Top Healthcare Marketing Companies in USA Provide an Essential Service to Close to 974,000 Medical Physicians & Providers in USA & Canada

There are certain features you should look for in any modern Healthcare Medical Marketing Company. There are 6 features you should look for. Medical Marketing system is used by the TOP Medical Practices in the USA & Canada – From Coast-to-Coast. Costs $499/mon to $999/mon

Our society is turning into a Digital Society. Healthcare Medical industry is also changing. More and more people are on mobile devices, on the internet, on social media, and reading their Emails on a mobile device.  Just look around you.  At a traffic stop light, look to your left, you will probably see a woman checking her Email on her iPhone, look to your right, you will probably see a man sending a text or responding to one while waiting for the red light to turn green. Not a good idea while you driving, but it is happening.  You will also see more and more people using devices like Siri and Digital Personal Assistants.  So as a Healthcare Medical Provider, Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor or any medical service provider you have to realize that you have 3 choices  

No.1) Ignore the digital change  

No.2) Accept it, and do the minimum to stay relevant  

No.3) Compete and win in the digital age

Healthcare Medical Marketing Companies - 4 Focus Areas

6 Important Features of Top Healthcare Marketing Companies in USA

1st Question To Ask : Is The Healthcare Marketing Company Results Focused OR Marketing Focus

Is the Medical Marketing Company focused on results or marketing & advertising and spending your $$$?  Does the Medical Marketing Company provide you with monthly account reviews and clear to understand dashboards so you can login ANYTIME and see the performance of your marketing dollars and advertising dollars? Or do they simply send you a report?  Are there any hidden charges?

2nd Question To Ask : Is The Healthcare Marketing Company Focused on Medical and Healthcare ONLY OR Do They Have “OTHER” Focus?

Is the Healthcare Medical Marketing Company focused on results for Medical Practices and Doctors?  Healthcare focus is indeed requires a LOT OF EDUCATION, and resources. We have found that without core focus, you simply cannot serve medical practices.  Ask them are they HIPAA compliant and will they provide you with a BAA (Business Associate Agreement). If not, don’t do business with them. You, as a medical service provider are at risk.

3rd Question To Ask : Is The Healthcare Marketing Company Focused on Providing You Services or Software?  There are 2 Very Important Components  of Medical Marketing, Service and Software.

Is the Healthcare Medical Marketing Company focused on providing services only for Medical Practices and Doctors?  Who will provide the Software?  Or if the company will provide Software – Who will provide the BAA for the Software or Service? Many Medical Marketing Companies provide service only, like website design and SEO services, and you still need to buy Software in order to compete online.  On the other side, there are a lot of Reputation Management software companies who provide software, so you would still need to hire a service provider.  Same issue comes into play if you would need to send Monthly Newsletters, Call-Tracking, Patient CRM, Patient Surveys, Patient Reviews Marketing and several more areas.

4th Question To Ask : Is The Healthcare Marketing Company Focused on Providing You With a Search Engine Optimization?

Is the Healthcare Medical Marketing Company focused on providing services so you show up very high for Search Engine Optimization for your targeted keywords for Medical Practices and Doctors?  So check to see if they show up number 1 or no 2  for their OWN Search Results.  For Example, go to Google  and search for “Medical Marketing for Doctors”  and “Advertising for Doctors”, “SEO for Doctors”   and see if they show up in the first 1, 2 or 3 results of the Organic Rankings on Google. If they don’t, they will not be able to help you.

5th Question To Ask : Is The Healthcare Marketing Company Focused on Providing You With a Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Is the Medical Marketing Company focused on providing services so your online advertising dollars are not wasted. Majority of the advertising campaigns are not optimized.  For example, is the staff of the healthcare advertising company certified? Have they taken courses, and is there a system and data for running high quality advertising medical campaigns?


6th Question To Ask : Is The Healthcare Marketing Company Focused on Providing You With a Medical Marketing Automation Apps?

Is the Medical Marketing Company focused on providing applications so your Medical Marketing is automated? For example How are phone calls tracked? How many phone calls should be generated per day, per week?  What should be the average length of each phone call at the front desk?  If there are leads (potential patients) generated from your Website or Facebook, are they automatically saved in a CRM ( Prospect Patient Database ) ?  Is this Database HIPAA Compliant?   Can your system automatically send “Auto-Responders” ?  Are there Facebook Apps available to capture the leads from facebook traffic?   Are there “Lead-Capture” and “Conversion” apps built into the medical marketing platform?

Why is this important?

Why is this important?  We have found that every medical practice goes through a development stage.  Let review these stages. In the end, you want best healthcare marketing ROI for your practice.

