Future Of Healthcare Website Design

Future Of Healthcare Website Design

Smart medical website with artificial intelligence and HIPAA compliant CRM is the wave of the future. Included in the the GOLD service from PatientGain.com

Your medical practice needs an intelligent website. Too often, doctors and owners of medical practices will have a custom-built “WordPress pretty” website. Yes, it may be visually appealing, and the aesthetics might be what you want. However, just because something looks pretty on your desktop computer doesn’t mean it’s a useful website for your current and potential patients.

You need a website that will automatically convert itself to a mobile-friendly website and a site that uses artificial intelligence to determine the experience a person has while visiting it. Intelligent websites can boost the conversion rate of your website and send more patients into your waiting room. Ask yourself these questions to see if your website is a smart medical website.

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PatientGain highly recommends medical websites on WordPress. WordPress powers 35% of the internet in 2020 – Worldwide. Fast loading medical sites. GOLD service includes website.

What makes fast loading websites? 

11 Steps to make your medical website fast.

  1. Network: Extremely fast network, Google Premium Network
  2. Protocol: HTTP/2, QUIC, HTTP/3
  3. Server: Very fast servers, Litespeed Enterprise
  4. PHP: Fast PHP processing, PHP LSAPI ProcessGroup
  5. CDN: Fast CDN, Google Cloud CDN
  6. DNS: Fast DNS providers, Google Cloud DNS
  7. Scalability:  As you receive more traffic, the system should scale
  8. Disk: SSD
  9. CPU: Google Cloud N2 instances
  10. Template used for WordPress: This is also very important
  11. Optimized Images: Use smaller images for mobile sites – WordPress offers this setting. Google also reads your mobile site first for SEO rankings. Google also measures how fast your mobile site loads.

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Is your website designed for conversion?

Does your website just sit there, providing static information and a phone number to call your facility if patients have follow-up questions? If this is the case, then it is not designed for conversation. Your website should have a direct link with your Contact Database and CRM. PatientGain.com can embed apps that will automatically update you with leads and prospect inquiries. We can securely capture this information and organize it for you to address at your convenience. It is much easier for a patient to fill out a form, which you can respond to via their preferred method of communication, than for them to call and leave a message. Securely connecting your website to your systems gives you an advantage for your competitors and removes the friction points between you and your patients.

Learn about A/B Tested Medical Websites here.

Are you using autoresponders?

Autoresponders are a great way to answer common questions patients may ask automatically. You may be surprised how often people ask the same questions, tying up the time your staff could be using helping patients with more complex needs. We can work with you to create a database of questions and answers, and our medical chatbot will respond to questions it knows. If it comes across something it can’t answer, it will securely capture contact information and forward it to your staff. You will make your team much more efficient without hiring additional bodies for your medical practice.

Sure, you may have specials and promos, but are they embedded into your website and a Facebook business page? Do they both update at the same time?

Promotional deals and specials on your services are a great way to drive business to your medical practice. Many places just place a static message on their website, missing out on the ability to capture patient data. They also may post about a special or promotion on their social media channels, but eventually, this post will be out of date. A more effective way to manage your promotions and specials on your website and Facebook Business page are to embed them into both areas. PatientGain.com has a specials and promotions app you can embed into these two places. Controlled from your dashboard, once you activate a new promotion or special, it is automatically updated on Facebook and your website. Easy, sharable, and always up to date!

Do you thank all of your patients with the same generic page?

If you are, then you are missing out on an opportunity to wow them. Use a Visitor Intelligence Center Built-in that is based on IP Addresses. We will be able to identify who the patient is based on their IP Address and customize a thank you for them as they leave your website. This added touch personalizes a patient’s experience at your practice and on your website, adding to patient loyalty. These kinds of smart website features would be impossible a decade ago, but they are becoming more and more popular today.

Do you know how a potential patient visited your website?

If you do not, then how do you know which one of your marketing campaigns are working well and which ones are just burning your money. PatientGain.com can provide you detailed reports showing you not only where a patient came from but what keywords they used to find you, if applicable. You may know a certain number of patients came to you through Google Search or Bing Search. But do you know:

  • What words did they use to find your website?
  • Are these words the right keywords to describe your services?
  • Are some keywords being used more frequently on Google than Bing?
  • Did searches come from organic sources or paid ads?

Are you running ads on other websites or have traded links with other providers in the area. It is crucial to know if anyone is visiting your website from these different locations. Monitoring and evaluating referral traffic is critical. We will provide you with information to let you know beyond organic and paid traffic, what websites are also sending traffic to your site.

