Digital Marketing For Doctors

Simple Digital Marketing For Doctors Pricing $599 / month

As a medical or a dental practice, you need to be online if you want your business to grow. Unless you operate your business where everyone lives on one street, and they can see your doctor sign from the town limits, you’ll need a digital presence.

While traditional marketing strategies can still be useful in the right circumstances, digital marketing has taken the lead when promoting healthcare businesses. Getting online should be a key pillar in your overall marketing strategy. It is not hard to get your medical practice online. The challenge is doing it properly so your marketing money is most effective.  

Key question asked by providers : What are some ways to get my medical practice online to be found by potential patients who need my services?

1. Get at website that is based on high SEO 

2. Hire a good medical marketing company to help you. It is no longer a simple task

3. Invest in technology to beat your competition

4. Establish an advertising budget that is focused on digital marketing first

5. Follow the success of other providers in similar fields

6. Take some risk ( calculated risk ). Business world requires to take some risk

By Using Modern Medical Practice Marketing, Patient Acquisition Costs Can Be Anywhere From $8 To $27 Per New Patient In Most USA Areas. New Patient Acquisition Costs Vary Due To Your Specific Medical Practice Discipline, Local Online Competition, Software Used And Online Techniques Embedded In Your Digital Marketing Strategy.

Most of the physicians believe that by simply having a nice looking wordpress website, with information about the clinic, services they provide and a contact information, they should start receiving inflow of patients. Truth is that this is minimum or basic steps for modern digital marketing. At we receive inquiries from physicians and practice managers everyday, and we can see that majority of time, the discussion starts with the website. However, the truth is that there is a lot more than having a nice website.

Thousands of medical clinics struggle every day to fill their calendar with patients. Despite having a great location, a dedicated and professional medical staff, proper equipment, and hard earned certifications and qualifications, their daily patient counts aren’t where they’d like them to be. For example, Dr Myers has been working as a primary care physician affiliated with a hospital in western USA. During his tenure, he had an opportunity to work and trained in emergency medicine (American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) ). He was exposed to all sorts of patient emergencies and he also learned that most of the patients sitting in the ER room, really did not need ER room services. This led him to buy a local walk-in clinic and transition it into an Urgent Care.  This clinic has 5 exam rooms, average patient count was 15 patients per day. Clinic is open 7 days a week, 8 am to 8 pm. It is located in good traffic area. Over the last 4 years, it has grown from struggling 15 patients per day to 32. Doctor is the owner operator and he understands he ultimately wants to expand his practice to another location, close to his home.  Which is 22 miles away from the primary location. He also understands that many of the procedures in an Urgent Care or Walk in clinic can be handled by a PA-C and / or RN certified AACN.  His plan is to expand into 3 to 6 locations over the 5 years. Since Urgent Care is a growth area, this is a very realistic plan.  During his search to find a solution to support his growth, he encountered PatientGain’s GOLD solution. Few years into his expansion plan, his 2 locations have grown to total of 5 locations. After launching GOLD solution, the total acquisition cost per patient decreased by 22% in the first 13 months.  His PPC advertising cost has been kept the same, at $1800 per month per location.  However the total number of patients seen increased from 51 patients per day to  87 patients per day, between 2 locations.  All of his locations are using the GOLD solution. Other improvement areas : SEO Rankings for all of his clinics has seen the biggest improvement. For his top 6 major keywords like “Urgent Care Near Me”  his positions are no 1 and No 2 in the google maps, and no 1 on google search, new content is added for other keywords also.  Additional benefits of the GOLD service include 1) Monthly Email Marketing with focused content  2) Dedicated account manager who looks after doctor’s account and hold monthly account reviews 3) Every week new content is posted on Facebook and Google – All content is related to medical services by each location. 4) Patients can directly SMS/Text clinic’s staff and ask questions 5) Proactive reputation management has increased rankings on google reviews from 3.2 average to 4.6 rankings across all location. 6) There is a centralized dashboard to see the progress and metrics of each location.  7) Owner has consolidated 5 vendors into a single centralized solution, saving 32 hours of time per month. 

Old System – Multi-vendor – The owner had Website hosting company, advertising company, ads on bill-boards, reputation management apps, Email marketing account (which was hardly used). Another company was contracted to provide call tracking services. Appointment requests were managed by another software company.  Texting/SMS app did not exist.  There were no patient surveys or feedback apps.  Facebook and social media was being managed by another  company. Total cost of services per clinic $1230/mon per location, not counting advertising expense. 

New System – Single-vendor – Consolidated medical marketing apps and single medical marketing platform, less than 50% of the individual cost of apps and services, with better ROI.

Many clinics don’t realize that what they are missing is online expertise and a sophisticated software solution to power their patient acquisition efforts. These days, your clinic’s strategy for generating new patients using the internet has to be more than just having a good looking website and a Facebook business page.  GOLD Solution is based on 6 key strategies and these are embedded in 20 digital marketing applications and a HIPAA compliant CRM. This is a turn-key system, which includes a Google SEO optimized website for doctors, at no extra cost. 

