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Medical SEO Keywords Ideas

Medical SEO Keywords Ideas

Effective SEO keywords  for your medical website are often best implemented by a professional medical SEO company.

When you hire someone to build your medical website for your business, many doctors mistakenly assume that they will automatically be at the top of search results. As much as web designers and website management companies wish this would be true, it is not an automatic thing. A website must have an SEO strategy in place to start to rank higher and higher on organic results. Another mistaken belief is that SEO strategies are something you look at once and then move on without having to check back too often. An SEO Strategy is not like a coat of paint that you pick out and plan to leave in place for years.   

First, to understand medical SEO and how it works, we recommend reading this page here.

Effective SEO tactics to use on your completed website are often best implemented by a professional SEO company. You must improve, expand, and add content to your site to help build your rankings. To improve your SEO rankings, you need engaging content to be continuously added to your website over time. A “set and forget” mentality for your website is not very effective anymore. High quality and unique content is the best way to make your medical website stand out in highly competitive healthcare industry.

Medical SEO Keywords Ideas
Medical SEO Keywords Ideas

At, we have a large stable of professional medical writers who can provide your website with the content it needs to grow its organic rankings. Unlike other companies that manage SEO strategies, we have many writers working for us, not just a few. The more writers a company that handles SEO work has the unique content that is generated for their clients.  

Idea 1: Using broad and unique keywords and phrases

One of the critical skills a medical website writer must have is being able to weave relevant target keywords and phrases into their writings seamlessly. In the past, writers would pack in keywords as much as possible, practically in every single sentence. In the early days of search engine optimization, this would work. However, search engine algorithms began to pick up on this scam and started to penalize websites that used that tactic. Today, the use of target keywords must be used sprinkled throughout the content, so it reads naturally. The more original content reads, the more valuable it uses for SEO rankings.

Another essential factor when writing keywords is using both the broad keywords and phrases people use to find a medical website, but also unique ones. Broad keywords can be challenging to rank for, but if you can find the right unique keyword, it can help you focus your marketing efforts. If that word or phrase can organically be associated with your clinic online, it will help brand your health care business.

What are some examples of broad keywords vs. unique keywords?

Broad keywords could apply to any medical practice, while unique keywords focus primarily on something very specific about that practice. Below are some examples:

Broad Keywords for Urgent Care Centers
Pediatric Urgent Care
Immediate Care
Urgent Care Near Me
Immediate Care Near Me
Doctor Available Now

Unique Keywords For Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care In El Cajon CA
Urgent Care Center Near Stroudsburg University
Immediate Care In Coventry Mall
Immediate Care Open On Weekends In Pottstown
Doctor Jacobs Urgent Care Center

Idea 2: Expanding current content and creating new content

One of the best ways to improve your organic rankings is through content marketing. At, we have great writers who can help you with content marketing to add and expand the content on your medical website. Search engines like to see websites that are increasing and updating their content.
This makes a website much more relevant and authoritative on a subject matter. Our writers can take our current content, and expand it with more information and using your guidance, can better help educate visitors to your website.
By incrementally adding new content, revising or expanding old content, and keeping your website always up to date, it shows search engines that you are remaining current and up to date. Our writers will work with you to see what content pages could use improvement and what content is missing altogether.
You can expect unique, well-written content that adds value to your website.

Idea 3: Look at your competitors (but do not plagiarize!)

Often the best way to find out what you are missing is to look at your competitors. Take some time to explore their webpages and see if they talk about anything that your website currently does not cover. Another thing to look at is to see how long their pages are in terms of word count and what keywords if any, they are using throughout their website. If you are continually being beaten out by a competitor, it may because they are writing more on topics than you are and using better keywords. The experts at can help you get back on track in terms of growing your overall SEO value.

Idea 4: Ask questions and then answer them

Our writers have found a lot of success in asking questions in their content and then answering them. Writing a question like “How much is an STD test?” or “Is there an Urgent Care Center open on the weekends” is going to be phrases many people use when using a search engine to make their healthcare decision. By including those phrases and questions in content, it only helps increase your medical practices website relevance in the eyes of a search engine. If you provide our writers with a list of topics or services you offer at your clinic, they can create the questions potential patients are most likely to ask and a unique answer that will make your business stand out.

The concepts behind good SEO writing are reasonably straightforward, but many misconceptions people hold onto, hurting their business. Great content for your medical practice’s website is a moving target. Improvements must always be made, and the additional content must still be in the works to slowly be added to your site. Think of content like you would a coat of paint on a business. The first time you paint the exterior or interior of a business, it looks great. However, after a few years of wear and tear, you may need to do some touch-up. If you neglect your content, you may find yourself needing to completely rehab your website with new content that will take time to do correctly.

Ask questions and then answer them
Ask questions and then answer them