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Medical Clinic Marketing Plan For Physicians & Medical Practices – Used by Top Clinics in USA & Canada.

Medical Clinic Marketing Plan and Results – Used by Top Medical Practices & Doctors $599/Mon. Patient Acquisition Costs $8 to $27.

Online solutions for medical clinics are not created equal. Let us walk you through a scenario based on a real customer. This medical clinic was servicing 46 patients per day, has 6 exam rooms, with a marketing budget of $6000 per month, spending approximately $2700 per month on multiple solution providers (most of them non HIPAA compliant), a website company, and $2900 per month on Google AdWords. However they could service up to 73 patients per day, they had additional capacity AND a non-optimized medical clinic marketing plan.  Read more about Return On Investment (ROI) here.


Medical Practice Marketing Results
Medical Practice Marketing Results

4 Components of a Marketing Plan for a Medical Practice

Traditionally, marketing experts tell us that there are 4 key components of your Medical Marketing Plan.

  1. The Product or Service – This will be service offerings for your medical practice. For example, if you an Urgent Care clinic, do you offer service to patients based on 12 major categories. Examples will be Onsite X-ray, DOT Physical exams, Lab-test results, Ports Physicals, Simple Fracture treatment, Travel medicine, Immunizations etc.  If you are MedSpa / Esthetic based practice, you may want to define your product/service strategy based on competition and availability of your staff’s credentials.  For example, if you want to offer “CoolSculpting”, you will need to make an investment in purchasing this technology and then training of your staff. So each medical service you offer has a cost associated with it, and of course there could be tangible benefits for your medical practice. So your marketing plan must have a focus on which “services” you are going to offer. And each service deserves its SWOT analysis.
  2. The Price of the Service – In many cases, this is driven by the insurance company payouts to you. But there are certain procedures that are not covered by the insurance payments. There are additional strategies available to you here. Each patient can be divided into 3 main categories.
    1. PPO or Full Insurance – These insurance plans pay fixed amount for each procedure for in-network vs out-of-network procedures.
    2. Self-Pay Patients – Patient pays directly to the provider – you have leverage to provide better service than your competitors and charge more.
    3. High-Deductible plans – In this case, as an example,  patients typically have to pay initial $4000-$10000 out of their pockets.  After ta patient has spent these amounts on deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, then the medical insurance  plan pays 100% of the costs of covered benefits.  Many patients consider that first $4000-$10000 as something that have to “shop” for prices, hence you have an opportunity to apply your own marketing strategy on how to attract these patients to your practice.
  3. The Place or Location of Service – For most parts, healthcare delivery system in USA and Canada is very local. Telemedicine can change this in the future, but for now patients typically go to a “local” provider. This is evidenced by 2000% plus increase in Google searches for “Urgent care near me”  or   “Sleep Apnea doctor near me”  or hundreds of other variations based on mobile patients searching for services “near” a patient. So your Place or Location matters.
  4. The Promotion(marketing) or Advertising of Service – This is one area, where you have true leverage to dominate your medical field. Your medical plan must include the promotion of your service.  There are generally 2 main sub-areas for promotion of medical services:
    1. Offline Promotions – Traditional marketing – includes newspapers, yellow pages, billboards,  referrals from peers, networking with other providers and suppliers.
    2. Online Promotions – This refers to digital marketing and digital advertising to acquire more patients and retain existing patient base.’s GOLD Package is focused on your digital marketing & advertising for your medical practice. 

Doctor Smith Example – 6 Exam Rooms – 46 Patients Per Day

Dr. Smith has owned her clinic for 6 years, and was thinking of making some changes to get more patients into her clinic. She knew the internet was the way to go to, if she wanted to generate more patients, and keep her current patients coming back. To be successful and beat out her competitors; Dr. Smith’s clinic needed a great website, online advertising, specifically PPC advertising and Facebook Advertising, effective marketing campaigns, and a powerful medical marketing software to help acquire new patients. So Dr. Smith decided to start getting all the tools and strategies her clinic needed to do all this, and got to work on piecing it all together.

