa Marketing Websites Example 34
Medical Spa Marketing Websites Example 35
Medical Spa Marketing Websites Example 36
MedSpa Marketing Using Social Media
MedSpa Promotions On Facebook
MedSpa Marketing ROI Data Example Phone Calls
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 7

After a prospect patient has been converted to a paying client, your medical spa now has to focus not only the well-being of the patient, but also on how to keep the patient happy, and make sure that the patient does not provide any negative feedback on the social media sites. PatientGain.com provides a very effective app in the GOLD & PLATINUM package for this strategy.  This app allows you to focus on Maximizing Positive Online Reviews and Minimizing Negative Online Reviews.

MedSpa Marketing Using Appointment Requests From Facebook


MedSpa Marketing Using Appointment Requests From Facebook
MedSpa Marketing & Conversion Websites Example 67
Reputation Management for Med Spas
Medical spa marketing platform

4 Key Apps For Facebook Marketing For Doctors and Healthcare Medical Practices

These apps have been used by hundreds of successful healthcare providers.

Medical Marketing App No 1.  Acquire Positive Reviews From Patients Who Have Already Liked You.

Medical Marketing App No 2.  Allow Patients Who Are On Facebook To Request An Appointment

Medical Marketing App No 3.  Allow Patients Who Are On Facebook To See Your Promotions and Redeem a Promotion

Medical Marketing App No 4.  Use Facebook Posting App For Doctors & Medical Practices

MedSpa Marketing & Conversion Websites Example 66

5 Steps for Facebook Success for Doctors & Medical Practices

Use Social Media Apps To Acquire New Patients and Engage & Service Existing Patients

Social Media Marketing is another very important aspect of your marketing. Your potential and existing are hanging around on Facebook. You have to make it easy for them to do business with you.  Here are 5 steps.

5 Steps for Facebook Success for Doctors & Medical Practices

  1. Create Facebook Business Page for your medical practice.
  2. Optimize FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice.
  3. Add apps to your FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice. For example, add Contact Us app, add Appointment Requests app, add Promotions app.
  4. Add content to your FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice
  5. Advertise your FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice  on Facebook – There are multiple ways to promote your FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice. You can hire a professional ( recommended ) or do it yourself.  Professionals who are certified advertising professionals will produce better results for you.
Monthly Newsletters For MedSpa Marketing

PatientGain.com is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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