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Marketing Company for Urgent Care Centers Serving USA and Canada

PatientGain’s GOLD Marketing Program is Used By the Top Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinics in USA & Canada. Typical Patient Acquisition Costs of $8 to $27 Per New Patient. Cost $699 Per Mon.

An effective marketing strategy is vital for increasing the number of patients who walk-in to your urgent care clinic. Over 78 percent of potential patients search about your services, your competitors, or search about your reputation & reviews online, prior to making a decision to contact you.

Urgent care marketing can be divided into 2 broad strategies:

1. Offline traditional marketing

This includes billboards, print media, placing an ad in local movie theatre to drive patients to your clinic. This type of marketing is on the decline, as more and more patients are online now.

2. Online marketing

For doctors and medical clinics, this is constantly changing and covers 6 important areas. It requires constant technology changes, medical industry knowledge, HIPAA issues, and deep online marketing experience.

Urgent care marketing and advertising budget allocation

Based on the best results, we recommend 80 percent of your budget should be allocated to online advertising and marketing for your urgent care and walk-in clinic. 20 percent towards non-online traditional marketing. is an UCAOA Approved Vendor.

Online Marketing and Advertising ROI For Urgent Care Clinics

Medical marketing for doctors has moved to the web. Patient behavior and the medical industry are changing – impacting medical marketing & advertising for urgent care & walk-in clinics. The internet and social media have changed how urgent care & walk-in clinics execute their marketing. For urgent care & walk-in clinics, over 90 percent of the patients look online – and 88 percent of them pay attention to reviews. 80 plus percent of patients do this on a mobile device.

There are 3 key aspects to keep your patient count high:

1) New Patient Acquisition
2) Existing Patient Engagement
3) Patient Loyalty.
Your marketing plan should address all three areas.

8 Strategies That Work for Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinics

  1. Awesome website focused on “conversion” – must be intelligent and focused on conversion. Intelligence means conversion tracking CRM for your website. 88 percent of the patients looking for urgent care services will contact you by calling you or simply finding you on a map. Majority of the time it is Google Maps. To read more about Conversion Websites for doctors,  please click here.
  2. Google SEO Optimizations for specific keywords, like  “Urgent Care OKC” – in this case a patient is looking for an Urgent Care in Oklahoma City. To read more about SEO for doctors  please click here.
  3. Google Local Optimizations. To read more about  LOCAL SEO for doctors  please click here.
  4. Content of the website. To read more about Content Marketing for doctors  please click here.
  5. PPC Advertising (specifically Google PPC). To read more about PPC for doctors  please click here.
  6. Facebook Advertising. To read more about Facebook Advertising for doctors  please click here.
  7. Monthly Email Marketing. To read more about Email Marketing for doctors  please click here.
  8. Patient Reviews Marketing & Reputation Management – Minimize negative reviews, Maximize positive reviews. To read more about Reputation Management for doctors  please click here. 

Advertising Data for Urgent Care Centers

As new conditions in Healthcare drive more walk-in clinics and practices to open, your competition for acquiring and retaining patients grows. To ensure your clinic stays ahead of your local competition, you need a comprehensive online solution that’s actively generating new patients, improving your ability to convert prospect patients, and effectively engaging your current and past patients. Piecing together multiple apps and tools from different vendors to make your own system, and designing your own online marketing strategy, isn’t going to produce the results you need. Patchwork solutions are costly, ineffective, and don’t give you the competitive advantage you need to be successful. At, we’ve designed our cloud-based software platform to create a comprehensive online presence for healthcare practices. Our solution has helped clinics across the US increase their patient generation and reduce their patient acquisition costs.

Effective software, years of digital marketing experience, and deep urgent care & walk-in clinic understanding generates new patients. is the leader in providing online patient acquisition solutions to urgent care, walk-in clinics, and primary care practices thanks to its comprehensive software platform and years of experience in the healthcare industry.

This is the same system used by the TOP Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinics in US. Clinics range from stand-alone single locations, to 100+ locations chains. Our customers stay with us for years and constantly add value to their daily patient counts. Contact us for ROI Examples.

PatientGain is an expert SEO company for urgent care centers. We have successfully hundreds of campaigns to help urgent care clinic all across the US.

If you’d like to learn more, click here for a presentation and prepare to be amazed to learn what can do for your business. is a proven new patient marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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