Texting/SMS App For Healthcare Marketing $99/mon. Your New Patients Read 97% of Text Messages.

71% to 88% of your patients are mobile. They are browsing on their cell phones and visiting your website. They also prefer to communicate with you using texting/SMS. Convert more new patients and engage with existing patients. No long term contracts and easy start.


Lead Capture Software For Healthcare Marketing

92% of Mobile Users Prefer SMS/Texting

This App Provides You With Technology Based Competitive Advantage

Better Patient Communication is Equal to Better Outcomes and More New Patients



Lead Capture SOftware For Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Marketing Mobile Messenger $99/mon
Smart Mobile Messenger App For Healthcare Marketing $99/mon
Smart Mobile Messenger App For Medical Marketing $99/mon
App For Medical Marketing $99/mon
SMS Texting App For Doctors Example 45
2 Way texting App For Medical Marketing $99/mon

Your patients want quick and easy communication.  PatientGain.com’s Smart Mobile Messenger App For Healthcare Marketing  costs $99/mon  for new customers.  This app is free for PLATINUM Customers.

Existing Customers

Please click here and add this to your existing account. This app is free for PLATINUM Customers.

New Customers

If you are new customer, and want to try this app, the pricing is $99/mon. There is no setup costs and there is no long term commitment. Please fill out the form below to get started.