Facebook Marketing For Doctors & Medical Practices

Effective Facebook Marketing For Doctors & Medical Practices $299/mon

Thousands of medical practices struggle every day to fill their calendars. Facebook advertising & marketing can be an effective approach for many medical practices. We have 4 Facebook apps. These apps get added to your Facebook Business Page, and convert your Facebook Business Page to a Microsite, connected to a HIPAA compliant Medical Marketing System. 

Let us walk you through 5 marketing strategies that work. These techniques and strategies have been proven to work for hundreds of clinics like yours. Your online success will depend on many factors, but among them is working with company who is focused on Medical Marketing, has deep Online Marketing experience, is an expert in Social Media and Patient Behavior Marketing,  and of course is HIPAA Compliant and can issue you a BAA ( Business Associate Agreement).

3 Key Elements of Facebook Marketing For Physicians

It is easy to be confused by how and when to use Facebook platform for medical marketing. There are 3 key areas for Facebook marketing.

No 1.  Facebook Posting 

Facebook posting allows you to engage with patients who like your Business Page. We have seen very good results for physicians and medical practices who provide useful information about their services.  Facebook Posts are designed for engagement and it takes a significant amount of time and money to develop a healthy following using Facebook Posts for doctors.

Example of a Facebook post for doctors :

Example of a Facebook post for doctors :

No 2.  Facebook Apps

Facebook apps appear at the left column of your Facebook Business Page. They allow you to engage with patients who visit your Business Page. In a way, Facebook Business Page is evolving to be a simple website for your medical practice.  So each tab or the app can be used to capture leads, book appointments,  show your promotions to your patients. We have seen very good results for physicians and medical practices who provide HIPAA compliant apps on Facebook Business Page.

No 3.  Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising costs extra, and this is how Facebook as a company makes money. Just like Google advertising, Facebook advertising can be very effective to attract new patients to your practice. We have seen very good results for physicians and medical practices who advertise their services. 

Example of a Facebook ad for doctors :

Example of a Facebook ad for doctors :

Facebook Advertising for Physicians Examples

Step 1 – Create a Facebook Business Page with Conversion Intelligence

Creating your business page on Facebook is very easy. However getting some useful results is difficult – Remember that after all Facebook is a “Social Media”  so if your objective is to convert new patients from social media, you have to do more than just social interactions.  First check the top image, area of the Facebook Business Page – Does it have your branding – Is the a phone number in the image – So a prospect patient or an existing patient can call you.  Facebook now provides a “CALL BUTTON” make sure it is setup properly – PatientGain.com highly recommends this number should be a HIPAA Compliant Call Tracking number. The main areas of the Facebook Business Page must be filled out.  So your business location, address and business hours should be accurate.  As a best practice install a Call Tracking number – so you can measure how many patients are call you from Facebook Business Page. Next steps are adding additional apps Facebook Business Page.

Step 2 : Optimize Your Facebook Business Page For Facebook Search

There are millions of Facebook users who go to the top left corner of Facebook Business Page and click on “Search”. It is important for your business to show up in the search in the top area.  This is just like SEO Optimization for Google Search – however this is not as complicated as optimizing for Google Search.  Some of the steps you should take are related to adding complete information about your medical practice or clinic.  There are over 46 settings for Facebook Business Page.  Imagine how long will it take you to accurately setup a properly optimized Facebook Business Page. Get a professional to do this for you.

Step 3 – Add Your Services to Facebook Business Page

This is very important step – you should not over look this step.  As you add accurate information for each of your service, add unique non-copied text for each service.  Images, pricing information and any other information will help your business. Example of the services would be : If your medical clinic provides Botox Injections – List the service details, pricing & images of before and after would be great.

Step 4 – Add Instant Reviews App To Facebook Business Page

For your medical practice, there are 3 most important websites on the internet. No 1 is your own website , No 2 is Google  and No 3 is Facebook – As you build your “Likes” on your Facebook Business Page, you can use this traffic to acquire Positive Reviews on Google & Yelp.  Each patient review with a 5-Star rating on Google increases your ability to acquire new patients and helps you retain your existing patients also.  Google Reviews are still the most effective reviews for your medical clinic. Other sites are important, but much less than Google. 78 percent of your online success is still likely to come from Google. Use PatientGain’s “Facebook Instant Reviews App”  to direct traffic from Facebook to your Review sites like Google Reviews and Yelp.  These 2 sites are extremely effective for your Online Reputation.

Step 5 – Add Medical Service Promotions App To Facebook Business Page

Online Promotions for medical practices does not imply discounts – it means that we provide visual clickable “Promotions” so a prospect or an existing patient can “click” on your services. PatientGain.com’s software can capture the details of the click and stores the demographic information in the intelligence database. By adding this Promotions app to your Facebook Business Page, you can generate another source of leads. PatientGain’s data shows that this app is clicked on and generates more patients than any other Facebook Business Page.  This app captures and stores information securely in Patient CRM which is HIPAA Compliant.

Step 6 – Advertise on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook can be very simple for most purposes. But there are two main areas that require attention to detail.

1) Demographic and targeting initially seems simple – however in order get a good ROI, you will need to experiment  – Which means wasting your ad dollars.  

2) Conversion is VERY TRICKY on Social Media sites.  We recommend installing PatientGain.com’s Conversion Apps on the Facebook Business Page – This will allow you to capture patient data and store in a HIPAA Compliant CRM.

Step 7 – Start Posting Using Automation and Medical Content

Most of the doctors and medical marketing staff at practices do not have time to attend to daily and weekly postings. PatientGain.com’s Facebook Posting App includes content created for you. You simply need to approve the content.  See more details here.

Online Advertising ROI on Facebook VS Google Search

Facebook advertising can be very effective, just like Google search advertising.  However, overall Google search ads perform much better than Facebook display ads. The ROI is greater for advertising for doctors on Google search. Lets go over an example below.

It’s a given that you must advertise online to be successful these days. Online Search Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Display Advertising & Re-Marketing are constantly changing. Medical Clinics need to use the latest trends and strategies in online advertising.

Data for Advertising For Doctors

The ROI is greater for advertising for doctors on Google search. Lets go over an example below.

The time frame is 1 month, 30 days.  The budget spent is almost the same on Google Search and Facebook Ads for this medical practice.

Google CPC resulted in 2241 total visits, with 5078 page views, on average 2.27 page views per visit. During this time there were 78 conversions and 13 new sales. Each sale is approx $5000 for this medical clinic.

Facebook CPC resulted in 2036 total visits, with 2593 page views, on average 1.27 page views per visit. During this time there were 16 conversions and 4 new sales. Each sale is approx $5000 for this medical clinic.

Based on this and similar data, we know that Facebook ads work, however ROI from Google search ads is much higher.