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Medical Clinic Marketing Plan For Physicians & Medical Practices – Used by Hundreds of Clinics.

Medical Clinic Marketing Plan and Results – Used by Top Medical Practices & Doctors $499/Mon. Patient Acquisition Costs $6 to $26.

Online solutions for medical clinics are not created equal. Let us walk you through a scenario based on a real customer. This medical clinic was servicing 46 patients per day, has 6 exam rooms, with a marketing budget of $6000 per month, spending approximately $2700 per month on multiple solution providers (most of them non HIPAA compliant), a website company, and $2900 per month on Google AdWords. However they could service up to 73 patients per day, they had additional capacity AND a non-optimized medical clinic marketing plan.


Medical Practice Marketing Results

Doctor Smith Example – 6 Exam Rooms – 46 Patients Per Day

Dr. Smith has owned her clinic for 6 years, and was thinking of making some changes to get more patients into her clinic. She knew the internet was the way to go to, if she wanted to generate more patients, and keep her current patients coming back. To be successful and beat out her competitors; Dr. Smith’s clinic needed a great website, online advertising, specifically PPC advertising and Facebook Advertising, effective marketing campaigns, and a powerful medical marketing software to help acquire new patients. So Dr. Smith decided to start getting all the tools and strategies her clinic needed to do all this, and got to work on piecing it all together.

Medical Marketing Plan Components

Step 1 – Get an Awesome Website That Converts

She started off by getting a brand new website that improved her branding and helped her stand out from her competitors. But after the new site was up and running, Dr. Smith found out that her website developer didn’t give her a site that’s built to securely handle, and store any potential PHI from patients that could come into her site. After paying a lot for her new site, she now realized she was going to have to pay even more to get this issue fixed, or face some big fines after her next HIPAA audit.

Once the new website was up an running, she realized that Online Advertising was important to acquire new patients quickly.  Dr. Smith decided to set up an online advertising campaign through a local digital advertising company to improve her new patient generation, and get her clinic’s patient count up. But with the lack of focus and experience in healthcare and management fees charged by the company, the campaign cost Dr. Smith a lot of money, and didn’t give her the return & ROI she’d expected.

The website management company posted on social media, but the content was non relevant and there were no social media apps to promote her medical clinic with special offers and offer online payments from the Facebook business page.

Medical clinic marketing plan - Example medical website
Medical clinic marketing plan step 1

Step 2. Patient Engagement Plan

To improve her patient engagement, Dr. Smith wanted to put together some effective marketing campaigns for both prospective patients and past patients.  She signed up a 2 year contract with a well-known company to send reminders, monthly newsletters and email promotions.  This  enabled the clinic to deliver personal communication to patients more consistently–with significantly more effort and time as this new tool did not integrate with the number one source of patient acquisition – Website.   However, due to all the time it takes her and her staff to create and set-up email campaigns, and put up promotional content on her site, Dr. Smith only sends out effective medical marketing campaigns a couple of times each year.

Medical clinic marketing plan - Facebook Posting App
Medical Marketing Plan Step 2. Patient Engagement Plan

Step 3. Online Reputation Management Plan – Maximize Positive Reviews & Minimize Negative Reviews

To improve her rankings on online reviews, specially Google Reviews and Yelp reviews, she signed up for a reputation company for $299/mon, with 1 year binding contract.  This exercise resulted in a bad experience as some reviews posted were fake.

However, using software is a painless process and a project manager guides you through the process.

4 Ways To Maximize Positive Reviews & Minimize Negative Reviews

Medical Clinic Marketing Plan Step 3

Conclusion: Avoid a Patchwork Solution

After the laborious task of figuring out what her clinic needed, buying all the expensive tools and services, and working to put it all together, Dr. Smith was faced with a new problem: managing her patchwork solution.  She had invested all this time and money into the system she had put together, and now Dr. Smith needed to invest even more time to keep it running.  The solution she thought would solve all her problems just ended up making things more complicated, and cost her almost as much as the additional revenue it brought in.’s Marketing Strategies For Medical Practices

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Medical Clinic Marketing Plan Dashboard

Step 4 – Avoid Risky Plans – Use The Proven Plan Used By The TOP Clinics in USA

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this for your clinic; patient acquisition and engagement doesn’t have to be so painful.’s Gold Package gives your clinic all the software, strategies, and tools it needs to be successful, all within one cloud-based HIPAA Compliant solution – AND an AWESOME WEBSITE in included for free..  With everything under one roof you can get a more streamlined system that produces better results, and that is more cost-effective with better returns on your investment, than a build-it-yourself solution.  If you’d like to learn how your clinic can improve your patient acquisition and engagement, contact

Marketing Strategies For Medical Practices


Summary for Online Success For Doctors

These 6 steps are proven to add value for hundreds of medical practices. There are many other steps you can take to further improve your strategy. Monthly Email Marketing is another strategy, among many others.  Contact us so we can help you and view details GOLD package here. is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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