Advertising For Physicians
Advertising For Physicians
Inbound Medical Marketing ROI
Inbound Medical Marketing ROI
Medical Marketing Plan Components
Medical Marketing Plan Components

Step 1 – Get an Awesome Website That Converts

She started off by getting a brand new website that improved her branding and helped her stand out from her competitors. But after the new site was up and running, Dr. Smith found out that her website developer didn’t give her a site that’s built to securely handle, and store any potential PHI from patients that could come into her site. After paying a lot for her new site, she now realized she was going to have to pay even more to get this issue fixed, or face some big fines after her next HIPAA audit.

Once the new website was up an running, she realized that Online Advertising was important to acquire new patients quickly.  Dr. Smith decided to set up an online advertising campaign through a local digital advertising company to improve her new patient generation, and get her clinic’s patient count up. But with the lack of focus and experience in healthcare and management fees charged by the company, the campaign cost Dr. Smith a lot of money, and didn’t give her the return & ROI she’d expected.

The website management company posted on social media, but the content was non relevant and there were no social media apps to promote her medical clinic with special offers and offer online payments from the Facebook business page.

Medical clinic marketing plan - Example medical website
Medical clinic marketing plan - Example medical website
Medical clinic marketing plan step 1
Medical clinic marketing plan step 1

Step 2. Patient Engagement Plan

To improve her patient engagement, Dr. Smith wanted to put together some effective marketing campaigns for both prospective patients and past patients.  She signed up a 2 year contract with a well-known company to send reminders, monthly newsletters and email promotions.  This  enabled the clinic to deliver personal communication to patients more consistently–with significantly more effort and time as this new tool did not integrate with the number one source of patient acquisition – Website.   However, due to all the time it takes her and her staff to create and set-up email campaigns, and put up promotional content on her site, Dr. Smith only sends out effective medical marketing campaigns a couple of times each year.

5 Key technologies and marketing apps for Patient Engagement.

  1. Monthly Email Marketing for Physicians and Medical Practices
  2. Texting/SMS Marketing for Physicians and Medical Practices
  3. Facebook Engagement Apps for Physicians and Medical Practices
  4. Auto-Responder Intelligent Apps for Physicians and Medical Practices
  5. Promotional Marketing Apps for Physicians and Medical Practices
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - Content Marketing
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - Content Marketing
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - Promotion Marketing
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - Promotion Marketing
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - Patient Feedback
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - Patient Feedback
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - SMS Texting App
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - SMS Texting App
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - Reputation Management
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan - Reputation Management
Medical Marketing Plan Step 2. Patient Engagement Plan Using ChatBots
Medical Marketing Plan Step 2. Patient Engagement Plan Using ChatBots

Step 3. Online Reputation Management Plan – Maximize Positive Reviews & Minimize Negative Reviews

To improve her rankings on online reviews, specially Google Reviews and Yelp reviews, she signed up for a reputation company for $299/mon, with 1 year binding contract.  This exercise resulted in a bad experience as some reviews posted were fake.

However, using software is a painless process and a project manager guides you through the process.

4 Ways To Maximize Positive Reviews & Minimize Negative Reviews

Medical Clinic Marketing Plan Step 3
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan Step 3

Conclusion: Avoid a Patchwork Solution

After the laborious task of figuring out what her clinic needed, buying all the expensive tools and services, and working to put it all together, Dr. Smith was faced with a new problem: managing her patchwork solution.  She had invested all this time and money into the system she had put together, and now Dr. Smith needed to invest even more time to keep it running.  The solution she thought would solve all her problems just ended up making things more complicated, and cost her almost as much as the additional revenue it brought in.’s Marketing Strategies For Medical Practices

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Medical Clinic Marketing Plan Dashboard
Medical Clinic Marketing Plan Dashboard

