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Medical Marketing for Sexual Health Clinics

Medical Marketing for Sexual Health Clinics $799/mon

Sexual wellness clinics, just like any other wellness clinic or health care business, needs an effective marketing plan to grow their business. More than likely, you will have a variety of different competitors, all vying for the same target audience.

Some of your competitors will be other sexual wellness clinics, but you can also expect some competition from other primary care physicians, alternative medicine practitioners, and even adult-oriented stores. In a crowded, competitive landscape, a sexual wellness clinic needs to stand out and set itself apart from the rest by establishing credibility and authority on the subject.

Unlike other health care businesses or doctor offices, marketing a sexual wellness center must be done in a very delicate way. The subject of sexual wellness is sensitive for many people, so a sense of tact must be applied across all marketing levels. Connecting with potential patients, respecting their privacy and concerns, and supporting their needs will help build a sense of trust with them. The more comfortable they feel bringing their issues to your wellness clinic, the more likely you will convert them into long-time patients.

How does my brand impact the marketing for my sexual wellness clinic?

The branding of a sexual wellness clinic is critical to its effective marketing. To stand out from other competitors in the area, your brand must be recognizable, connect with a target audience, and build on your credibility. Your brand is going to be how the public sees your sexual wellness clinic. Given the topic you are focusing on, this needs to be handled very carefully. Your goal should be portraying a business that helps with the sexual wellness of the community so they can live fuller and more intimate lives with their partners. Representing yourself as a place for cheap thrills or a shaded sex shop will not get you the clientele you are looking for to grow your business.

The selection of your logo, brand colors, tagline, name, and even your business’s location all impact your brand and how it is perceived. On the one hand, you want to clarify the type of wellness programs you have at your location. Unlike other healthcare businesses, you should avoid being cute, clever, or try using a “play on words” when developing a tagline or your business’s name. Avoid any slogan, name, or logo that could remotely be considered pornographic or sleazy. While it may not be your intention, some communities may be a bit more sensitive than others when it comes to the visuals you use. An excellent guideline to follow is using neutral language and avoiding anything that might confuse your clinic for another type of adult business.

Once your branding has been decided on, it needs to appear everywhere. Your logo, tagline, and name should appear on all promotional items, discharge paperwork, and any communication. The more your brand is put out into the public, the more likely people will begin to recognize it. It will only lend credibility to your sexual wellness clinic.

How can a website help promote my sexual wellness clinic?

A website is a critical part of your marketing plan. Having no website today is like not having a phone or a business card. Your legitimacy will be immediately questioned, and it will not be easy to grow your patient count. You will be more or less shut out of digital marketing altogether. The website you create for your sexual wellness clinic should not be just a few static pages of information but a website that engages website visitors and converts them into patients. It needs to be designed for your target audience and have content they will connect with and respond positively.

For a sexual wellness clinic website to do its best to convert website visitors into patients, it needs to:

• Load quickly
• Contain unique content
• Provide relevant and authoritative information
• Give a call to actions to visitors
• Layout the next steps for care
• Be mobile friendly
• Be easily navigable

How does a sexual wellness clinic get reviews and use them to promote their business?

Reviews are critical to a sexual wellness clinic as well as to any other healthcare business. A series of negative reviews will harm a clinic’s ability to bring in new patients, no matter how effective their marketing. As sexual wellness is a sensitive topic, positive reviews are essential to make someone comfortable about moving forward with care. Receiving positive reviews is not as hard as you may think. All you have to do is ask!

Patients who have a positive experience need to be nudged to leave a review, while those who have a terrible experience are often more motivated to tell everyone. Send a patient a review request and make it as easy as possible to leave a review. The fewer clicks in your review request process, the more reviews you are likely to get. Many sexual wellness clinics see a high engagement when they send a text with a link to their directory listing where they can leave a review. Owners of clinics should respond to every review. For positive reviews, thank them for their feedback. Try to engage with negative reviews by either calling them or asking them to reach out to a clinic. You may be able to resolve their issue and have them change their review to a more positive one. While you will not convert every negative review into a positive review, it will show potential patients you care about their feedback.

On your website, take positive reviews related to specific services and place them on their individual service pages. Be mindful of scrubbing the review of any identifiable information, so you maintain HIPAA compliance. These reviews can be compelling for website visitors to read other patients’ words as they try to choose your clinic for their care.

