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4 Strategies to Improve Online Reputation Management For Doctors

No 1. Use an iPad in the lobby for patient reviews.

No 2. Use Text/SMS based software for patient reviews.

No 3. Use Email Marketing based software for patient reviews.

No 4. Use Social Media/Facebook software for patient reviews.

In a perfect world, the quality of the medical care and level of personal attention provided by you should be enough to ensure that your patients contribute glowing reviews and testimonials. Of course, the reality is that most patients need to be gently and subtly encouraged to submit any online feedback.  According to Pew Research, Most patients in U.S. have high praise for their health care providers, however patients still post negative reviews even if there is a billing issue or other non-physician related issues.

In real life, maximizing positive online review and minimizing negative reviews should be your strategy.

Doctor Online Reputation Management Software

Here is an example for a customer using PatientGain Reputation Apps.

Week 1: Strategy reviewed with the project manager – Google Reviews identified as the most important review site

Week 1: Apps setup for customer  & training of the new customer

Week 2: EMR connector and Auto-Loader used to import data from existing EMR – There are over 10,000 patients in the EMR. However only 3289 patients had Emails. system cleans duplicates, fixes spelling mistakes automatically.  Ran app to create a list of all GMAIL Patients. Used List Splitter to create multiple smaller lists to avoid detection of “Sudden Bursts”  of Positive Reviews

Week 2: 250 Requests sent

Week 3: 6 new reviews – Five 5-star reviews generated One 4-star.

Week 3: Next 250 Requests sent

Over the next 11 weeks 27 total new reviews generated. Total rankings improved from 3.1 stars to 4.3 stars.


Reputation Management for Medical Practices
Reputation Management for Doctors

Reputation Management Data For Medical Practices and Doctors

At we have achieved great success for our healthcare customers.  We have also learned that success rule of 80/20 still applies in online reputation for doctors and clinics.  There are hundreds of online reputation sites.  More than 80% of your success is likely to come from Google Reviews and Yelp Reviews.  Other review sites are still useful to your clinic’s online strategy, but much less so than these two.

So what should be your strategy for reputation management for your medical practice?  Should you have simple apps that allow to capture reviews from patients as they are about to leave your practice?  Should you send them surveys?  Unfortunately these techniques may work on a limited number of reputation sites, but the most important reputation sites, Google and Yelp, their algorithms are likely to filter or  blacklist your patient reviews if they are all being submitted from the same computer, same IP address, or same location. It is easy to track originating reviews and testimonials. So if it’s too easy, it is likely to have an adverse effect on your reputation, rather than increasing your reputation. Unfortunately there are no short cuts.

Mobile App for Reputation Management for Medical Practices
Online Reputation Management For Doctors
Physician Reputation Management
SEO & Physician Reputation Management
Reputation Management Apps For Medical Practices
Reputation Management Apps For Medical Practices

Healthcare Medical Marketing Influencers

Every physician, medical practice owner and administrator should understand that there are 5 important aspects shaping the healthcare and patient care in USA & Canada.

No. 1 Public health delivery systems – Shift from hospitals to individual clinics 

No. 2 Health Care coverage – Focus on prevention and awareness

No. 3 Drug development and technology impact – Time to develop and bring new medicine is decreasing. Supercomputers and bio-technology is helping humanity and bringing hope. New drugs, new ways of non-invasive robotics are changing the outcomes and shortening the recovery time of patients. 

No. 4 Health Care and information technology impact – Information is no longer in silos – Internet specifically has made the information available to billions of patients across the globe.  

No. 5 Health Care commercialization – Ability for physicians and healthcare providers to reach patients directly.  More and more Physicians, Dentists, Surgeons, MedSpas, Pharma & Medical Practices are turning to online medical marketing to acquire more patients and provide timely services to patients. is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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