How To Improve Medical SEO For A Doctor’s Website?

This Question Gets Asked Everyday. There are 4 Important Steps. SECRET: Start with Your Content.

Step 1.  Your website’s content is the most important aspect of your medical website.  Content must be

a) Written for the patients and search engines

b) It must not be plagiarized

c) It should provide value to the reader 

d) It should be easily read by the search engine (fancy drop-downs or cascaded text is harder to read for the search engines)

e) Content is words, text, images, videos, and graphics with proper tags so search engines can read and understand the true value of what you are trying to convey to the reader (and search engine) 

f) Depth of the content and each service you offer is another important part of your high medical SEO rankings.


Step 2.  Your website’s design layout determines if patients visiting your website will convert. Conversion for your medical website means, do they take an “action”. For example you can have a very expensive custom website, but if you have not tested the design layout using A/B testing, you are very likely wasting money.  The layout of the website should be designed for

a) Conversion 

b) Aesthetics

c) Branding 


Step 3. Intelligence of your medical site will separate you from your competitors. For example, if you are closed, but a patient visits your site, let’s say at 9:30PM, is the website intelligent to have a “conversation”  with your visitor to capture the details of the questions in an interactive way and per HIPAA, store this for your. Also the apps embedded in your website thank the patient and send an auto-responder? Some examples of useful apps:

a) Intelli*ChatBot

b) Texting/SMS app from your website to your clinic

c) Appointments app


Step 4. Technical competency of your medical website. This includes:

a) Secure HTTPS connection of your website

b) Page speed. Specially how quickly does your mobile website load. Google now reads your mobile site for SEO rankings

c) HIPAA compliant apps. Every app added to your website must conform to HIPAA standards. 



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How To Improve Medical SEO For A Doctor’s Website?

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