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SEO Tips For Doctors

SEO Tips For Doctors – 11 Steps Short Cut SEO For Doctors

Medical SEO is not a simple task.  It is complex and time consuming and it costs quite a bit of money. Here is a short-cut summary. We will outline in detail here, but here is a summary.

Step 1 : Create a mobile optimized website. If you use newer versions of WordPress software, this is included in the template setup. Website should load fast, less than 4 seconds. Avoid using heavy images, it is the number 1 cause for slow loading websites. Slow website = Less customers (patients). Your website’s top menu should have information for at least 6 key areas. About Us page,  Services page, Resources page, Phone number & directions, Contact Us page, Call-To-Action (CTA Areas), and don’t forget Home button. 

Step 2 : Start adding content under each of the areas. For example, for services page list all your services. each service should have a separate landing page for each service. Use original non-plagiarized content. 

Step 3 : Structure of each page. Each page should have a heading 1, possibly heading 2, and then paragraph text. heading 1  should be used for keywords and main subject of the page. heading 2 should support heading 1, paragraph text should provide details of the service.  At least one image or a video should be added to each page.  Add tags and meta data for each image.  

Step 4 : Add professional quality images. So your website looks unique. Generic images purchased from image banks, and added to your website will make your website look generic.  Custom images should be used to “brand” your website. 

Step 5 : Contact forms should be used, using HIPAA in mind.  Avoid mail-to forms.  

Step 6 : Display testimonials or reviews from customers on the home page. 

Step 7 : Add social media or other widgets to build your social presence also.

Step 8 : Add google analytics code. If you use WordPress (which we recommend)  this step is very easy.   

Step 9 : Submit the pages to Google search engine. Yahoo and Bing are also helpful.  

Step 10 : Start building the content of your website. This is the foundation of your SEO success.  Adding your website domain to other websites is called link-building, this is also an important part of your strategy. 

Step 11 : Unfortunately it takes time and a lot of effort to start seeing results from SEO.  But results and ROI from SEO efforts are worth it.  

SEO Tips For Doctors & Dentists
SEO Tips For Doctors & Dentists