Medical Marketing SMS Texting Alerts

Medical Marketing SMS Texting Based Alerts

This app is HIPAA Compliant and Included in GOLD-Plus package.

Effective patient communication means that you get alerts from your online campaigns and your medical marketing website on a timely basis. SMS Text based messages alert you or your practice manager in near-real-time as you get new patient requests and leads. Stay on top of new patient requests. Easy to see results. Setup is done for you by your dedicated Customer Success Manger.

2 Main Uses of  SMS Text Messaging For Physicians

1. Ability to build better relationship between patients and physicians

2. Respond in timely manner to build your medical practice

There is no doubt that timely and effective communication between a medical practice and an existing patient improves patient satisfaction and drives more revenue for your medical practice.

However there is another area which is often overlooked by physicians and medical practices. How quickly do you respond to inquiries from new prospective patients. As medicine changes to “retail” where every patient expects their physicians to be more flexible, stay open late,  have weekend hours, their expectations also include quick and timely responses from your medical practice.

PatientGain’s SMS Texting app is designed to alert you of useful activity. Here are some examples:

  1. New patient requesting information on a procedure.
  2. New patient requesting if a certain insurance is accepted by your practice.
  3. New patient requesting to meet the primary care physician before becoming a long-term patient.
  4. Parent of a minor patient looking to meet the pediatrician before becoming a long-term patient.
  5. New patient looking for a second opinion for a potential surgery after initial MRI report.

There are another hundred reasons as why alerts based communication converts more patients for your practice. Even if you acquire one extra patient per month due to your quick and time responses, the ROI is immense.

ROI and Examples For Medical Marketing Texting Apps 

Example 1

If you are an elective procedure practice like MedSpa and an each new patient spends $345 per initial visit and live time value of each patient is over $5000, the ROI for just this app is awesome.

Example 2

A Dentist is building her practice and each new patient spends $198 per initial visit and life time value of each patient is over $10000. You want to communicate and effective send a quick message confirming an appointment request.  The ROI of just one conversion a month is over 20 times.