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Patient Acquisition Marketing

Patient Acquisition Marketing Ideas & Strategies

6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing for Physicians. Used by the Top Clinics in USA and Canada.

Your patients start their journey to find your medical services in many ways. They may have immediate need for specific service, like a parent looking for a “pediatric urgent care near me”  and 78 percentage of the time they will go to Google and search. And majority of the time, this is done on e mobile cell phone device.  You may have a client looking for specific MedSpa service like “Coolsculpting deals near me” for non-invasive weight loss.  There are millions of ways patients search and look for your services, every day.  To learn about new patient acquisition platform, see this page., for a proven 7 step process. 


Patient Acquisition Marketing Ideas & Strategies
Patient Acquisition Marketing Ideas & Strategies

6 Key Pillars of Patient Acquisition Marketing

1. Provide excellent patient care and medical services to your target patients. Treat every patient like they are your first patient. Practices who focus on high customer/patient service have a solid foundation.

2. Your website is the first place patients read about you. Your website can be an asset or a liability.

3. Your online reputation – Number of 5 star reviews on Google is the most impactful strategy you can employ. Facebook, HealthGrades, Yelp and other sites are also important however Google Reviews ranking on 4.3 or higher with 100 or more reviews will make a huge impact on your business. We have seen the data and we are excited to help you achieve this.

4. SEO and Advertising. Having  a nice website is a Step 1 – But if you are not improving the SEO on a monthly basis, you will be left behind.  Advertising on Google and Facebook will further your patient acquisition.

5. Social media strategy to engage with existing and potential patients.

6. Effective communication strategy.  Here is a great starting list 1) HIPAA compliant communication from your website 2)  HIPAA compliant communication from Facebook.  3) SMS-Texting from your website  4) EMR integration  5) Monthly Email marketing  6) Daily posts on Google Business Page 7) Weekly Posts on Facebook  8) Monthly Promotions offered.


3 Key strategies that can differentiate your medical website from other providers and medical clinics in a competitive area:

1. Promote your providers, physicians bio on the website. Read more.

2. Promote your services in a way that patients understand recovery time, length of treatments. Read more.

3. Promote your brand, location, parking, open hours, telemedicine, and technology. Read more. is a proven new patient marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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