Do you know when you made a conversation on your website? Is it time stamped?

Website conversations are great! Converting curious website visitors into loyal patients is the goal of every website. However, it is essential to know when precisely that conversion took place. Was it when you were running a particular marketing campaign? Did a flurry of conversations arrive the day a direct mailer was delivered or after an afternoon radio spot aired? Timestamping conversions is vital to evaluate your marketing efforts to determine where conversions came from. While you may not always be able to make a connection between a conversion and a marketing campaign, timestamping will help you look for patterns and hopefully make things a little clearer. Data-driven decisions for your medical practice’s marketing strategy is the best way to make decisions!

Smart websites are the trend websites are going towards across all industries. If you were the last medical practice to get a mobile website or a responsive website, be the first to get a smart website. You will have a technological edge over your competitors and offer your patients customized and efficient online experiences. When you wow them with how useful your website is, they are going to be less likely to search elsewhere for healthcare services. Call PatientGain.com today and let us show you what we can do for your medical practice. 

Healthcare Advertising VS Healthcare Marketing

Many healthcare professionals confuse Healthcare Advertising  with Healthcare Marketing.

Advertising is just ONE of the many “things”, “programs” or “techniques” launched to achieve a successful Marketing Program.  So Medical advertising is one, but very important part of Medical Marketing for a practice.  For example if you are a pediatric physician with focus on urgent care for children, and your goal is to acquire more patients, you may want to “market” your practice in 20 mile radius for potential parents of patients who may seek Pediatric Urgent Care.  For this effort you would typically  have many things to do :

Step 1: Sign for the building
Step 2: Business cards
Step 3: Doctor’s bio printed and promoted to local primary care physicians
Step 4: Providing free “meet-and-greet” for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 5: Collaboration with local schools for “low-cost” physicals for school athletes 
Step 6: Mail drop in 5 mile radius using USPS mail and flyers for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 7: Networking with other local businesses close to your own location
Step 8: Using social media campaigns
Step 9: Making the lobby of the clinic a pleasing place for parents of potential pediatric patients and for children
Step 10: Referral program to market using existing for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 11: Launching your online strategy to market your practice
Step 12: Offline advertising offline for your healthcare practice
Step 13: Online Advertising for your healthcare practice

Healthcare Advertising Defined

Advertising for doctors can be offline or online. Offline advertising for doctors refers to Billboards, Newspapers, Paper Yellow Pages, Ads in Cinemas, Radio Ads.  

Online Advertising for doctors refers to advertising focused on internet based mediums. For example:

  1. Google search advertising
  2. Facebook display ads
  3. SEO / Search Engine Optimizations
  4. Website conversion techniques to improve the actual patients generation from your website
  5. Advertising on Instagram 
  6. Email marketing
  7. SMS/Text based marketing
  8. Display advertising 

4 Important Tactics For Online Healthcare Marketing Strategy

  1. Focus on Patient Acquisition – This area focuses on your website, SEO, online advertising (Google, Facebook, Instagram etc), tracking of leads, secure HIPAA compliant CRM.
  2. Patient Engagement – This area focuses on your ability to engage patients. For example, Facebook and Google posts, SMS/Texting from your website so you can capture leads. Referral strategy, monthly Email marketing, auto-follow up emails and texts. Building a fan base on social media.  
  3. Patient Revenue – This area focuses on your ability to monetize your marketing. Many doctors are doing a great job on marketing, but they are missing out on maximizing revenue per patient. Life time value of patient has 2 aspects. First initial visit and revenue generated by the first initial visit. Second part has to do with Life-Time-Value (LTV) of each patient – This could be a much bigger number and when calculating ROI – Return On Investment, should also be calculated.  The second area is most overlooked by doctors. 
  4. Reputation Management – This area can be a headache or a winning differentiator for your medical practice. As you service your patients, your plan should be as every patient ( shortly after providing service ) asking them “Based on your experience with our medical practice, would you recommend us”. This is probably the most important question you can ask. This can be done 4 different ways. 1) Personally asking them – This approach is most effective, however in real life, it is simply not possible.  2) Using SMS/Texting app sending a similar question and asking if they are happy with your service and willing to recommend you. If they say “yes” then software sends them link to a review site. 3) Using Email similar strategy is implemented.   4) Using an I-Pad in the lobby, similar strategy can be implemented. However this requires some clever software for changing the IP address. 

PatientGain.com is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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