Results driven medical practice marketing plan should be easy to implement and must be automated. ROI should be the focus on any reputable medical marketing company.

PatientGain data shows that out of a sample of 3450 Medical Clinics in USA, only 148 clinics have a results driven online patient engagement marketing plan to gain a competitive advantage. If you are using software that is based on data mining & data driven results based strategies, then you are likely to benefit immensely. Majority of the medical clinics are simply using a static website with few links to patient portal, and may be a local web company managing non-intelligent but pretty website.

Medical marketing companies provide immense value to your medical practice. Companies add value in 13 key areas:

1. Reliable Digital Partner With Expertise & Brand-Management

2. Technology Platform – Proven and Available Plus HIPAA Compliant

3. Support & Services to Support Growth of your Medical Practices

4. SEO Leadership and Experience in the Medical Marketing

5. Digital Advertising Experience and Data to Support ROI

6. Social Media For Medical Practices – Apps and Experience

7. Website Scalable Architecture and Secure Hosting

8. Reputation Management for Medical Practices – Apps & Experience on Best Practices

9. Email Marketing and Monthly Strategy

10. Design and Graphics Support for Brand-Management

11. Content Creation & Support for Social Media Posts

12. Professional Account Management

13. Ongoing Training and Support of Front-Desk and other medical staff.

Many doctors question if it is ethical to advertise or market themselves. Some focus on patient referrals only, while others have taken some small steps to promote their practice. Most doctors are not sure if advertising, and specially online advertising or marketing, will produce results for their practice. Some doctors have created a website for their practice, and others have worked to acquire limited traffic to their website. However, these limited efforts simply don’t produce results, and as a result thousands of medical practices across the country struggle to fill their calendar. Solution is that doctors should advertise & market their services.

Physicians and practice owners have vastly differing levels of promotional experience and sophistication but most fall into one of the following three areas:

Three Levels of Online Advertising and Marketing Adoption By Doctors’ Offices

No.1  Beginner Level

Medical marketing and advertising are considered as an after-thought that can be managed by staff members like the front office staff or administrators. The general viewpoint of doctors’ offices at this level is that with any kind of basic or free website, new patients looking for their services will be automatically directed to them via Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other online search channels. However, this perception is far removed from the reality of their situation. Without a strategy and software tools, these practices won’t be able to be seen by potential patients online, or convert the few visitors that find them.

Reputation Management is very important for you medical practice. It is included in the GOLD package.

Online Reviews for Doctors

 No. 2  Intermediate Level

Practices at this level have reached acceptable average daily patient counts. They have a clinic admin working with a local web-designer, and have put up a nice looking website, but there is no focus on online success and building a strategy to drive new patients every day. These doctors hope that because they’ve worked with a contractor to build a website, it naturally result in steady and predictable patient generation and clinic growth. Some of these practices may be doing some online advertising on Google, trying email marketing, or have put up a Facebook page for their business. This is a good starting point, but most practices don’t execute these strategies at an effective level, where they are creating growth in their patient counts. The internet is where your competition acquires their new patients, and to ensure that your practice remains competitive you need an online marketing approach that is effective. To protect your business’s health, your practice need more than a website; you need a partner with healthcare marketing expertise, intelligent software, and a comprehensive online strategy for your practice.

A beautiful and attractive website is a given, but you also need an Intelligent Responsive Website also.  It is very important for your medical practice. It is included in the GOLD package.


Mobile Medical Marketing For Doctors

No 3.  Optimized Level

Doctors and practices at this level understand that online strategy is by far the #1 method to grow patient volumes, and build their business’s profitability. Driving patients to your door, and out-performing the competition on the internet, requires a depth of online marketing expertise, effective software, and a profound understanding of medical practice operations.  Clinics and doctors often have to enlist outside help in order to execute an effective online strategy, but the combination of skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to do so is found among very few marketing or advertising companies. However, healthcare industry leaders, with a single and multi-location clinics, use PatientGain’s Healthcare Platform to drive their clinics’ growth. PatientGain’s software enables medical practices to painlessly acquire new patients, effectively communicate and engage with their patients, and grow their business, with HIPAA compliance. PatientGain provides a BAA for your medical practice.


Free EMR Connector For Doctors

PatientGain, as a Medical Marketing Company, has delivered hundreds of successful solutions for medical marketing and advertising for hundreds of doctors. PatientGain has developed a solution to the problem of patient acquisition, and has helped clinics and practices across the US drastically improve their patient generation and patient communication. Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas, and if your practice is located in a competitive area, your costs can be even higher. Patient acquisition does not have to be a confusing and unknown area for doctors. By looking at leading clinics and medical practices, you can better understand how your practice should design your patient acquisition strategy.

