Best Website Designs For Doctors & Dentists

Best Website Designs For Doctors & Dentists 2021 Using WordPress

PatientGain offers HIPAA compliant website designs & ROI based healthcare marketing for dentists and doctors. WordPress conversion website with content is free with the GOLD service, using latest responsive WordPress designs and mobile embedded apps. We can also create a one-time WordPress website for your practice, or we can improve your current WordPress site for a one time fee. 

Common question asked by doctors and dentists, what determines the effectiveness of a website?

There are 9 specific areas to consider:

1) Is the website designed for your practice, and for your brand? Is it attractive?

2) Does the website cause the patient (potential or new patient) to take an action, called “conversion”?

3) Does the website provide useful information to a potential or new patient , called “content”? This is crucial for your SEO rankings also

4) Does the website work on all devices like, mobile, iPad, desktop?

5) Does the website load within 4 seconds or less?

6) Is the information collected from the website stored securely in a HIPAA compliant database?

7) Does the website have intelligence?

8) How is the technical structure of the website, is it deisgned for high SEO rankings?

9) Is the overall design of the completed website gone through A/B testing?

With’s GOLD service, your healthcare practice gets a responsive medical website designed for patient conversion, worth $4,000 to $9,000 in value, at no additional cost. These sites are not cookie cutter sites, they are A/B tested with embedded apps for best conversion and optimized for Google SEO.

Best Website Designs For Doctors & Dentists’s Medical Marketing Platform not only improves your clinic’s patient acquisition and engagement with intelligent apps, but also ensures your clinic’s web presence is professional and effective.  Although the power of’s solutions comes from our software powering your online medical marketing strategies, we also improve the cornerstone of your clinic’s online strategy: your website. See some examples below. Healthcare website design is included for free with the GOLD service.

Medical & Dental Website UX Design Principles

When you read “Medical UX Design,” you may think this is some futuristic theory of website design. It is just short for “Medical Website User Experience Design.” Designing a website around the user experience is a great way to put together a useful medical site. To implement a UX design, you need to keep in mind:

• Clinic/Company Branding
• Functionality
• Medical Services Being Promoted
• Ease of Use

To accomplish these design goals, there are some areas you should put time into when designing your website. When develops a medical website for our clients, we focus on these areas to create the best sites regardless of what field of healthcare they are involved with. Contact our experts today and let us evaluate your current website or propose a design to you that embraces UX concepts to turn your site into a useful tool for patient conversion. Read more about medical website ux design principles.

Fast Loading Medical & Dental Websites

Common question: How do I make my website load faster? 

First, Why would you want to have a fast loading website for your medical practice?  There are 2 main reasons.

  1. User experience. 82 percentage of patients who visit your medical website, do it from a mobile device. This data is from US and Canada only. If your website takes too long to load, they will not wait.  Our conversion data shows that you have 14 to 15 seconds for a potential to take an action on your website and “engage”. So mobile website must load in first 4 seconds.
  2. Google’s SEO algorithms now read your mobile site first.  So your mobile version of the website is actually more important than full desktop version. Even if you use responsive design, behind the scenes the algorithm of the responsive design template takes care of the details. Basically in the code of the template of your responsive design there are 3 main versions of your website. 1. Desktop version 2. iPad version 3. Mobile version.   Read more here.

Medical Clinic Website Design Costs

There are many good companies who provide excellent service for your dental or medical clinic’s website design. They typically charge $4000 one time fee for website design, SEO, content. Monthly fees are additional. If you are paying $1000 to $3000, it’s probably someone learning on your account. Once the website is created, then you will need monthly marketing also. Learn more about marketing and advertising.  Advertsing is different from marketing.

Many dentists & doctors confuse advertising with marketing. Medical or dental marketing is much broader and advertising is a subset of your medical marketing strategy. Read more.  You should market your practice, and you should have a budget to “advertise” your practice every month.

8 Important elements of your medical & dental website design:

1)  It must be mobile optimized – Beyond mobile friendly.

2)  It must be optimized for conversion and A/B tested.

3)  Content must be fresh, relevant, on-topic, non-plagiarized.

4)  SEO Optimized for Google search engine, with proper technical structure of the website for each page.

5)  Based on WordPress (or other proven platforms).

6)  Secure HTTPS and HIPAA compliant and ADA adherent

7)  Should promote and build your brand.

8)  Must be pretty, attractive and branded with your own brand.

Your website is the face of your practice. Don’t ignore it.

See some examples below. They are all based on real customers. Names removed.

All websites should be based on

A/B tested designs

Future of healthcare websites 

Intelligence and HIPAA CRM

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