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72 percent of the patients check online before contacting a medical practice – Be on the top of Google Search Results. SEO Services For Doctors Included with GOLD Service $599/mon

How can I increase my Medical Practice or Doctors Website SEO Rankings? This question gets asked everyday by doctors & clinic owners! This is important because 72 percent of the patients check online before contacting a doctor or a clinic. Even 47 percent of existing patients look for additional, related services online on your own website or your competitor’s websites.

Let’s face it, as a medical practice owner, it becomes difficult to learn technology and run your business at the same time, it is time consuming and takes you away from your core focus of taking care of your patients and running your medical practice. has created several products and offerings to help you achieve great SEO – Search Engine Optimization for your medical practice. Focus is on results which means new patients, this means top Google rankings, with significant focus on mobile search results and mobile marketing. Google search engine is the most accurate search engine with the best algorithms for search results. Majority of the world searches on Google. So for SEO for doctors, you must focus on Google first, and start with adding Unique, High Quality Content – This means Non-Copied, Non-Plagiarized Content. Your content must be at least 96% unique.

In this following example, the content quality will fail, and will not add low quality content to your website.

SEO for Medical Practices & Physicians - Content Must Be Unique

High Quality Content Is a MUST for High SEO Rankings

Unfortunately, increasing SEO rankings for doctors and medical practices is not a simple one-step switch that can just be “turned-on”, it is a process that involves time-consuming steps and costs quite a bit of money. It all begins with having original, unique & quality non-plagiarized content on your website and taking advantage of the latest technology and Search Engine Optimization strategies and algorithms. Your content must provide value to a potential or existing patient. 

Achieving top SEO rankings for medical practices and physicians is a process and not a simple one-time setup. It is time-intensive, requires deep knowledge about your own medical practice and Search Engine technology, costs both money and time to get real results, and it never stops for your medical practice.

Your target audience is Search Engines and Potential Patients – They are both equally important.

In this figure below – an example: (local Google search – user is searching for a service in a locality)

SEO For Physicians Example

Google VS Other Mediums Like Search Engines, Social Media, Review Sites, Directory Listings, Facebook:

As a doctor or medical practice, 78 Percentage of your online success is tied to Google – Directly or indirectly. So we recommend that you must focus on Google first. Facebook and other mediums are also important, but your No 1 focus should be on Google.

SEO for Doctors Can be Divided Into 5 Main Areas:

  1. Google Organic Search Engine Results
  2. Google Local SEO Results
  3. Google Maps Results
  4. Google Reviews Results
  5. SEM – Search Engine Marketing – A.K.A PPC Ads – Top Area for Google Ads. Although this is Paid Ads, but many doctors consider this a part of SEO

Each of these 5 areas can be further divided in sub areas and each area can be quite complex, that there are books written on each area.

In a very simple view, there are 3 important aspects to understand for your medical practice’s online marketing strategy:

  1. Local SEO
  2. Organic SEO
  3. Paid Advertising – Also known as SEM – Search Engine Marketing.

Local SEO For Doctors Defined

Google search is extremely powerful and most important factor for your medical practice’s success.’s data shows that 78 percent of your online success is tied to Google as a company. Let’s face it – patients go to Google Search to look for healthcare related services.  When a patient searches for a medical service – for example below – a patient is searching for “DOT physicals near me”  the patient is located in suburbs of So. Philadelphia.  The top area is the Google Ads, The next area is Google Maps, the Google Listings, Google Reviews are displayed, and also link to websites. This is called Local SEO.  Organic results are further down on the page.  Your medical practice should show for these results for atleast top 12 keywords.  This is a process and cannot simply be accomplished quickly.

Example of SEO Optimizations & Impact on New Patient Acquisition:

Refer to figure and example below: Based on a real data from one of’s dashboards.

Google organic results show 1940 visits, with 2.25 page visits with total page views of 4364.  

Google PPC results show 1358 visits, with 1.82 page with total page views of 2466. 

You can see that impact from Yahoo & Bing is marginal. Over 78% of the patients are as a result from Google. This includes Google Maps, Google business listing and Google reviews. data shows that Google has the most impact on your patient acquisition and patient engagement. Facebook and other social media mediums are improving, but Google is still the biggest influencer for Medical Practices. Our data shows that as a medical provider of services, you need to focus on Google first, Facebook next. All other mediums are secondary. 

Example SEO For Doctors
Unique content is key to your SEO rankings

In this example, you can see that search results consist of several factors. One of them is a free organic result- but many additional listings are also present. Each one of the results can create a potential lead and eventually, a customer. Most leads/patients come from the first page results, and a majority of them are from the top area of the search results. In an A/B Test conducted by, we saw 38 percent of the prospect users stayed in the top area and called from the website without clicking anywhere on the website. Total of 73 percent of the users visited from a mobile device and clicked only once. Hence, it’s extremely important for your business to rank very high for specific search terms and show up first on the page. As you can imagine, this is a complex process.