Step 4 – Avoid Risky Plans – Use The Proven Plan Used By The TOP Clinics in USA

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like this for your clinic; patient acquisition and engagement doesn’t have to be so painful.’s Gold Package gives your clinic all the software, strategies, and tools it needs to be successful, all within one cloud-based HIPAA Compliant solution – AND an AWESOME WEBSITE in included for free..  With everything under one roof you can get a more streamlined system that produces better results, and that is more cost-effective with better returns on your investment, than a build-it-yourself solution.  If you’d like to learn how your clinic can improve your patient acquisition and engagement, contact

Pillars of Healthcare Marketing

Pillars of Healthcare Marketing
Pillars of Healthcare Marketing

Your Content Is the Single Most Important Factor in Your Online Success. 8 Reasons Why Content Is Important. 

1. Content defines your medical practice's brand.
2. Content expresses who you are, how you conduct your business.
3. Content is read by the Search Engines - and this results in GOOD or POOR rankings - You should NEVER copy content from another site.  Checking ideas from other websites is OK, but copying content is like shooting yourself in the foot.
4. Content can make your marketing flourish.
5. Content can make your advertising irresistible.
6. Social media loves GOOD content.
7. Email marketing with good quality content will give you higher open-rates.
8. Best of all - Patients LOVE Useful content.


8 Important elements of your medical website:

1)  It must be mobile optimized – Beyond mobile friendly.

2)  It must be optimized for conversion.

3)  Content must be fresh, relevant, non-plagiarized.

4)  SEO Optimized for Google search engine.

5)  Based on WordPress (or other proven platforms).

6)  Secure and HIPAA Compliant. 

7)  Should promote and build your brand.

8)  Must be pretty, attractive and branded with your own brand.

6 Steps for Online Success For Clinics

Step No 1.

As medical practitioners, we have to realize that patient behavior is changing.  Patients are now looking for medical services online. 88 percent of patients search online for medical services and clinic information. Even 47 percent of existing patients look for additional, related services online on your own website or your competitor’s websites. So you must be present on the Web.  60 percent to 72 percent of patients look for your services, check your online reviews, using a mobile device. Make sure that you have website that is focused on Mobile Marketing for doctors.  Here are many examples of great ( and free Mobile, responsive and intelligent) websites.  Once your medical practice is online, there are 5 additional important areas to cover.

Online Success For Clinics

Step No 2.

In US, approximately, 78 percent of the time, your patients are going to use Google search engine to look for medical related services, reviews and other information.  So your first step is have a top notch Google presence.  Other places are important also, like Facebook, Yahoo, Bing etc. But start with Google.  There are 6 important aspects of Google presence. 

  1. Google Local Listing for your medical practice
  2. Google Maps, verified listing
  3. Google Reviews rankings
  4. Google Posts
  5. Google Organic results
  6. Google Paid Search 

Each of these should be addressed by your online strategy for your medical practice.  Many doctors and practice managers think that having a nice looking website will suffice. Unfortunately it is no longer enough to have a nice website and a Facebook page.

Each of the above mentioned 6 important aspects of Google presence require attention to detail, time and commitment, not to mention financial investment.

6 important aspects of Google presence.

Step No 3.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization for Doctors & Medical Practices can be defined in many ways. To provide you with a high level guidance, these 5 areas are most important: 

A. Google Local Listing for your medical practice

  1. Create a Google account
  2. Add you clinic’s accurate information – Name, address are the most important information – Phone should be checked.
  3. If your practice’s information is incorrect, you will have correct it
  4. You may have to claim your listing also.
  5. In certain cases you may have duplicate listings, these should be resolved.
  6. There are dozens of other Local directories – They should be checked and updated.  But Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo/bing are the most important ones. Start with these.

B. Google Maps, verified listing

  1. Create a Google account
  2. Add you clinic’s accurate information in the Maps
  3. If your practice’s information is in correct, you will have correct it – sometime the Map Pin is Inaccurate
  4. You may have to claim your Map listing also.
  5. In certain cases you may have duplicate listings, these should be resolved.
  6. There are many of other map based directories – They should be checked and updated.  But Google, Map Quest, Apple Map are the most important.

