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Inbound Healthcare Marketing Services Starting at $1299/mon

PLATINUM Service is a HIPAA Compliant Inbound Healthcare Marketing Service Starting at $1299/mon

Managed marketing and advertising services for dental and medical practices with focus on high SEO and inbound marketing.

Long term success of your practice is based on taking full advantage of platforms like Google, Facebook, Email marketing, Texting applications and clever conversion techniques. All services and features are included from the GOLD service. In addition, there is additional high quality SEO content is added on a monthly basis. We serve all types of healthcare practices. Here is complete list.

$1299/mon Service

All services, conversion and SEO focused website, apps and features included from GOLD service, plus the following:

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Website Designs For Doctors & Dentists
Website Designs For Doctors & Dentists

Fast WordPress Included

Fast loading WordPress website + Google SEO optimized (search engine optimization). Google now reads your mobile site first. Your website should pass with 90% or higher rankings in all 4 important areas. It should have proper structure for ADA compliance. We maintain, host, optimize and manage the website for your practice.

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Patient Engagement Platform & Apps

Patient Communication Platform & Apps

Mobile apps included with your GOLD service. Simple to use iPhone and Android apps are available on your finger tips. See all of your patients communications, leads, Texts/SMS and Emails in one dashboard. See your monthly performance at anytime.

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SEO For Doctors and Medical Practices

Additional SEO Services

PLATINUM service includes the GOLD service SEO (search engine optimization), and additional SEO content is added every month for the top search engine rankings. 96% of the search traffic goes to page 1 of Google search. Contact us so we can show you examples.

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Local SEO For Doctors and Medical Practices

Local SEO

The PLATINUM Package includes optimizations for top local directories & local SEO for dentists & doctors. It is becoming increasingly important for your medical practice and clinic to show up on Google’s local search results in the top-area after the Google ads. There are hundreds of directories out there. But the most important ones for you are 1. Google My Business Listing 2. Facebook Business Listing 3. Yelp 4. Apple maps. These listings impact your SEO also, as providing quality back-links.

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Technical SEO For Healthcare Websites

Technical SEO

The PLATINUM service includes technical SEO. Common questions asked by doctors and medical practice managers: 1) What is technical medical seo? 2) What is technical SEO for medical websites? 3) Why should we spend resources on technical medical SEO? Technical SEO is a subset of on-page SEO, but this aspect does not focus on the content that is on your website but other essential factors that impact your organic rankings and overall website performance. For example, our software engine based on data mining creates targeted phrases with the highest conversion rates for your services.

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Pay Per Click PPC Advertising For Doctors

Certified Online Advertising

Healthcare practices who advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Google, will get more new patient inquiries and hence more paying patients. Our service has flexible advertising budgets. All online medical advertising campaigns are not created the same. Our campaigns have been optimized for the unique needs and business practices of the healthcare industry. Mobile apps, Geo focused, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Facebook, Instagram, and Re-Marketing advertising campaigns all managed by our own staff. Unlike other companies, we do not mark up keywords.

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Single Marketing Dashboard for Dental Practices

Single Marketing Dashboard

1 location or 100 locations, you can see real-time data from all of your locations in a single dashboard, and drill down to any location. Most healthcare practices use 5 to 8 different apps for their marketing. Imagine having a single dashboard so you can see your marketing and advertising results anytime you like, and make impactful decisions in time, to increase patient acquisition and retention.

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Google Posting For Medical Marketing

Google Posts

PLATINUM service includes additional Google posts. These posts can improve your digital marketing. Every month new posts are created for your medical practice. The posts with useful content based on your services are available in your dashboards. Simply click on “approve”. Localization engine creates excellent conversion campaigns. Our campaigns have been optimized for the unique needs and business practices of the healthcare industry.

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Facebook Posting For Medical Marketing

Facebook Posts

PLATINUM service includes additional Facebook posts. Facebook posts can improve your social media engagement. Every month new posts are created for your medical practice. The posts with useful content based on your services are available to your medical practice. Localization engine creates excellent conversion campaigns. Our campaigns have been optimized for the unique needs and business practices of the healthcare industry.

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Instagram Posting For Medical Marketing

Instagram Posts

Instagram Posts can improve your healthcare marketing. Every month new posts are created for your medical practice. The posts with useful content based on your services are available to your medical practice. Localization engine creates excellent conversion campaigns. Our campaigns have been optimized for the unique needs and business practices of the healthcare industry.

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Twitter Posting For Medical Marketing

Twitter Posts

Twitter Posts can improve your healthcare marketing.

Reputation Management For Doctors

Reputation Management Apps

Reputation management for dentists and doctors is included. Proactive reputation management for your medical clinic could not be more simple.‘s reviews apps work with SMS, Email and In-Lobby Kiosk so you can maximize positive reviews & minimize negative reviews for your clinic on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Healthgrades & other sites. Don’t pay extra per month for similar apps, and they may not be HIPAA compliant.

