Medical Practice Website Hosting on GCP

Medical Practice Website Hosting on GCP Using WordPress

PatientGain Recommends Top Google Cloud Platform for WordPress. Medical Practice Website Hosting on GCP Using WordPress is Included With GOLD Service.

You can bring your own WordPress website to our hosting for $199/mon. 

If you have a performing wordpress site, and you are looking for professional hosting and HIPAA compliance, our service is ideal for you. It costs $199/mon, there are no long contracts and professional wordpress team is available so you can focus on patients and not worry about your website hosting.  GOLD service includes hosting of WordPress based website on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) on high performance machines. All wordpress instances run on scalable memory resident and compute bound high-speed servers. We use Google Cloud’s compute-optimized C2 VMs. These are some of the fastest servers. In addition, PatientGain’s team tests multiple WordPress templates and we select fast loading templates.

Medical Practice Website Hosting on GCP Using WordPress is a proven healthcare marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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The GOLD service from PatientGain is used by telemedicine physicians, dentists, surgeons, pediatrics, medical spas, pain management, functional medicine, primary & urgent care, cardiologists, podiatrists, addiction medicine, regenerative, wellness, therapy, OBGYN, integrative medicine, dentists, dermatologists, IVF & reproductive, pharma, bio-tech & many other medical practices.