C. Google Reviews rankings

  1. Create a Google account
  2. Check you reviews and ratings
  3. If your practice’s reviews are 4.5 and over 100 reviews on Google, then you are doing well. If less than this, you will need to focus on this area.
  4. Other important review sites are Yelp, Facebook and HealthGrades. But start with Google.

D.  Google Posts

Posting on Google is a new way to share relevant, fresh content with the people who are searching for you. Use images, videos and even animated GIFs to engage your audience, and add inline links to drive traffic to specific content. This enhanced format allows searchers to hear directly from the primary source — you — and complements existing results from across the web. One important note the Google Posts expire every week. You have to post every week.

E.  Google Organic results

Your content on your website is the most important factor on your website.  Content refers to your text, headings, sub-headings, main paragraph, images, videos, blogs etc.  Your website must contain non-copied, non-plagiarized content.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization for Doctors

Step No 4.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on online advertising. Very broadly, online advertising can be divided into 2 main categories:

  1. Display advertising
  2. Search advertising

As a doctor and a medical practice manager, both of these are important for you. You can acquire new patients using both of these mediums.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is a type of online advertising that comes in several forms, including banner ads, rich media and more. Unlike text-based ads, display advertising relies on elements such as images, audio and video to communicate an advertising message. For example, if your potential patient is on Facebook and has recently clicked on or watched a video related to Breast Augmentation medical procedure and treatment, ads related this subject can be displayed to the potential patients. This is an example of display ads.

Search Advertising 

Search advertising is very common. Every time you are on Google and type a search term, lets say “Urgent Care near me”, Google search engine will usually display ads on the top of the web page.  In the middle, there is a map, reviews and business listings, and at the bottom, there are organic or free search results.  The advertisers pay a fee to display their ads in the top area.  If a user clicks on any of the ads, the advertiser pays a fee for each “Click” This is called Pay-Per-Click advertising. For medical practices and doctors, this is very effective and creates excellent ROI.  Google PPC ads produce excellent results, however it is complex and requires a professional to manage your campaign.

Step No 5.

Reviews marketing is another emerging area. Online reviews are impacting decisions of your prospect patients dramatically.  This is one area that will make your medical clinic shine or impact negatively more than any other strategy. In fact it should not be a marketing strategy, it should be a necessity.

There are 4 ways to acquire positive reviews, and at the same time, minimize negative reviews. So your marketing strategy should be to minimize any negative reviews, and maximize positive reviews.

4 Ways to acquire online reviews

  1. Using Texting/SMS apps. A text is sent to a patient asking for feedback after a visit.
  2. Using Email apps. An Email is sent to a patient asking for feedback after a visit.
  3. Using an iPad in the lobby.  A patient  is asked to provide feedback right after the visit.
  4. Using Social Media or your Website.  An app can be added to your business page on Facebook or your website, asking patients to provide feedback.

There is no quick and foolproof way do this “quickly”.  There are pros and cons for each approach.  Google and Yelp understand that businesses are striving to acquire more positive reviews and “bury” negative feedback, their algorithms are aware of SMS requests for reviews – and they are blocking reviews posted using SMS originated requests.  Having an iPad in the lobby can cause block of IP Address and so on.

4 Ways to acquire online reviews

Step No 6.

Social Media Marketing is another very important aspect of your marketing. Your potential and existing are hanging around on Facebook. You have to make it easy for them to do business with you.  Here are 5 steps.

5 Steps for Facebook Success for Doctors & Medical Practices

  1. Create Facebook Business Page for your medical practice.
  2. Optimize FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice.
  3. Add apps to your FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice. For example, add Contact Us app, add Appointment Requests app, add Promotions app.
  4. Add content to your FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice
  5. Advertise your FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice  on Facebook – There are multiple ways to promote your FacebookBusiness Page for your medical practice. You can hire a professional ( recommended ) or do it yourself.  Professionals who are certified advertising professionals will produce better results for you.

