Medical Marketing & PPC Advertising

Hundreds of medical practices and doctors are using this proven system – GOLD Package costs $599 per month.

Advertising for your clinic can be a daunting task, especially if you are looking for online advertising. There are many confusing ideas and options available that do not produce results – but is there a proven system? has run thousands of Advertising and Patient Acquisition Campaigns – we can help you too.

Common question asked is PPC Advertising right for my clinic?  The answer is YES.  We have hundreds of examples to share with you. In a sample recent review of 162 medical clinics, we found that if a medical clinic is running PPC Advertising, 98 percent of these clinics have increased their patient count over a period when they were not using PPC Advertising.

PPC Advertising For Medical Practices

Medical Marketing & PPC Advertising

Patient acquisition is has moved to online. PPC advertising has become one of the most important part of medical marketing. If you own a medical practice/clinic and are not using PPC advertising, you are leaving many patients for your competitors.

Let us review the example in the preceding image ( real customer dashboard ). In this case,’s customer for 3 years had excellent SEO results, excellent maps listings, excellent online reviews.  Competition had been growing steadily. Patient volume, on average 63 patients per day – but facing stiff competition from 2 new clinics. project manager had been telling the customer to start PPC ads on Google – but customer declined.  Finally one day they started seeings ads for their new competitors. By launching an aggressive PPC advertising campaign, the customer experienced an increase by 18 percent in the first 2 weeks. Measured month over month compared to previous years, overall increase was 23 percent.  The additional cost of PPC advertising by off set by increased number of patients and higher volume of higher margin procedures. recommends Google Adwords PPC for majority of its customers for an excellent ROI.

Example of PPC Search Results
Example 2 of PPC Search Results

Why is PPC Advertising Important for Medical Practices?

Why is PPC important? As a Certified Google Premier Partner, we do reviews with Google in which we are able to see our campaigns performance in comparison with that of competing agencies.  For example, we found that our campaigns are consistently performing better than that of other online marketing companies similar to us.  Our Quality Scores (a measurement of Ad / Keyword quality that helps determine Cost per Click) were 17% higher on average than our competitors, and our Click-Through Rates were 33% higher as well.  Both of these metrics are some of the most vital measures of campaign quality and effectiveness, as their values both directly improve your campaigns performance in search results and lower your campaigns cost per click.  As we can show through a practical example below, when customers switch over to our advertising, they are able to get a more efficient and productive campaign that produces better results.

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