How can search engine optimization promote my sexual wellness clinic?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is vital to promote your website across search engines. Essentially, it helps search engines understand what your website is about so it can present it as a relevant result when people search online for services provided at your clinic. To use SEO effectively, you need to develop a list of target keywords and phrases that potential patients use when searching online. That list needs to be sprinkled on relevant pages throughout your website. You want to make sure keywords for some services only appear on those pages and not on every page. If you engage in “keyword packing,” your website will be penalized by search engines, hurting your organic ranking.

SEO work does not produce results overnight, and you should expect to wait weeks and months before results begin to appear. While it does take some time to get results, SEO is very cost-effective in the long term. Combine SEO work with other digital and traditional marketing methods to make it as potent as possible.

How can a sexual wellness clinic use social media for marketing itself?

Many healthcare businesses use social media to connect with their patients. A sexual wellness clinic can do the same; however, you should expect a different level of engagement than you would see on other social media channels of other healthcare businesses. Given the sensitive nature of topics covered by your clinic, you should not expect a lot of public engagement with the posts you put up. You could see people contacting you privately for more information. Respecting their privacy and giving them a secure, private way to communicate is often the best way to use social media. Your posts should include articles related to sexual wellness, local news, and updates from your clinic. Avoid always promoting your business, or potential patients will eventually tune you out.

While social media channels have advertising platforms, you must be very careful how you phrase your ad copy. It may not pass the rules they have in place on what you can and can not advertise. You may need to appeal a ruling a few times to get an ad to display. These rules changed a lot on social media platforms and are not consistently or equally enforced, so patience is needed. The social media channels you should be on include:

• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram

How can a sexual wellness clinic use traditional or offline marketing to promote its services?

Digital marketing has not completely taken over all aspects of marketing. While it remains the bigger elephant in the room, traditional marketing can be quite effective in promoting a healthcare business if used correctly. As with other marketing areas, sexual wellness needs to show some tact in the marketing materials they use and send to people. However, if you keep to the same guidelines you use for digital marketing, you should be just fine. Direct mail marketing has shown to be quite effective in engaging potential patients in the community.

Mailing your marketing pieces to people is more effective today than it was years ago. With mail volume numbers going down as more businesses encourage paying bills or making appointments online, your mailer will have much less to compete with when someone checks their mail. Design an eye-catching, informative marketing piece that can be mailed to someone. It should stick out from the everyday white envelopes people receive. It can stick out by being an unusual shape, uses glossy or thicker paper, and even the colors you choose can catch someone’s attention. Unlike other traditional marketing methods, you can select which houses or neighborhoods will get one of your mailers. Depending on the volume and the pre-packing you do with your marketing materials, you may even qualify for a commercial bulk rate. Whatever you send to potential patients should include the name of your business, address, phone number, and website. Include a solid call to action encouraging people to take the next step to secure your services

Another way clinics will use direct mail marketing is to send promotional items to them. Pens, calendars, magnets, or other everyday items are meant to be kept by the people they are sent to. A promotional item should, at the very least have the name, phone number, and website of the sexual wellness clinic on it. If a potential patient keeps the promotional item, you will be advertising to them every day or every single time they use it. Sending promotional items can be expensive, so it is best to use them sparingly or only sending them to an address where you feel it will be more successful.

Is there a case study where a sexual wellness clinic effectively used marketing to grow its business?

Dr. Connor opened  sexual wellness clinic in so. cal.  and has been operating for less than three years. While initially, the patient count was good, it had begun to plateau, and his clinic could not increase the numbers of patients they saw month to month compared to the previous year. Intending to grow his business, Dr. Connor began to implement some marketing changes.

First, Dr. Connor began to solicit positive reviews from patients who had received services at his location. He asked them to leave a good review and to make some comments about the services they received if they felt comfortable talking about it. While not everyone Dr. Connor contacted left a review, he did begin to build a good collection of reviews. He took those reviews, removed identifiable information, and posted them on his website, including reviews of his services. The increased positive revies resulted in an increase in patients to his clinic. Dr. Connor also sent out promotional magnets to his patients and potential patients celebrating his 3rd year in business. He also ran a contest asking people to post pictures on his social media page with his magnet on his patients’ refrigerators.   Overall, his effort led to a 11% increase in the overall patient count and a 24% increase in monthly positive reviews. This fueled continued growth as the months went on.

Next step for him was to automate this process. In this case he found PatientGain’s GOLD service, which include reputation management. 

The expert team at are ready to help you grow your business and your patient count. Call us today and let our experienced staff show you what we can do for your sexual wellness clinic. is a proven new patient marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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