As content is created and added to your website, you have to make sure that it is properly tagged with appropriate headings, meta tags, and many other small details, such as telling search engines (at least the top three) that your website exists, and submitting a properly constructed Sitemap. There are an additional 18 steps that each website owner should review for every page created. Contact us today and we would be happy to send you a free guide with more information on increasing SEO.

Paid Advertising, like Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) for medical practices is related but its different. To read about Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) for medical practices, please Go Here.  To read more about Online Advertising for Doctors, please Go Here.  To read about Mobile Marketing for Doctors, please Go Here.  To see examples of free SEO Optimized websites for doctors, please Go Here.

SEO and Medical Website

SEO Examples:

While your business is in the process of increasing online presence, you should also figure out the top keywords for your business- for example identified that “Online Advertising For Doctors” and “Medical Marketing For Doctors” were very important keywords (you can test it out on Google to see the results).

In this figure below – an example: (Google global search – user is searching for Online Advertising For Doctors ) – These results were captured in late 2017.

You can see that the top area has results from Google Paid Ads or Google Pay-Per-Click advertising.  Scroll down for Organic or “SEO” Results.

SEO for Medical Practices Example 1

SEO for Medical Practices Example 1


SEO / Organic Results Example Explained :

For this specific search, “Online Advertising For Doctors”  – You will see 2 distinct result areas

No 1.  Preferred Content Results – This is Google’s way to high light and reward high quality content related to a specific keyword search. This implies that there is VERY USEFUL information for the person who is searching for “Online Advertising For Doctors“.

No 2.  Matching Results – In this area, below the “Preferred Content Results”,  Google’s is displaying other high quality content related to a specific keyword search. There are some pundits who believe that most important real-estate in the world is the Google’s Top Search Area.  We tend to agree.  You can see that first 5 results from this search are’s pages.  This does not happen by accident. Achieving top SEO rankings for doctors and medical practices is a process and not a simple one-time setup. It is time-intensive, requires deep knowledge about your own business and Search Engine technology, costs both money and time to get real results, and it never stops for your business.

SEO for Medical Practices Example 2

SEO for Medical Practices Example 2


Unfortunately, Search Engine Optimization does not stop once you are on the top of search results. Top search results produce new patients for you, world has changed.  Every patient is on mobile devices and searching the web, so must compete and stay on top of the Google search results. If you don’t someone else will.

Here are some more examples to test in Google Search:

“SEO for Medical Clinics” 
“SEO for Medical Practices” 
“SEO for Doctors”
“Increasing SEO for doctors”
“online marketing for doctors”
“online advertising for doctors”
“medical marketing for doctors”
“advertising for doctors”
“facebook marketing for doctors”
“medical clinic marketing plan”
“SMS marketing for doctors”
“Mobile marketing for doctors”
“Mobile advertising for doctors”
“Email marketing for doctors”
“reputation management for clinics”,
“reputation management for doctors”,
“Patient Engagement For Clinics” ,
“Marketing for Urgent Care”,
“Urgent Care Online Marketing”,
“Advertising for Urgent Care”,
“HIPAA Website Hosting For Clinics”
“HIPAA Compliant Websites For Doctors”
“Hipaa CRM for clinics”
“HIPAA Compliant Patient Surveys for Doctors”
“Online Reputation Management For Clinics”
“Online Advertising For Pediatric Clinics”
“Content Marketing Strategies for Medical Clinics”
“Marketing Plan For Aesthetic Clinics”
“Advertising Solutions for Clinics”

And so on…. we have hundreds of examples … you will see that is the first or second result on top of the organic results on Google.

So as a medical practice owner, identifying your top keywords is a necessary step in boosting your SEO. If your website is built using standard Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal Etc, then you already have a good start.

On-Page optimizations are related to making changes on your site to get better rankings in search engines.

Off-Page optimizations are also an important factor in SEO generation- this means how often and where your website is mentioned on other web properties. However, this should not be confused with “buying links” and paying someone to create “fake links” back to your website.

Achieving top SEO rankings for doctors and medical practices is a process and not a simple one-time setup. It is time-intensive, requires deep knowledge about your own business and Search Engine technology, costs both money and time to get real results, and it never stops for your business.

So what is the Secret Sauce for Online Success?

Start with Google – You must be No 1 or No 2 on Google for your most important search terms.

