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Medical & Dental Website Apps

Medical & Dental Website Applications $299/mon FastStart3 Package

Convert Your Medical Website to a Conversational Website. Easily Increase Conversion From Your Website

Medical website must have intelligence. If you do not have an intelligent medical website, you are very likely losing patients every day.

What is included in FastStart3

1. Medical Chat*Bot App installed on your website
2. 2-way texting/SMS app installed on your website, so your potential patients can text you
3. HIPAA compliant CRM to capture leads and save them for remarketing, and Email marketing and follow up

Bonus app for 3-pack bundle – Online advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram

What is an intelligent medical website?

A website with certain apps built into the design of your website or added to your website is an intelligent medical website.

What is an example of a medical website app?

1. PatientGain’s medical ChatBot is an example of a medical website app. It works for your practice 24 x 7. Its job is to “convert”. Conversion in digital marketing means ability for an app or a website to cause the website visitor (patient) take an action.

2. Another example is a 2-way texting/SMS app installed on your website, so your potential patients can text you. As over 80 percentage of your visitors are on mobile devices, like iPhone and Android phones, they prefer to text you, rather than call you. This app increases conversion 5% to 8%.

What is an example of a successful conversion?

Here are 4 examples:

1. A potential patient clicking on “I am a new patient, I want to call the the medical practice”
2. A potential patient clicking on “Appointment” and requesting an appointment with your medical practice
3. A potential patient clicking on “Download patient portal” app
4. A potential patient clicking on “Directions” button of an Urgent care & Walk in clinic.

What is the 3rd app for 3-pack bundle?

3. Medical Marketing CRM

Best medical practices are now using Medical Marketing CRMs to gain competitive advantage. These marketing CRMs are connected and integrated with medical websites and intelligent patient engagement ChatBots.

As patients interact with your website, your email marketing, Texting/SMS, Facebook business page, you would want to store the information about each interaction in a database. This database is called a medical marketing CRM. It is an intelligent software that can also integrate with your EMR or EHR system securely, and leverage the hidden useful information in your EMR. So medical marketing CRM software is used to store prospect patient information and any interactions, before a patient becomes a patient. Many times, after a prospect patient has been converted to a patient, you would still want to keep the patient information, in addition to your EMR. EMR and Practice Management or Patient Billing/Revenue systems are not designed to market to patients. Lead capture and follow up is becoming important as patients require multiple touch points.

What is the bonus app for 3-pack bundle?

PatientGain’s online advertising app is very effective. This app allows you to setup any budget. Your ads are set up on Google, Facebook and/or Instagram. Simple to use and easy to see results.

What is the cost of online advertising?

You can set any budget you like. We can also help you with target budget. This page is a good guide to see how much other clinics spend on advertising. You simply pay a 12 percent technology and optimization fee to PatientGain. Read more here about online advertising for doctors.

Medical Website Design Example 422
Medical Website Design Example 422