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Modern Strategy for Growing Your Medical Practice

Manage growth demands without burdening staff: A modern strategy for growing your Medical Practice

A successful medical practice will undoubtedly begin to grow. However, that growth has its problems. Growth can pressure staff to keep up with the increasing demands of a growing practice. If these challenges are not addressed, a medical practice will not be able to achieve its full potential. A medical practice may suffer and ultimately lose patients if they can not address the burdens put onto their staff as the practice expands. Medical practice staff stress can lead to poor reviews, reduced patient counts, and higher staff turnover rates.  

Some of the most common challenges a medical practice faces when growing include:

  • Staffing: Increased growth often means increased duties for the staff to maintain that growth, including marketing. Unless a medical practice is prepared to take on the extra expense of hiring additional staff, this means more duties for staff in charge of marketing.
  • Staying Up To Date With Marketing Trends: As a medical practice grows, new challenges with marketing and changing marketing trends will become apparent. The staff needs to stay on top of these changes, or they will use outdated marketing strategies.  
  • Making the Patient Experience As Friction-Free As Possible: It is difficult to increase the patient count if current and potential patients have difficulty navigating a website, finding the information they are looking for, and paying a bill online. As a practice grows, these everyday tasks need to be streamlined so that growth does not slow down patient conversations.  

With that in mind, a medical practice needs a modern strategy for growing. Several solutions are available, and is ready to help!  

Creating A Custom Medical Marketing Solution

With a growing business, a medical practice could create a custom medical marketing solution to suit their unique situation. There are several common ways that many practices will employ. A method that does not recommend for a medical practice is to create a custom medical marketing plan on its own. While there is a chance it might be exactly what they wanted, it often is expensive to execute correctly and frequently leads to “trial and error” as there is no previous data to compare it to. Instead, below are some common ways can help a medical practice create a CUSTOM medical marketing solution that works.  

Add Intelligence To A Practice’s Current Website

For some medical practices, their website is well designed and has the content they want to use to engage with their patients. However, they need a little extra on that site to improve patient engagement and increase patient counts. That is where can help. Our experts can add intelligence to a website to improve conversions. When adds “intelligence” to a website, it does not make the website self-aware. Instead, there are some HIPAA Compliant services we provide that can improve conversions, such as:

SEO Improvements

Not all website designers are created equal; many practices have hired someone else to design their website. However, over time, it has become clear that the website, no matter how informative the content may be, might not be bringing the web traffic a medical practice needs to convert those visitors to patients. Work on the website’s Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is often required. The SEO experts at can look at a medical practice’s website from top to bottom and even behind the scenes of a site to help improve its overall SEO.  

Improving the SEO of a medical practice’s website is more than just a one-and-done thing. Otherwise, any gains from the improvements will be lost over time. Good SEO for a medical website requires yearly monitoring, maintenance, and updates. can work on SEO-related projects throughout the year to ensure that a site can reach as many people as possible with organic search results. Remember that SEO improvements take time to bear fruit, so work done today may not become readily apparent months from now. can show you how we are improving a website and the gains it receives throughout the year.  

Some SEO Improvements our experts can apply include:

  • Improving SEO Keywords
  • Inserting Long-tail Keywords and Short-tail Keywords
  • Researching SEO Keyword Trends
  • Track the effectiveness of current and newly applied SEO Keywords

Fixing A Medical Practice Website

Sometimes, much like some episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, a website needs a complete makeover and fixed, including building one from the ground up. Our experts can design a website that will work for your medical practice and increase patient acquisition. Many medical practices will choose this option if it has been years, even half a decade, since the last time a website has received a major update. Trends in website design are like fashion trends; they are constantly changing and evolving. Website design features that were all the rage five years ago may no longer be popular and make a website look dated. Some of the things our experts will do when fixing a medical practice’s website include:

  • Writing new, up-to-date, and engaging content
  • Remove any plagiarized content
  • Fix SEO Keywords
  • Update and add SEO Keywords
  • Fix website loading speeds
  • Update and optimize images on site to use engaging branded images

The Best Solution For a Medical Practice’s Growing Demands Without Burdening Their Staff:’s PLATINUM Service

While many of the solutions mentioned above will undoubtedly help many medical practices, the most cost-effective solution to help manage the growing demands of medical practice is to use’s PLATINUM service. This all-in-one solution will help a medical practice manage its website and digital marketing and advertising needs. This service is highly effective, will maximize your marketing budget, and does not burden your staff with additional duties. Many medical practices can benefit from various benefits this service offers.

Single Marketing Dashboard

When a medical practice grows in success, it is not uncommon for an owner to expand their footprint by opening an additional location. Two locations often mean double the work in terms of marketing. However, with the single marketing dashboard provided by the PLANTIUMN service, all of the marketing needs for any number of locations (1 to 100) can be monitored, managed, and analyzed from a single location. This single dashboard will let the owner and other stakeholders monitor the results of marketing efforts for their medical practices. This allows for easier coordination of marketing campaigns across different locations and campaigns for just one location.  

