Medical Content Writing Services For Physicians and Medical Practices Costs $500/mon For USA and Canada Based Clinics.

High quality content is the foundation of your online success. Good content not only helps you with SEO, but also with social media, retention and online conversions. 

SEO medical content writing is the foundation of your good rankings on Google.

Content service starts at $500/mon.  A project manager is assigned to your account.  We do the research and collaborate with you and your staff to create high quality content for your existing website and marketing activities. 

Our simple and proven methodology works for hundreds of medical practices, big and small, all over USA and Canada. Setup a time to see some examples and go over pricing. 

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Example of bad website seo and content

Example of bad website seo and content
Example of bad website seo and content

Content Writing Pricing for Doctors

Content writing professionals charge different rates. PatientGain’s pricing is very reasonable, based what customer feedback and results or ROI (return on investment).  Here is a good chart to see industry fees.

Content Writing Pricing for Doctors
Content Writing Pricing for Doctors

5 Important Medical SEO & Dental SEO Lessons Learned

1) It Takes Money and It’s Hard

2) It Takes Time & Patience, But It’s Important

3) It Is Difficult – Google Changes Algorithms Regularly

4) It Is A Multi-Step Complex Process Rather Than One Time “Task”

5) A Professional Team Will Produce Better Results Than D.I.Y (and Much Quicker)

If you want same week results, you should consider online advertising for doctors Both of these approaches and strategies compliment each other, they do not replace each other.  Long term online success for your medical practice is based on excellent SEO rankings for your practice.  It will take time and money, and it is not easy, anything else is very likely a sales pitch.  Investing in medical SEO for your medical practice is very likely the best investment you will make in your medical practice. However, it is complex and is not easy. Here are some examples of ROI for Medical Marketing.

Fast loading medical websites can help you with higher SEO rankings. Read more here.

Good Example of SEO for Doctors

In this example below, a prospect patient knows that she needs dental implants. She is searching for "dental implants cost in toledo ohio".  As a result of the search term either typed or spoken into a device ( read more about Speech SEO for Doctors here ), Google search engine display results. 

Top search results area:  Google's Paid Ads.   One ad is being displayed at the time this search was completed.

Bottom search results area:  Google's Organic  Results. Multiple results are displayed. The top 2 belong to a dentist has excellent SEO rankings, and using's GOLD Service

Organic Result 1: "Dental Implant Costs" in the heading should get the patient's attention. Also notice that Google reviews rankings are also displayed. This is all by design and strategy, it is no accident. 

Organic Result 2: "Affordable Dental Implants" in the heading should ALSO get the patient's attention. Also notice that Google reviews rankings are also displayed.  By having 2 top results, it is very likely that a targeted patient will click on the link, and will land on the website's specific page, designed  as a landing and conversion page. This landing page should have useful information about dental implants in Toledo OH. This page should also have tracking enabled, and should be connected to : 

  1. HIPAA Compliant CRM
  2. Call tracking
  3. Texting/SMS Chat-Bot enabled using AI
  4. Lead Capture form - Should be HIPAA Compliant
  5. Once a request is sent or conversation started using phone or Texting/SMS, "Auto Responders" should thank the patient for sending the inquiry. 


A Good Example of SEO for Doctors

A Good Example of SEO for Doctors

What Is Content & Why Is It Important For Your Dental or Medical Website?

1) Text, words and sentences – useful information for the reader.
2) Images with relevant tags and links
3) Videos, diagrams, and other visual aids that support the main headings, sub headings and actual paragraph text.

This information is consumed by your prospect and existing patients in the form of Website pages, Blogs, Facebook Posts, Email Newsletters, Images on Instagram, Feeds on Twitter, SMS text messages on mobile devices.  Hence your medical marketing content should be interesting, attractive, useful, and provide value to your prospect patient or an existing patient. Unique quality content on your own website is the single most important factor for higher SEO rankings for doctors and medical practices. platform contains 6 different apps that help you with Content Marketing. Medical Content Distribution Engine is new product from 

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