Free responsive medical website is always included with GOLD Package. Month-to-month contracts – Cancel anytime.

Medical Marketing Companies Should-Do List

12 Action Items To Discuss With Your Medical Marketing Company Every Month. 

MONTHLY ACCOUNT REVIEWS – This is the foundation of your online marketing success. If you cannot measure it and see it in a real dashboard, it’s probably not getting done. 

1) Meet with your account manager at least once a month and go over current and previous month’s performance and discuss plan for the next month.  Login to live dashboard, and see the actual leads and actual phone calls. See the CRM and see how many patients have been added to the CRM from 1) Social Media 2) Website visitors 3) Email Marketing 4) SMM Texting App 5) Imported from your EMR  6) Referred by other physicians. 

2) Review SEO Rankings. Go over the top keywords and see your rankings. It should be done in a live meeting. Reports have stale data. Automated reports are mostly inaccurate. 

3) Review Advertising  Performance – Top keywords, budget exhaustion, average cost per interaction, Facebook ads performance, Google ads performance.

4) Review Social Media – Posting, Apps, Ads on Social Media. How many posts were posted in the last month.  How are your ads running on Facebook and Instagram (if any). Are they producing any new patients? Or are they simply producing visitors who take no action?

5) Review Email Marketing. How many Emails went out? what is the open rate? Each newsletter should have some useful information for the patients and it should also have some type of “promotion”.

6) Review Call Data. Number of phone calls received. Phone calls missed. Duration of phone calls. Time of day when you receive most phone calls. Number of calls received after hours.

7) Review Reputation Management. Number of reviews requested. What percentage is happy/unhappy. How many actual reviews posted. Are you using all three mediums to maximize the your online reputation.

8) Review SMS/Texting Data. Your SMM app is a gold mine. Patients who interact using the SMM app are 6 times more likely to become your patients and buy something from you, than phone calls or contact forms. 

9) Review Content. Every page on your website must have a purpose. Every page should have useful content for the potential patient or existing patient. Call to action should present on every page. Every page should be considered a “landing page” with call to action.

10) Review Promotions. Monthly promotions and time-based promotions are extremely important for your urgent care. We recommend 3 to 4 active promotions per month.  Recycle old promotions. 

11) Review Training and Misc Items. Does your staff need training? Do they know how to respond to inquiries? Can they answer the questions related to your services listed on your medical website?

12) Discuss Plan for the Next Month *** VERY IMPORTANT ***


Medical Marketing & Advertising Budget Allocation

Examples of budget allocation for typical medical practices, by size.

Example 1.  Medical practice with aesthetics focus and medium size practice.  6 Exam rooms, 4 providers. 
Platinum Package $999/month
Excellent SEO rankings.
$3000/mo Google advertising
$900/mo Facebook advertising
$650/mo Yahoo/Bing advertising
Example 2.  Medical practice with urgent care focus and small size practice.  4  Exam rooms, 2 providers. 
Gold Package $599/month
$1400/mo Google advertising
$300/mo Facebook advertising
$250/mo Yahoo/Bing advertising
Example 3.  Medical practice with pediatric focus and small size practice.  4  Exam rooms, 1 providers. 
Gold Package $599/month
$600/mo Google advertising
$0/mo Facebook advertising
$0/mo Yahoo/Bing advertising
Example 4.  Medical practice with dermatology and aesthetics focus – 6 locations and each practice has on average.  6  Exam rooms, 3 providers. 
Gold Package $599/month for each location
$2800/mo Google advertising
$600/mo Facebook advertising
$600/mo Instagram advertising
$250/mo Yahoo/Bing advertising

Anatomy Of Good Medical Marketing 

Seven Steps For Achieving Great Results for Doctors

The term “SEO” can have different meaning to different professionals, but we will assume that you are a doctor, physician, dentist, surgeon or an administrator of a practice.  We have seen that these professionals mean high search rankings, and simply want to acquire more patients using “SEO”.  So based on this, we will define SEO beyond the Search Engine Optimization strategies. To our audience, doctors and practice managers they mean Good Medical Marketing and it’s composition.

Step 1 : Website Overall Strategy – Including the Website and Facebook business page

Step 2 : Website Content Marketing

Step 3 : Local SEO & Organic Strategy

Step 4 : Social Media Marketing

Step 5 : Online Advertising Plan

Step 6 : Online Reviews Management & Marketing

Step 7 : Email Marketing & Email Automation

These 7 steps are the core anatomy of a typical Healthcare practice’s medical marketing plan.
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