Physician Marketing for Medical Practices Can Be

1. Offline Traditional Marketing

2. Internet or Digital Marketing

We highly recommend digital marketing for 99 percent of healthcare practices.  Both of these approaches have merits and limitations, costs and ROI (Return On Investment) is not the same. Online advertising is a big part of digital marketing. It can be the most expensive part of your overall online marketing plan. The actual cost of advertising is always extra, with any service. Some clinics/doctors are very aggressive and spend $1000 per day (or more) and some spend $1000 a month on advertising. We also have few clinics/doctors who do not spend any money on advertising.  Our data shows that proper advertising produces more patients for 99 percentage of the clinics/doctors.

13 Examples of offline advertising for physicians:

1. Newspapers (see list of top newspapers in USA)
2. Yellow pages (see list of  Yellow pages in USA)
3. Billboards : Out-of-home advertising – Out-of-home (OOH) advertising or outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home media or outdoor media, is advertising that reaches the patients while they are outside their homes.3. Referrals from peers and other entities like hospitals.
4. Networking with other physicians – This has been traditional way to expand. For many specialties, this still works. Building a nice referral network of providers who do not compete with you, will always benefit you.
5. Printed flyers – This has worked for physicians since late 1800’s. For example for a 5000 print run, 8.5 inch by 11 inch full color both sides, tri-folded on 100 lb gloss paper will cost you approx $492.48. Then delivery cost is extra.  For example to mail this to 5000 residents close to your practice will be extra cost. Some techniques used for delivery are direct-mail, packaging inserts, point-of-sale display, leave behinds and sales helpers.

6. Business cards & event marketing – This approach has been very successful for physicians who offer a complex service. For example a medical practice that offers medical weight loss program. The practice may decide to offer a 2 step process.  In the step 1, a free seminar is offered and promoted. And in steps 2 the attending patients are “sold” the package.  Consider costs below:  in this example  you print 1000 flyers and distribute them to many places.  Design setup $500, printing $172, distribution $500. Total costs $1172.

7. Indirect messaging / co-branding – Using this strategy, some physicians have seen very good results. For example, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting  offered you a co-branding campaign. They pay a part of the marketing costs and you pay a part.  The end result is that both parties benefit.
8. TV Ads – These ads work.  Digital Ads for specific medical procedures are on the rise.  However cost can be much higher that other mediums. Ultimately, the ROI from each medium determines the value.
9. Radio Ads –  Physicians who use radio advertising to promote services over the radio, typically in 30 or 60 second spots. Radio can be more expensive than some newer advertising methods, but it is a very strong medium, reaching 93% of American adults weekly according to Nielsen data. With an adequate marketing budget, you can use radio to work for your medical practice. Radio advertising costs can range from $2000 to $5,000 per week depending on your location. You will also need to factor in the cost of producing the commercial, including copywriting, voice talent, and audio / visual editing, which is additional cost.
10. Magazines – Marketing and advertising in magazines has been effective to create awareness.
11. Car Wraps – Cost of full wrap is between $2,500 and $5,000. With proper messaging and exposure, compared to other outdoor advertising, your vinyl car wrap pays for itself within the first few months on the road! However this type of marketing is not for every medical practice.
12. Local movie theaters – This has been effective for many providers. However it is difficult to measure the net impact. Local movie  theaters marketing costs $1000 to $4,000 per month depending on your location.
13. Mail drops – Still the easiest way to be placed in your local patient’s mail boxes, marketing costs $500 to $1,000 per mail drop per 10,000 residents, depending on your location.

Online marketing for physicians can be further divided into sub areas:

  1. Search or PPC ( Pay-Per-Click ) Marketing – Google, Yahoo and Bing are very common examples for this type of advertising. Some physicians equate this to Search Advertising. There are hundreds of variations within this category alone.
  2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – This refers to techniques and content placed of your website so search engines like Google can find you and rank you higher for specific keywords. Consumers (your patients) use mobile devices and computers to type in phrases like “Medspa Near Me West Palm Beach FL” and search engines display relevant listings. More and more patients are speaking to devices rather than typing text. This is call Speech Based SEO.
  3. Local SEO Optimization – There are over 200 directories for medical practices. Most of them have no to marginal impact on your practice. The most important business listings are 1. Google Business Page  2.  Facebook Business Page  3. Yelp Business Page.  4. Healthgrades and few other healthcare specific directories are also important.  As a practice manager, you need to make sure that your listings are accurate and that you are posting on Google Business Page and Facebook Business Page regularly.  
  4. Speech Based SEO – New Emerging Area – As more patients are “speaking” to devices.
  5. Display Advertising – Interest Based Advertising – there are many variations.
  6. Video Advertising – Advertising on YouTube for doctors can be effective.
  7. Social Media Advertising – Interest Based & Demographic Advertising. Can be visual, textual, video based.
  8. Mobile Advertising – Based on mobile ads and user’s location.
  9. Geo-Targeted / Geo-Fenced Advertising – Used by Apps, Search, Social Media and Location Aware apps, among others.
  10. Re-Marketing – Based on a User’s Past History, Past Interests and Predicted Behaviour.
  11. Similar Competitive Interest Based Advertising 

Some physicians consider SEO (Search Engine Optimization) a part of Online Advertising.  There are dozens of other variations based on these 6 major types approaches.