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Medical Marketing Automation Using Simple Patient Reviews

Reviews App

Medical marketing automation using patient reviews. This app collects your reviews from the Web. You decide which ones to display. 73% of the patients look at your practice’s reviews or your service reviews, primarily on Google reviews. Highlight your positive reviews and minimize negative reviews. Don’t pay extra per month for similar apps, and they may not be HIPAA compliant.

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Blog Posts For Medical Services

Website Blog Posts

Every month 2 blog posts are are created for your medical services. Simply click on “approve” and blog posts are added to your medical website for optimal patient engagement. There are 3 key important areas you want to promote, 1) Your services 2) Your brand, location, name 3) Your providers, doctors and medical staff. These blog posts focus on your medical services.

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HIPAA Compliant Patient Surveys

Healthcare Surveys

PLATINUM service includes simple to use and ready-to-go HIPAA compliant patient surveys for doctors and dentists. No setup or implementation costs.
Online surveys are a great way for your medical clinic or healthcare practice to collect valuable patient feedback easily. However only 3% doctors and medical clinics use power of surveys and patient feedback as a competitive advantage to improve patient engagement and hence revenue from each patient. We have many CAHPS Provider Health Care Surveys. You can send us your survey questions or simply select from existing surveys. All setup is included.

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FREE EMR Connector For Your Medical Clinic

EMR/EHR Connector EMR connector in included in the PLATINUM service. This app helps you import or integrate patient contact data securely from your EMR to system. Connector is HIPAA Compliant; all communication with your EMR is performed using HTTPS securely. Data is stored stored in secure US based servers and you can request a standard BAA upon activation of this feature. In addition to real-time, an Intelligent auto-loader is also provided.

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Email Marketing For Medical Services

Monthly Email Marketing

PLATINUM service includes additional monthly newsletters. We create the newsletters with your services content. Simply review and approve the newsletters.

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Medical Marketing SMS-Texting Alerts App

Text Alerts

Effective patient communication means that you get alerts from your online campaigns and your medical marketing website on a timely basis. SMS Text based messages alert you or your practice manager in near-real-time as you get new patient requests and leads. Stay on top of new patient requests. Easy to see results. Setup is done for you by your dedicated Customer Success Manger.

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Promotions For Healthcare Medical Clinics

Online Promotions has a library of the most effective promotions for healthcare practices. These promotions are used to attract potential patients and increase patient generation. Promotions & Specials App provides tracking and conversion. Patient click behavior is tracked, and’s apps are designed to bring in new patients and drive recalls and referrals. Don’t pay extra for this service. It’s included.

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Phone Call Tracking For Medical Marketing

New Patient Tracking

Improve the operational efficiency of your medical clinic and optimize staffing for the front-desk. See when patients call you – why they call you – how long the calls last – how many calls are not answered and calls by existing patients VS new patients. Gain valuable insight into how your clinic runs. Is your advertising working? Is your staff engaging with prospects and existing patients? Are you missing out on calls from prospective patients?

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HIPAA Compliant Appointment Scheduling For Doctors

Online Appointments

Your patients can request appointments times or book appointments using your mobile or desktop website. The PLATINUM service HIPAA Compliant Appointment scheduling is integrated with’s CRM, phone call tracking, Email marketing, and auto-responder apps. Confirm appointments using Email or SMS. Send auto-reminders and alerts. This app can be setup for requests or bookings. We also support integration to Google calendar. Don’t pay extra for similar apps, and they may not be HIPAA Compliant.

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For Medical Clinic, Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover on your website and social media securely.

Online Payments

For medical clinic, Accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover on your website and social media securely. Receive billing alerts in your Message Center. This app is integrated with Stripe payments and Square payments.

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Feedback App For Medical Clinics

Feedback App’s Feedback app encourages users to provide feedback, quick testimonials, or potential negative feedback which will only go to you, and not on social media sites.

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Custom Branding For Healthcare Practices


PLATINUM service includes custom branding for your website, Email marketing and Facebook promotions. Our talented in-house designers work with your project manager to create compelling promotional images. Building your brand is more important than anything else. Don’t use generic & copied images – Use only branded images for your practice.

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Content Marketing For Doctors

Content Marketing

PLATINUM service includes content marketing. Unique quality content on your own website is the single most important factor for higher SEO rankings for doctors and medical practices. In addition to SEO content, we create posting content for you also.

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HIPAA Compliant Patient Forms For Medical Websites

Digital Intake Forms

PLATINUM service includes additional intake forms. All forms are set up for you. has a library of common patient forms for medical clinics. We can help your practice become paperless. Patients spend 16 minutes on average sitting in your lobby filling paper forms. You can fix it. Increase patient satisfaction. Reduce wait in the lobby.

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Medical Marketing Deals Conversion App

Deal App

PLATINUM service includes the deal app. has a multiple conversion apps to effectively convert a visiting patient to a paying patient. Deal app and page-based-apps work tirelessly for your practice. They are designed to increase your conversion. Don’t pay extra for the service. It’s included.