Global Search Data
SEO for Medical Practices Example 1
SEO for Medical Practices Example 2

SEO Rankings VS Paid Advertising

You must first realize that the most important website & mobilesite on the world-wide-web is your own website/mobilesite and second most important Website/Company related to your internet success is Google and then Facebook. SEO Rankings for medical practices is only one part of the complete strategy- there are many additional strategies and factors involved in generating leads and new patients/customers. Focusing only on free clicks/traffic (Free SEO/Organic clicks/traffic) is not very likely to generate leads and new customers for your business. If someone approaches you with the latest low-cost/cost-free SEO Magic Wand- they are simply not being honest with you. Some sales tactics start by providing you with a free “Ranking Report” and obviously the sales person will show you “how low” your website ranks for certain keywords etc. These are all sales techniques to get your attention.

You must start and end with having unique, quality content about your business, your services, your products, your customers, and how you help your patients/customers in becoming successful and delivering a useful service or product. If this is the foundation for your business, you are likely to succeed and have discovered the secret sauce for successful SEO Rankings. Once you have added quality content to your site and search engines pick up on it, you next need to ADVERTISE. Start with “PPC Advertising” and cover all of the following aspects:

9 Steps To Successful SEO for Doctors

Step 0: Website Content is the King

Focus on content that benefits your prospect and existing patients. This means that  unique, quality content on your own website/mobile site is the king – Content means Text, Images, Tags, Keywords, Videos, Video tags – This is useful information that your prospects and customers can benefit from. Mention and focus on benefits and results that you offer for your customers, show examples, and show reviews and patient feedback. You should have your patient services, offers, specials, and promotions on your website to entice new customers. Create pages that lead a visitor to request more information, and capture their email, phone number etc. Make sure to constantly add new content and keep your website interesting for potential leads, and list your business in appropriate directories so it’s discoverable. Page speed can be an important factor ( according to Google ).  HTTPS – Secure encryption hosting of your site can be an important factor ( according to Google ). There are hundreds of “small” factors, but recommends that your contents still the most important factor. Here are additional content related items you should focus on. This list is designed so you understand that your have 2 audiences No 1. Humans (your patients)   2. Search Engines.

Item no 1. Age of the domain/website.  If your website has been on WWW for 3 years and Google, Bing, Yahoo have catalogued your website ( even if you do not have good rankings – and you are on page 3 ) you are better off working and improving this site than creating a brand new URL/domain.  Age matters – in this case its like wine – older = better chances for improving SEO. Domain Authority is another term used by SEO professionals to refer to domain’s age and usefulness. 

Item no 2. Layout of the website.  Proper tags, construction, H1, H2 and paragraph text matters.  Every page should be created with care, love and attention.  Best results have been achieved by  have proper H1, H2, Images ( with proper tags ) and paragraph text. Followed by sub-headings, paragraph text, with images mixed.

Item no 3. Content of each page. Copied or plagiarized content is like shooting yourself.  If you must have copied content, you should have “NOFOLLOW” tags.  This tells search engines to ignore the page. Humans (your patients) can still read the pages, but search engines should ignore it.

Item no 4. Content of Google My Business page. Your Google My Business (GMB) is extremely important. There are additional 11 steps are required to make sure that your GMB page is effective. Once this is done, then do the exact same steps for Facebook Business Page and then Yelp listing page.  The information on these 3 directories should mirror what is on your website.

Item no 5. Content of Social Media. For doctors and medical practices, Facebook is still the no 1 source of  new patient leads (not counting Google Search). Facebook, Yelp, Linkedin and Yahoo/Bing are very good places to make sure listings and reviews are showing up.

Item no 6. Content of  your online Reviews. For doctors and medical practices, patient reviews can either make you a hero or a zero. So number of positive reviews matter to patients but for search engines, what is written by patients matters.  There 12 steps we recommend you should follow for maximizing positive reviews and minimizing negative reviews.

Content must be checked before adding to your website. Lower quality, copied content = Lower rankings.  It’s a bad idea to copy content from another site – specially from a competitor’s site.


SEO for Medical Practices Using Unique Content

Adding unique quality content to your website with proper headings and tags is very important.  In this figure below – you can see that each page of a website is audited by’s staff and software to provide rankings for unique content.  This step is setting up a new website is crucial to achieving excellent rankings. Anything less than 96% unique should be rejected.

