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Online Advertising For Urgent Care Centers & Clinics

82 percent of the new patients looking for healthcare services are driven to your medical practice based some sort of online advertising

It’s a given that you must advertise online to be successful these days. Online SEO, Search Advertising, Display Advertising & Re-Marketing are constantly changing. Urgent Care Walk in & Primary Care Clinics need to use the latest trends and strategies in online advertising. Simple Online Advertising For Urgent Care Walk-In & Primary Care Clinics – Used by Top Clinics in USA. Typical Patient Acquisition Costs $6 to $26 Per New Patient in Most US areas. Search Engine Optimizations (SEO)  and Online Advertising are related and but 2 separate subjects.  They are both extremely important and relevant to your success. Equally important is Online Reputation for doctors and medical practices. So you must have a complete strategy to be successful.

Advertising For Urgent Care Clinics
PPC Advertising For Urgent Care Centers

PPC Advertising For Urgent Care Centers

Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $6 to $26 per new patient in most US areas. If you are located in an area with a lot of competition, your costs will be higher. Also competing on the internet for more patients requires that every Urgent Care center must consider three key areas for online success. Each one of these areas are addressed by the platform and we have developed specific online applications for each area to help you become successful.

Advertising For Urgent Care Example Data:

One of our customers, a medical clinic in a very competitive market was running their PPC advertising with a local company in Michigan, when they first started using After using advertising platform, the first month,  they saw some drastic results at their clinic now that their Google AdWords Campaigns were being managed by’s PPC platform.  While using a local advertising company, they had an average cost per click of $5.86, and were spending around $1,600 – $1,800 a month on advertising.  After switching over to, they now had an average cost per click of $3.85, which increased the number of clicks they got per month by 166% with the same $1,600 budget.  Their campaign also saw increased CTR and Quality Score ratings, and within days they saw the difference at the clinic, as more and more patients were reporting they found the clinic on Google.  After analyzing where their patients were coming from a few months after making the switch, they found they were seeing 17 to 22 more patients per month who reported they found the clinic through Google.  With a more effective and efficient campaign designed and managed by, they increased the number of patients they saw with the exact same advertising budget.

Urgent Care Advertising Dashboard

Urgent Care Advertising Dashboard


3 Important Areas to Consider For Urgent Care Advertsing

1. Targeted Advertising offers Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Bing, as well as Remarketing and Facebook advertising campaigns. When optimized effectively, these advertising campaigns create an excellent boost to lead and patient generation. PPC advertising allows your clinic to effectively target quality leads while they are actively looking for services you offer. has great experience in running PPC

2. Optimized Business Presence

a. Cultivated Online Reviews/Reputation
b. Organic Rankings & Directory Listings
c. Conversion site optimized for search engines, w/ intelligent apps
d. Need to draw your leads & traffic to an effective conversion site; not only need to display yourself well to generate leads, but you have to effectively convert them once they find you

3. Social Media

a. Facebook, Google+, Yelp, and more
b. Apps to add lead capture to your social media, integrated with your backend
c. Improves your lead generation, tracking, and conversion
d. Turn your Social Media into a more professional business tool

Advertising For Urgent Care
HIPAA Website Hosting For Urgent Care

As a clinic owner or an administrator, you need much more than a pretty non-HIPAA Compliant website. In order to increase your clinic’s patient count, you need intelligent software behind your website, and a strategy that’s proven to be successful for top healthcare clinics across the US. apps are hosted in the cloud on world class high performance servers in the USA. PHI data is stored in accordance with HIPAA Laws. There is no software to install or contracts. GOLD Service includes a free/no-cost HIPAA compliant and Google Optimized WordPress Responsive website. We have dozens of designs for your Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic.

Hundreds of Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinics are using the same software & websites to stay competitive and increase patient counts.  Click here to see some example sites.

Urgent Care Marketing Website
How to setup your clinic for success
Urgent Care Advertising Data
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4 Important Areas for Urgent Care Revenue is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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