5 Steps for Facebook Success for Doctors & Medical Practices

Summary for Online Success For Doctors

These 6 steps are proven to add value for hundreds of medical practices. There are many other steps you can take to further improve your strategy. Monthly Email Marketing is another strategy, among many others.  Contact us so we can help you and view details GOLD package here.

6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing for Physicians. Used by the Top Clinics in USA and Canada.

Your patients start their journey to find your medical services in many ways. They may have immediate need for specific service, like a parent looking for a “pediatric urgent care near me”  and over 78 percentage of the time they will go to Google and search. And majority of the time, this is done on a mobile cell phone device.  You may have a client looking for specific MedSpa service like “Coolsculpting clinic near me” for non-invasive weight loss.  There are millions of ways patients search and look for your services, every day, however,  majority of the patients use online mediums like, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing etc to find a medical service provider.


6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing

Pillar No 1 - Patient Trust is the Foundation of Medical Marketing Success for Your Practice.

Provide excellent patient care and medical services to your target patients. Treat every patient like they are your first patient. Healthcare practices who focus on high customer/patient service have a solid foundation. From medical marketing perspective, Patient Trust starts from the moment they land on your website or read your online reviews. 


Pillar No 2 - Medical Practice's Website.

Your website is the face of your practice. Your website can be an asset or a liability. Your website should look and perform better than your clinic's practice. Moreover your website should always build your brand.


Pillar No 3 - Medical Practice's Online Reputation.

Your online reputation – Number of 5 star reviews on Google is the most impactful strategy you can employ. Facebook, HealthGrades, Yelp and other sites are also important however Google Reviews ranking of 4.3 or higher with 100 or more reviews will make a huge impact on your business. We have seen the data and we are excited to help you achieve this.


Pillar No 4 - Medical Practice's Online SEO and Advertising.

SEO and Advertising. Having  a nice website is a Step 1 – But if you are not improving the SEO on a monthly basis, you will be left behind.  Advertising on Google and Facebook will further improve your patient acquisition.


Pillar No 5 - Medical Practice's Social Media Strategy.

Social media strategy to engage with existing and potential patients. Key strategies include

1) Installing intelligent apps on your Facebook business page

2) Posting weekly on Facebook business page

3) Posting daily on your Google Posts.

3) Advertising on Social Media - Start with Facebook


Pillar No 6 - Medical Practice's Patient Communication Strategy.

Effective patient communication strategy.  Here is a great starting list 

1) HIPAA compliant communication from your website

2)  HIPAA compliant communication from Facebook. 

3) SMS-Texting from your website 

4) EMR integration 

5) Monthly Email marketing 

6) Daily Posts on Google Business Page

7) Weekly Posts on Facebook 

8) Monthly Promotions offered

9) Conversion Technology and Techniques 



This is the GOLD Solution From PatientGain


6 Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing

Impact of Medical Marketing on Physicians Earnings

Thousands of Physicians & Specialized Medical Practices struggle every day to fill their calendar with patients. Despite having a great location, a dedicated and professional medical staff, proper equipment, and hard earned certifications and qualifications, their daily patient counts aren’t where they’d like them to be. Many clinics don’t realize that what they are missing is online expertise and a sophisticated software solution to power their patient acquisition efforts. These days, your clinic’s strategy for generating new patients online has to be more than just having a good looking website.  Review of 162 online campaigns reveals that 72 percent of the patients are searching for medical services on a mobile device. Exactly the same test revealed that this number was 54 percent 12 months ago. predicts that this number will be close to 90 percent in the next few years.  As a healthcare practitioner and a physician you are aware that average income of primary care physicians, while has increased in the last 6 years (possibly due to ObamaCare), and averaged $194,000 per year. But this should not be compared with "savvy" physicians, who are using online medical marketing software to increase the value of services they provide.  For savvy physicians, these numbers are significantly higher.  We wish you to be in the “savvy” category. is a proven dental and medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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