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Medical Marketing Auto-Responders

Auto Responders

PLATINUM service includes intelligent auto-responders. Our app responds based on context. Imagine it’s 4:30 am and your clinic is closed, but a patient sends a request for information – based on context, your intelligent auto-responders reply back with useful information to an existing patient or a prospect patient. Increase new patient conversion and existing patient engagement. App is set up for you. No technical knowledge required.

Physician to Physician Referral App

Referrals App

PLATINUM service includes referral app. Physician to physician referral app helps you acquire referrals digitally, easily and securely, per HIPAA guidelines. Receive and automate referrals from other physicians. This automated process helps you reduce your staff’s time, and provides a simple dashboard for you to see who is sending you referrals. Automatically send thank you notes, and provide reciprocal support to your physician peers.

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Medical Diagnosis Assessment App For Doctors

Assessment App

PLATINUM service includes an assessment app. This assessment app allows you to ask specific questions so you can assign points to specific answers and allow the patients to provide you with their information, so you can get back to them and convert them to a paying patient. This app is integrated to PatientGain’s HIPAA compliant CRM.

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Medical Quiz App For Doctors

Quiz App

PLATINUM service includes a quiz app. As a new patient lands on your website, you have 14 seconds to “engage” them. This compelling app allows patients to immediately take a quiz, hence providing you with valuable data from your quiz questions, and providing you with the contact information of the patient. So you can get back to them and convert them to a paying patient. This app is integrated to PatientGain’s HIPAA compliant CRM, and there are autoresponders to follow up with the quiz taker.

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CRM For Healthcare Medical Marketing

HIPAA Compliant CRM

The PLATINUM service comes with an integrated prospect patient CRM that is HIPAA compliant. Includes dozens of features for lead capture, and total integration of the CRM with Texting/SMS, medical ChatBot, website, social media, phone calls, and Email marketing. Effective patient relationship management is a necessity for clinics striving to be a successful business.

Healthcare’s Leading Customer Service

Awesome Support

Healthcare’s leading customer service and support provided by’s own staff. Phone, web and Email support is included. Contact your project manager and technical lead by texting/SMS and Zoom meetings. Support is included at no cost. Other companies may have let you down, but we are here to help you. Read our reviews.

Access Control Per HIPAA Guidelines

Multi-User Access

The PLATINUM service includes secure access to each clinic’s data, each clinic’s administrator, and even operator level controls are included. Access control per HIPAA guidelines. You can create multiple access levels and assign different type of alerts for each app. For example online appointments app can send alerts to only specific staff members and so on.

For PLATINUM enterprise accounts, you have complete view of multiple locations.

Smart Mobile Messenger App $199/mon

Intelligent Medical ChatBot App For Doctors

The PLATINUM service includes HIPAA compliant ChatBot app. App also allows you to capture leads, and answer most common questions, 24×7. Simply, from the view of a provider or a practice manager, a chatbot is nothing more than software based on AI algorithms (Artificial Intelligence) that will perform automatic tasks within given parameters. Install, setup included

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Smart Mobile Messenger App For Physician Medical Marketing

Smart Mobile Messenger App – 2 Way texting

Your potential patients are on mobile devices. Communicate with them effectively. Your patients want quick and easy communication. Single dashboard for all Texting/SMS. Use desktop, iPad or your cell phone to respond.

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HIPAA Compliant Shopping Cart

Ecommerce Apps

HIPAA compliant Ecommerce app allows your patients to buy products or services from your mobile, desktop website. Integrated with Square and Stripe payments, and HIPAA compliant CRM. Included is Email marketing and follow up campaigns.

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Additional Apps

Patient Registration App (PHI & PII Covered) – Website, Facebook $50/Mon.
Patient Intake Forms (PHI & PII Covered) – Website, Facebook $50/Mon.
Enterprise level view of multiple locations. Please contact us. provides additional benefits for your healthcare practice.
Clinic owners, practice managers, dentists and doctors are often forced to work with multiple applications and incompatible online tools to help drive their business. There’s a lot to keep track of: website management, social media, Facebook, online advertising, website lead management, generating positive reviews, minimizing negative reviews, monthly email marketing, call tracking, online payments and much more… it can all be difficult to juggle. What’s more, where do you find the time to manage your efforts online while running your clinic effectively and treating your patients? data shows you will save 21 to 44 hours a month ( on average 32 hours a month) by using an Integrated Comprehensive Medical Practice Marketing system from At $47/hour, your average opportunity cost, this is savings of $1527 per month, or $18K per year, per clinic. This is in addition to improvement in increased patient acquisition and patient referrals and patient engagement.

PLATINUM Service is Fully Integrated New Patient Marketing Solution With Google SEO Optimized Website. Costs $1299/mon With Superior Customer Happiness. Used by Hundreds of Medical and Dental Practices in USA & Canada.

Conversion & SEO focused A/B tested WordPress website, quality content, your custom branding, apps, social media, communication apps, Email marketing, Texting/SMS, awesome customer service, HIPAA compliant CRM & modern features included in the GOLD Service. We serve all types of healthcare practices.