Your medical practice needs to attract new patients through a variety of digital mediums, and also be actively engaged with existing patients to encourage repeat visits. Rather than hiring multiple Marketing and IT team members to create an patchwork solution, many clinics are instead turning to’s intelligent software platform to run their patient acquisition, engagement, and management strategies.

Digital Healthcare Marketing Success Requires Proficiency in Four Important Areas:

1) Clinic Industry Knowledge, and an Understanding of Healthcare Field Compliance Requirements and Regulations

2) Expertise in Online Marketing Trends, Digital Best Practices, and Patient Behavior

3) A Dynamic Software Platform Designed to Adapt to Changes with Trends and Technology

4) World Class Support behind Your Technology System, is a cloud-based HIPAA Compliant medical marketing solution provider whose focus is working with healthcare practices only. has many years of experience running successful advertising and marketing campaigns for medical clinics across the U.S. We’ve designed our platform to comprehensively manage all aspect’s of a clinic’s digital marketing strategy and presence on the internet. By ensuring that their entire presence online is being effectively cultivated through one platform, clinics are able to see better results in their patient acquisition and reach their goals for growth.

Examples of Medical SEO and Speech Based SEO has created several products and offerings to help you achieve great SEO – Search Engine Optimization for your medical practice. Focus is on results which means new patients, this means top Google rankings, with significant focus on mobile search results and mobile marketing. Google search engine is the most accurate search engine with the best algorithms for search results. Majority of the world searches on Google. According to Google, over 200 “signals” are used to rank medical websites. The most important factor is your own content. So for medical SEO for doctors, you must focus on Google first, and start with adding Unique, High Quality Content – This means Non-Copied, Non-Plagiarized Content.

Recent SEO algorithm changes from Google are focused even more on content. 

There are three words to remember E A T for good medical SEO website. 

E Stands for medical Expertise in the subject matter. For example if your website page is about Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) – do you have useful information about the subject matter. 

A Stands for medical Authority in the subject matter. This refers to the qualified, authoritative content and possibly the author of the website page. 

T Stands for Trustworthy source or organization. This refers to the fact that is the website can be trusted. How good is the rest of the content on your website. For example if there is doctor’s bio present on a medical website. Are there any other references to this doctor in other media outlets. Are there links pointing back to the bio of the doctor. There are many other factors that determine the trustworthiness.

Digital Marketing and Patient Acquisition Costs

From your clinic’s location, to your local competition, there are many factors that impact how your clinic needs to execute its online advertising and marketing. Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas, and for areas with high competition these costs can be even higher. You need a solution that’s fit to your clinic’s unique situation in order to effectively generate patients while competing against other clinics in your locale. PatientGain’s cloud-based platform ensures that your clinic’s digital strategy effectively generates patients by covering the three main sections of online marketing: Targeted Search Advertising, Optimization of Your Business Presence, and Social Media. Instead of going to multiple vendors and piecing together a solution, clinics are using’s Healthcare Solution to manage all their efforts for acquiring and retaining patients using the Internet. With’s apps and expertise, your clinic will be able to boost your new patient generation, improve your online conversion, keep your past patients engaged with your practice, and increase the number of patients you see every day.

Results From Online SEO For Primary Care Physician

Review of a real customer.  Location is east coast – mid-level competition. Doctor Jones has been in practice for the last 13 years. Her focus has been Primary Care, Internal Medicine and general wellness with focus on Diabetic patients.  However, since last 3 years, multiple clinics have opened within her 5 mile radius. In addition, two Urgent Care clinics have also impacted her business. In the past all she had to do was to advertise in local yellow pages, few referral practices and business had grown due to her excellent focus on patient care. Due to competition, her average patient count had steadily decreased from 30 patients a day to 22.

In this case, Doctor Jones had to focus on new patient acquisition.  She search online for “online advertising for doctors” and found as the first organic listing on Google. She signed up for’s GOLD Service for $499/mon.  The results have been as follows:

Nov 2016 – Go live with new website, along with 20 apps embedded in the new Medical Marketing website.  135 phone calls received in the first month.  116 unique phone calls.

Dec 2016 – 434 phone calls received in the 2nd month.  388 unique phone calls.

Jan 2017 – 621 phone calls received in the 3rd month.  534 unique phone calls.

Feb 2017 – 518 phone calls received in the 4th month.  419 unique phone calls.

Mar 2017 – 599 phone calls received in the 5th month.  450 unique phone calls.

Apr 2017 – 697 phone calls received in the 6th month.  541 unique phone calls.

May 2017 – 801 phone calls received in the 7th month.  643 unique phone calls.

By the end of 7th month, Doctor Jones had achieved her target of 30 patients per day.   Mission accomplished. is a proven new patient marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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