Reputation & Reviews Management 

Online reviews are the lifeblood of any successful medical practice. Instead of logging into multiple sites to check reviews, a single login from the dashboard allows practices to stay on top of reviews. They can respond to positive reviews efficiently or track down why a patient left a negative review.’s reputation management apps also make it easy for a medical practice to cultivate positive reviews. You can easily ask them for help and address issues before they turn into negative reviews. We also have apps that allow a medical practice to pick which positive reviews to display on their website, allowing new potential patients to read first-hand accounts of the excellent service provided to them.  

Online Appointments

Giving current and potential patients the ability to schedule their own appointments is a great way to increase website conversions. Many medical practices have to juggle between different websites and logins to manage all of their marketing needs. With, our PLATINUM service has a HIPPA-Compliant Appointment scheduling app that can be integrated with our CRM and call tracking and email marketing apps. A medical practice’s staff can confirm appointments via email or text and send out alerts and auto reminders. Other services ask for extra money to be HIPPA Compliant and might not be fully compliant. Our online appointment app is easy to use.  

Social Media Posting

The benefits of social media engagement with current and potential patients are well established. However, it can be incredibly time-consuming for a staff member to log in and out of multiple social media channels. Our social media dashboard allows the social media point person to manage all channels (Facebook, Instagram, Google) from a single location so they can easily create, post, or schedule social media posts. Combined with the other marketing apps available with the PLATINUM Service, our dashboard is the command center for marketing.  

Accept Online Payments

The faster a medical practice can get paid for its services, the better. The easier it is to pay any outstanding bills, the better for patients. Instead of writing a check, finding a stamp, and going to a mailbox, a patient can pay online.’s secured online payments app allows patients to pay from a medical practice’s website or social media. It is integrated with Stripe payments, and a medical practice will be alerted when paying bills. This cuts down on the time it takes to be paid and reduces the need to follow up with people when they miss their payment due date.  

Enhanced SEO Services

As mentioned in other solutions, Search Engine Optimization is a vital component of an effective marketing strategy for a medical practice. With’s PLATINUM Service, a medical practice will receive continuous enhanced SEO Services that follow the best practices to ensure high organic rankings for the site. These SEO Services include:

  • Keyword SEO: The experts at will monitor SEO keyword performance and trends. SEO keywords will be placed within content and adjusted as needed. We’ll work with a medical practice to identify the best-performing keywords and identify others that may be productive to add to a site. 
  • Local SEO: Enhancing content and Google Business listings so that medical practices appear in relevant searches on Google Maps. This search result position is tremendously valuable, and many search engine users will make their initial selection based on these returned results.
  • Technical SEO: In addition to effective keywords, much more goes into effective Search Engine Optimization. The website’s structure (URL design, page titles, and alt text for images) all affect organic results. A website will also be optimized for speed to load quickly, another critical factor in organic results.

Certified Online Advertising

Complimenting a solid organic presence is an equally strong paid advertising campaign with a growing practice that adds either new service or new locations (or even both); an online marketing strategy needs to be in place so it can gain traction with a target audience. This is especially critical when new services start or locations open, as they likely still need time to build an organic ranking. The experts at can create and manage an online marketing campaign that will scale with the growth of a medical practice. There is no need to put additional pressure on an in-house staff member in charge of online advertising. Let our team handle it and expand the campaigns to reach more people. 

Some of the online marketing campaigns we can handle for medical marketing practice include:

  •  Google AdWords: These PPC (Pay Per Click) ads appear at the top of search results and can reach a geographically specific target audience.
  • Social Media Advertising: Ads on Facebook and Instagram can be targeted locally and by other demographic traits. “Lookalike” audiences can be created to advertise to people who would be more likely to convert and become new patients.
  • Re-marketing campaigns: It often takes several touchpoints in marketing efforts to convert site visitors into new patients. A re-marketing campaign targets first-time visitors with additional ads to increase the likelihood of a conversion.  

Amazing Support From Awesome Staff

A medical marketing company is not very useful, no matter how many bells and whistles it has, if it does not have a good support team to help its clients. Medical practices who use our PLANTIUMN Service will have access to our fantastic staff to help them every step of the way with their marketing and website needs. PLATINUM Service users will have a project manager and technical lead available for all their questions, needs, and discussions to execute their plans to grow their medical practice. We can communicate with medical practices via text or schedule Zoom meetings with everyone needed to talk about needs and issues or brainstorm about future decisions. While other medical marketing companies may have been hit or miss or charged extra for talking their staff, our staff are available at no additional charge with PLANTIUMN service.  

The experts at are ready to help your medical practice grow without adding additional burdens on your staff. Contact us today, and let’s begin working together to take your marketing strategy to the next level!