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A/B Tested Conversion Focused Modern Medical Website Design for Doctors & Dental Practices

World’s best conversion websites are designed for conversion. Conversion rate optimization or CRO is an important part of your strategy. Building a new website is easy, optimizing it for best performance is difficult and tedious task. Every day thousands of doctors, physicians, chiropractors, surgeons, dentists, Med spas, pharma & medical practices struggle to fill their calendars. Every clinic has fixed costs, and if the calendar is not filled with paying patients, your clinic is operating at its full operational efficiency.

What is A/B tested healthcare marketing website?

A/B testing is a common practice among software based marketing applications – in our case it is Medical marketing Websites.  It is a way to compare two versions of medical marketing websites to arrive at a conclusion, based on data, not based on opinion,  which of the 2 designs performs better. The test continues with multiple cycles until law of diminishing returns starts influencing a specific test.  This is an ongoing process and never stops in the world on medical marketing and data driven results. For example, in our testing we found that it makes a big difference, where specific buttons are placed on the home page or a landing page of a medical marketing website. It also makes a big difference what the user sees first, specifically on a mobile device.  For example the layout and user experience was kept the same in specific A/B tests, the only thing that was changed  was how the images were formatted, branded VS non-branded generic images. There is a difference in results, based on hundreds and thousands or iterations of tests performed.  

Does it make any difference where I place certain text, images, videos and buttons on my healthcare website ?

Yes, it makes a huge difference. For example,

1) Majority of the users will visit your website on a mobile device, not on a desktop
2) Majority of the users are right-handed
3) Majority of the users on a mobile device will scroll within first few seconds
4) Majority of the users on a mobile device will look for basic information first – like, a) what you offer b) your location(s) c) your services, d) and then contact information
5) If you do not have multi-channel conversion apps, you will get 5% to 8% less leads. Examples of multi-channel conversion apps are 1) ability for a potential patient to send you a HIPAA compliant text 2) Chat*Bot 3) tracking of new patient calls (with time stamp, origin, keyword data) 4) Appointment requests 5) Directions to the nearest location – without seeing you competitors on Google Maps
6) If your website loads slowly and it is cluttered, your conversion will drop

This is exactly why A/B tested websites perform anywhere from 23% to 90% better than randomly, custom designed websites.

Just based on this data, you should place call to action, scrolling, buttons, text in specific places for the highest conversion. A/B testing is the science of data and human behavior as measured by data, not by your or my opinion.

Another important factor is how search engines read your website and assign a “quality score” based on your website that is readable by the search engines. For example you can have very fancy, gorgeous and elaborate website that looks very pleasing on a large 32 inch screen. However if it does not proper text, like Heading 1 (H1), Heading 2 (H2) , no useful text, just images, or the website loads very slowly, your conversion go down. There is always a fine balance between aesthetics, branding, SEO text and conversion techniques. It is never going to perfect, however if your start with proven best practices, you will win. PatientGain’s GOLD and PLATINUM websites are based on these principles.

Is there an example for A/B testing of a healthcare website?

A/B testing scenario: 

Duration is 4 months, over the period same amount of budget for online advertising on Google ads, and Facebook ads is allocated. Purposely, no changes were made to ads budget, ad copy was not changed, conversion settings for demographics and radius of targeted area was not changed.   SEO – no new content was added, no new changes were made to the website content, no new SEO optimizations were applied, like off-page links, no new promotions were added, no updates to meta-tags, no changes were made to Email marketing frequency , no new apps were added to the website.  No new social media posts were added to Google posts and Facebook Posts.

TEST A: The slider/top area of the targeted website has a nice video added – specifically there is a motion in the video. So when the user lands on the home page, person is drawn to the moving person. No other changes are made. 75 to 82 percentage of the patients are on mobile devices for this test.  Same video, slides were setup for mobile, ipad and full website. Colors of the website remained the same.

TEST B: Video was replaced by a slide show, focused on services – specifically focus on benefits of each top services. 5 slides in the top area were added. First slide was general slide, each additional 4 slides had a CTA and link to each services page.   No other changes were made to mobile, iPad or full computer user experience. 

