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Proven Medical Marketing

Proven Medical Marketing

Avoid Risky Plans – Use Proven Medical Marketing Strategies

Top medical practices use this system and it costs $799 per month using GOLD Service. Proven marketing system uses 20 HIPAA compliant apps, data-mining, data-intelligence, best practices, Google optimized Wordpress website and top customer service.

If you are a multi-billionaire who owns a medical practice on the side while trying to develop rockets to fly humans to Mars, you can afford to try risking medical marketing plans. For the rest of us who are not billionaires, you need to pick proven medical marketing tactics to grow your business and your patient count. While experimenting with new techniques can be interesting to find something that clicks with your community, by and large, your money is going to be better spent going with proven medical marketing. 

Risky – Running a Google AdWords campaign on a few keywords over a large geographical area.

Proven – Target areas with a population that needs your services and develop multiple campaigns consisting of different targeted keywords

Paid ads are a great way to expose your brand to people who may not be aware of your medical practice. When your organic rankings aren’t entirely cutting it in terms of search results, you can often get to the head of the line with a paid search ad on Google. However, it isn’t a simple as setting a budget, targeting 30 miles around your medical practice, and target the word “healthcare.” While you could go that route, it is wildly inefficient. Unless you are prepared to dump a ridiculous amount of money into that effort, a more curated Google AdWords campaign is needed. Some key Google AdWords tactics include:

  • Targeting broad & unique keywords
  • Developing campaigns focusing on services, linking directly to services
  • Targeting by zip codes or smaller radius around a medical practice
  • Set hours for ads to display, avoiding any long gaps between hours of operation
  • Using multiple ads and ad copy to see which is most effective
  • Targeting competitors 

Risky – Ignore all reviews & try to delete online listings to avoid negative reviews

Proven – Claim listings and respond to all reviews

If you operate a public business, you are hard-pressed to remove it from Google Business, Bing, Yelp, Facebook, or Foursquare. If you want your business listed on any mapping apps, you generally need to have a listing with one of these four entities first. You cannot have a listing that disables the ability for others to review. Don’t want to be listed on maps and want to be in search results or paid ads? That tactic would be a mistake. Google and Bing often present paid advertisements, map results, and organic results. Many potential patients will make their first selection from the map results, skipping organic results. You are missing out on a large segment of online search results and need to be, if possible, on that map.

Your online reputation can also make or break your medical practice. Reviews are going to be one of the key deciding factors in someone choosing your medical practice over another. If your listings are filled with bad reviews, those looking for healthcare are going to look elsewhere. Negative reviews must be addressed publicly to show people you are taking comments seriously, regardless if they are valid or not. Then, you need to push down those negative reviews with positive feedback. Often, getting a 5-star review is simple as just asking for one from a happy patient. Make it as easy as possible for someone who wants to leave a review, to leave it. The fewer clicks it takes for them to get to your review site, the better!

Risky – A website that provides contact information, a list of services, and hours of operation.

Proven – A website that provides multiple pages about the services offered, what the services entail, and what symptoms can be addressed by them. Also, a site that has bios about the staff and providers to care for patients and pictures of the facility.

Your website is going to be, for many, the first substantive touchpoint on their healthcare decision journey. Many studies say you only have a short amount of time, maybe as short as 5 seconds, to grab their attention before they lose interest. A medical practices website must:

  • Load quickly
  • Easy to navigate
  • Maintain or establish a unique brand
  • Provide substantive information to a visitor
  • Make it easy to make an appointment
  • Provide HIPAA compliant contracting methods
  • Showcase positive reviews
  • Uses up to date website design

Risky – Posting every hour on the hour about your medical practice on social media.

Proven – Schedule relevant social media posts throughout the week, posting no more than twice a day.

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with current and potential patients. However, you are a single voice in a vast sea of social media sources. You may think, “the more I post, the more people will see me!” Sure, that is theoretically true, but imagine it like getting phone calls throughout the day. If you called the same number 10 times in a day, you are technically connecting with them more frequently. However, they will begin to ignore you outright. The same applies to social media posts. If you flood someone’s timeline with posts about your medical practice, they will eventually mute you or unfollow you. Instead, select a posting schedule while you post multiple things throughout the week. Mix up your posting content by posting:

  • Articles
  • Showcasing services
  • Staff bios
  • Infographics
  • Funny Memes
  • Local Events

If you do not embrace the points above, your most powerful marketing tool is going to be less and less effective. You want to update your website, so it is continuing to show search engines that you are up to date with your information. Expand on the services you provide and write up unique, useful content not only for potential patients but also for search engines. The more you write about a topic or subject, the more of an authority you are on it. This will help boost your organic rankings and is very cost-effective over a long period. Check your competitors, and if your website looks a little bland or outdated, it is time for a tune-up. If you only check your site once a year, you are doing your business a disservice.

Your medical practice is your livelihood, don’t risk it by using risky medical marketing plans. Apply proven medical marketing strategies to your business to grow it. Your competitors are already using the concepts mentioned above, don’t fall behind and play catch up because you took a risk that did not work. Call today and let us guide you through medical marketing plans that have been proven to work!

Use Proven Medical Marketing Strategies
Top medical practices use this system and it costs $799 per month using GOLD Service.
Use Proven Medical Marketing Strategies
Top medical practices use this system and it costs $799 per month using GOLD Service.