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Healthcare Chatbot App (From $100/Mon)

Patient Communication SMS/Texting (From $199/Mon)

Healthcare Website Apps ($299/Mon 3-Pack)

Digital Forms Bundle (From $100/Mon)

GOLD Plus (From $599/Mon)

PLATINUM Solution (From $999/Mon)

Custom website (From $4000)

GOLD Solution


GOLD Service is Fully Integrated Doctor Marketing Solution With Google SEO Optimized Website. Costs $599/mon With Superior Customer Happiness.

Healthcare Marketing To Help Practices Acquire New Patients and Retain Existing Patients

Used By Telemedicine Physicians, Dentists, Surgeons, Pediatrics, MedSpas, Pain Management, Functional Medicine, Primary & Urgent Care, Cardiologists, Podiatrists,  Addiction Medicine, Regenerative, Wellness, Therapy, OBGYN, Integrative Medicine, Dermatologists, IVF & Reproductive, Pharma, Bio-Tech & Many Other Medical Practices has run thousands of medical advertising & marketing campaigns for patient acquisition for doctors, dentists & medical practices with typical patient acquisition costs from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas. Cloud based HIPAA compliant patient advertising & marketing software is simple to use and easy to manage. Free responsive medical website is included with GOLD Solution easy to start and easy to see ROI – Return-On-Investment. Hundreds of success stories. We service practices from a single location to healthcare practices who have more than 100 locations. Our solution is highly scalable and is Google cloud based plus it is HIPAA Compliant.

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Build Patient Trust, Acquire New Patients and Improve Your Medical Practice’s Online Reputation with HIPAA Compliant Communication & Marketing Apps

Content Marketing for Physicians & Medical Practices

Now Included in GOLD Plus and Platinum Packages – At No Extra Cost. 


Healthcare Marketing Chatbots For Medical Practices

Cost $149/Mon No Setup Costs, No Programming Required, No Setup Costs. Increase Conversion 5% to 8%


Medical Marketing Chatbots For Improved Patient Satisfaction and Conversion to Appointments

Your Patients Are Online. They Are on Facebook, Google, Mobile, Email, Blogs and Your Website! Use’s Apps to Push Content to All Mediums. 

Jumpstart Your Healthcare Marketing Using Social Media. Start Posting on Facebook Using Automation and Medical Content Designed Just for Your Specialty. Provides Medical Marketing Content for Your Medical Services. 

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Content Marketing for Physicians
Content Marketing for Physicians

More Patients. Less Effort.

All-In-One, Effective Medical Marketing For Physicians.

Typical Pricing From $149/mon to $599/mon

Executing a successful patient acquisition strategy starts with understanding your patients needs foremost. Your patients are looking for convenient healthcare facility, best doctors, no issues with billing, no wait in the lobby! Very high expectations indeed. Over 72% Of the patients who are unhappy and who post negative feedback on Google and Yelp are not doing so because of the Patient-Physician experience; they are unhappy due to billing issues, incorrect deductible payment, rude front desk person, lack of perceived patient focus, improper handling of the paper-work, long wait time or impolite response from a clinic staff member ( non-physician ). 28% of the time it is Patient-Physician related.

As more patients (82 percent) turn to online mediums to find a medical practice or a physician, close to them, building and maintaining your Medical Practice Marketing becomes more and more difficult. To grow your medical practice effectively, you need to have a well-rounded strategy and excellent advertising, sales, and marketing software on your side not to mention HIPAA compliance – It’s called Medical Marketing Platform – with over 20 Apps and an awesome SEO optimized medical website based on WordPress. Assembling multiple tools and building your own solution requires a large investment of time and money, and often produces results below your goals and lack of HIPAA compliance is still a major issue when working with multiple medical marketing companies.  At, our sole focus is creating online success for healthcare medical practices and physicians, and our solution has helped healthcare medical practices and physicians all over USA & Canada experience exceptional growth. With our cloud-based, HIPAA Compliant SaaS platform, your medical practices is better equipped to generate new patients and engage patients.  The system does not require any IT staff to implement or manage thanks to its intuitive design and turn-key setup.  We’re proud to provide unparalleled support, alongside daily live training, to better assist our customers, medical practices and physicians, and help them maximize their results.

Medical Marketing Companies - 4 Important Areas
Medical Marketing Companies - 4 Important Areas