SEO for Medical Practices Using Unique Content

Step 1: Advertise (Hint: Mobile Marketing & Advertising is Profitable for Your Medical Practice)

Search Engine Optimizations for organic rankings is simply not enough. It is naive to think that you can compete effectively without advertising. If your business provides services, like a doctor, medical practice or a medical facility that depends on patients and other professional medical entities finding about you online, then you MUST advertise to be successful online. Search Engine Optimizations for organic rankings is simply not enough. Just think about the fact that the most successful search engine, Google, makes billions of dollars in profits each year by providing advertising services to millions of consumers and businesses. It must work, otherwise no one will be paying Google for advertising. The most successful online and off-line brick-and-mortar companies Advertise Online. For example, a medical clinic in New Jersey, has been in business for 11 years, has a great website, excellent SEO rankings, number one on maps, number one on Google listings and performs nicely on Bing and Yahoo also.  They tried online advertising but were never able to justify the added costs without increased patient traffic. This clinic’s patient volume was 25 patients per day. It has 4 exam rooms.  After implementing Online Advertising program with (SEE EXAMPLE IMAGE BELOW) , the patient volume increased to 41 patients per day  within the first 90 days. This was tracked using Call tracking, Online appointment requests, Directions click-thru tracking, online contact forms(HIPAA Compliant), and launching a Sweepstakes App on Facebook.  The average acquisition cost was $21/per new patient and average new patient spent $142 per  initial visit with a life time value of $4452 for each new acquired patient – each clinic is different and competition can dictate the actual cost of each campaign.  To read more about Online Advertising for Doctors, please Go Here.  To read about Mobile Marketing for Doctors, please Go Here.

Online Advertising VS SEO for Doctors

Step 2: Smart Website with Mobile Intelligence

Make sure that your website is intelligent- not just a “wordpress pretty site” or custom site designed for aesthetics and beauty, without the brains. Your business will need an intelligent site, and a responsive mobile site as well. You can do all the advertising, spend money and time on SEO/SEM, and many other strategies, but if you do not have an intelligent website, you are likely to produce mediocre results. Your website should be designed for “conversion”, and your CRM and Contact Database should be updated automatically with leads and prospect inquiries. Auto-Responders should be smart and savvy so that they can reply automatically to potential customers for specific requests. Do you have a Specials and Promotions engine embedded into your website and Facebook business page? Do you have Thank You Pages or is there a Visitor Intelligence center built-in based on IP addresses? Are you following how a prospect came to visit your website? Is there a Time-Stamp technology built into your conversion tools?

Smart Website with Mobile Intelligence

Step 3: Content Based Email Marketing

Email Marketing with brains- this is one of the most under-utilized tools we have seen at hundreds of medical clinics. Majority of businesses are sending Monthly Newsletters- however, they are not consistent, lack conversion content, lack mobile focus,  and are not  data-driven. Simply ask this question: Is your newsletter completely integrated into your Website, Mobilesite, Facebook Business Page, Specials and Promotions Engine, Auto Responders, CRM, Prospect Database, and SMS Marketing Engine? Is it tracking user behavior and is it mobile-friendly? 62 percent of patients read your newsletter on a mobile device, iPhone.  Are you sending multi-column newsletters  or single column layout for mobile users? Does it have larger font? Does it have a Call-To-Action?  Does it have useful information for the reader?

SEO & Newsletters for Doctors

Step 4: Facebook Business Page & Social Media

Have a Facebook Business Page? If not, get one- you will need it! We will install lead capture apps on your Facebook Business Page. Facebook Business Pages are becoming an important customer acquisition asset for many businesses. Ask these important questions: Are you present on Facebook? Can your prospects request an Appointment? Can they fill out a form on your Facebook Business Page and initiate a quote? Can the lead inquiry automatically go into your CRM and alert you? Can you automatically respond to the lead with an auto-responder? In addition, Social Media web sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest could be important for advertising your business.

SEO & Facebook Business Page for Doctors

Step 5: Reputation Management For Medical Practices – Positive Reviews Strategy

Install’s Positive Review App and start using it- it could be a game-changer for your business. Obtaining positive reviews on Google and Yelp is an extremely important asset for any type of business. Do you have the tools that help you achieve this? Do you have a strategy to alert your business of a possible negative review before it happens?

Reputation Management For Medical Practices
SEO Reviews Marketing for Doctors

Step 6: Automation & Analytics

Automated advertising, marketing, and sales saves you time and allows you to focus on your customers- not on technology issues. Use custom forms to capture information from visitors and prospects, and allow existing customers to conduct business with you through your website, mobile site, and Facebook business page.

SEO & Website Automation for Doctors

Step 7: Phone Call Tracking & Automatic Follow-Up

Track all of your phone calls, majority of medical practices generate the initial lead call by a simple phone call generated by your online ads, organic searches, newsletters, Facebook business page, or even print ads. Make sure to track every phone call and data on each call to improve your conversion rates. Latest innovation in technology allow medical practices to integrate the calls and call data to your SMS / Texting follow-up.

SEO & Call Tracking Software For Doctors
SEO for Medical Practices & Physicians

Step 8: Refine

Don’t stop- constantly improve your strategy and take the competitive advantage. Technology and the internet are changing too quickly for business owners to rest and lose valuable leads.

SEO for Doctors has the technology and best practices to help you achieve better results- Please contact us so that we can help your business and answer any questions that you might have. is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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