TEST C: Slides were replaced by a fixed image, but with scrolling text, focused on services – specifically focus on benefits of each top services. 8 services were added.  No other changes were made to mobile, iPad or full computer user experience. 

Results:  Best results are from the test C – No movement in the top area. A simple image, Provider and staff welcoming patients, with background of the lobby of the practice. Overall conversions went up by 14%. Keeping it simple, minimum movement of slides, videos, in the top area is recommended for most medical websites. However, you should always do A/B testing on your own website for optimal results. We have also found that adding a video slows the website, which impacts conversions and SEO.

Use case example: Podiatrist using PatientGain GOLD service

In the table below, this data is from 12 months. Total of 11439 patients visited the website, from Google SEO, social media engagement, Email marketing and direct sources. From 11439 patients, 3194 new leads were generated. This means the conversion rate is 27.92 percentage of this website. Compare this to average conversion rates here.

Total of 11439 patients visited the website, from Google SEO, social media engagement, Email marketing and direct sources.  From 11439 patients, 3194 new leads were generated. This means the conversion rate is 27.92  percentage of this website.

Additional tests on multiple medical sites show the similar results. These tests were on multiple areas of US customers. All of them are medical websites, medspas, dental, and other medical disciplines. .’s web sites are A/B Tested to provide ROI (Return On Investment) for your medical marketing dollars. has run thousands of online campaigns for patient acquisition and patient engagement for medical clinics with typical patient acquisition costs anywhere from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas. Cloud based HIPAA compliant software is simple to use and easy to manage. 

Example of A/B Tested Conversion Website Design for Doctors
Example of A/B Tested Conversion Website Design for Doctors
Marketing Automation For Healthcare Websites
Dashboard Marketing Automation For Healthcare Websites
Dashboard Marketing Automation For Healthcare Websites

Medical Marketing Based On ROI 

In world of data driven strategy also known as evidence based marketing or ROI based strategy, the computer scientists start with a known hypothesis (A) and compare with it with a variation (B) to see if the B setup produces better results.

This process is also called Split-Run tests. It is a derived from the field of statistics where statisticians (these days also known as data scientists/statisticians). When applied to Websites, tests different variations of websites and calculates the results based on patient behavior and eventually a conversion from the website. This constant variations and testing produces results from actual patients and helps us produce best conversion website design for doctors.

For example, in case of certain practice areas, we discovered that 82 percent of the patients are visiting a website from mobile phones, rather than laptops, i-Pads and full computers, we placed “click-to-dial” at the proximity of a user’s fingers to make it easier to dial the clinic’s number. We saw 13% better conversion. There are hundreds of detailed analysis is performed to achieve optimal results.

In a 2nd example by placing a clinic’s services with highest margins close to the top of a page, we saw 4% increase in conversion for higher margin procedures.

There is a lot more that goes into creating optimal websites for doctors and healthcare practices.

Medical Marketing Conversion Websites are different than informational websites. Here are 8 examples of characteristics for medical marketing conversion websites

Your Medical Marketing Conversion Websites should:

No 1. Your medical marketing conversion website should have useful information for a patient visitor to easily contact you multiple ways.  This includes

a. Click to Dial – Phone
b. Fill out an Appointment Request
c. Send a SMS/Text 
d. Find Directions
e. Find Medical Services
f. Send Secure Message to Medical Provider
g. Medical Chat*Bot to capture leads and provide useful information to a potential patient

No 2.  Intelligence so Information is captured securely in a HIPAA Compliant database

No 3.  Tracking software so source of your leads is captured so you can easily measure the ROI of each advertising medium

No 4.  Promotions and Offers should be included predominantly

No 5.  Tracking of Phone calls is very important

No 6.  Ability to respond automatically  ( Auto-Responders ) should be built into your medical marketing conversion website

No 7.  A/B Tested layout for best possible patient experience and results

No 8.  Your medical marketing conversion website should not take the user away from your primary focus. For example, if your strategy is to capture patient information from a landing page, keep it simple and to-the-point. Do not offer any other offers so the patient is tempted to click on another area  and leave your website.

Example for A/B tested of a healthcare website
Example for A/B tested of a healthcare website

A/B Tested Conversion Medical Website Design for Doctors & Healthcare Practices.

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