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HIPAA Compliant Chatbot Solution

HIPAA Compliant Chatbot Solution For Physician’s Offices $399/Mon.

Patient acquisition focused healthcare chatbot solution is used by top clinics in USA and Canada. Includes 7 key apps and features. HIPAA compliant and setup is included with awesome customer service.

Example Workflow for a HIPAA-Compliant Chatbot in a Doctor’s Office

  1. Patient Authentication:
    • The chatbot prompts the user to authenticate using secure methods (e.g., through a secure patient portal or multi-factor authentication).
  2. Data Collection:
    • The chatbot collects necessary information for appointment scheduling or patient queries, ensuring that only the minimum necessary PHI is gathered.
  3. Interaction:
    • The chatbot answers questions related to healthcare services, patient appointments, prescription refills, or provides educational information. All responses are generated in compliance with HIPAA privacy rules.
  4. Data Storage:
    • All collected data is stored in encrypted databases with strict access controls.
  5. Logging:
    • All interactions and data accesses are logged in a secure and immutable format for auditing and compliance verification.
  6. Patient Rights:
    • Patients are informed about their rights concerning their PHI and how to access, amend, or delete their data as per HIPAA regulations.

Complete Marketing Automation Solution (Intelli*Doctor FastTrack II) 

1. ChatBot apps are HIPAA compliant
2. ChatBot apps are integrated with conversion tracking software
3. ChatBot apps are integrated with HIPAA compliant CRM. This CRM saves all relevant information, and creates lists based on demographics, source and many other factors
4. ChatBot apps are integrated with Texting/SMS alerts app
5. ChatBot apps are integrated with Email Marketing
6. ChatBot apps are integrated with 2-Way patient communication app
7. Google, Facebook, Instagram advertising setup included. Actual advertising costs are extra.

Pricing Details

For a single provider, with no other staff, pricing starts at $199/mon
Multiple provider(s) from $399/mon – With CRM, Texting, Email marketing
Platforms from $499/mon – With CRM, Texting, Email marketing

What Are The Key Benefits?

Medical marketing automation does not replace human beings or medical professionals. Using intelligent software, you are able to automate certain repetitive tasks. This includes patients requesting similar types of questions or simply the want to SMS/Text you, rather than calling you.  Or they may prefer to speak to a human person. So these apps benefit you in 1) increasing patient acquisition 2) helping existing patients find useful information, hence increasing patient satisfaction.

How Does It Work?

1. Your targeted advertising campaign is set up for you by PatientGain’s professional team.
2. Your HIPAA compliant medical chatbot app is set up by PatientGain’s professional team. Code for the chatbot app is added to your website.
3. Additional tracking apps and CRM is setup.
4. Training is provided to your staff. This involves navigation of dashboards, and how to respond to leads.
5. Go-live typically takes within 2 weeks.

Medical ChatBot Example Workflow and Use Case

1. Samantha, a potential patient, visits your website for an allergy condition, after finding your website on Google search (78 percent of the patients do this)
2. She is mobile and uses her cell phone to find your medical marketing website. (82 percent of patients visit medical websites using mobile devices)
3. She notices that there is chatbot available on the website. She reads about your services, then reads about the “provider” section then decides to send a SMS/Text to the practice.
4. Office manager, Bill, gets an alert that a patient is asking a specific question, using the Texting/SMS app integrated with the Medical Chatbot installed on the website.
5. Bill responds to specific question asked by Samantha.
6. Samantha receives the information about the insurance coverage, on her cell phone. This process was quick.
7. Samantha had contacted another provider but wanted to speak to someone at this second practice. Since they did not have any chatbot or texting, she called this practice.  The phone call went to a voice mail. It will be picked by the staff at the end of the day or the next morning.
8. The next day, practice no 2, calls Samantha back. But she is in a meeting with her boss. She cannot answer the phone.
9. At the end of the next day, Samantha is driving back from work, and decides to listen to the messages. She hears the message that clinic no 2 has returned her call.
10. Samantha, at this point looks at her cell phone, and there is a link to the website of the clinic no 1. She simply clicks and requests an appointment with the clinic no 1.

You may think it not does not happen everyday, however you will be incorrect. Thousands of opportunities are missed everyday. Medical practices who are focused on online medical marketing automation, and patient communication automation are winning everyday. 

Healthcare Chatbot Solution - Step 1
Healthcare Chatbot Solution - Step 1
Healthcare Marketing Automation
Healthcare Marketing Automation
Healthcare Chatbot Solution - Step 2
6 Pillars of Healthcare Marketing
6 Pillars of Healthcare Marketing

Top Healthcare Chatbot Solution For Provider’s Offices $399/Mon. A.K.A Marketing Automation.

Patient acquisition focused healthcare chatbot solution is used by top clinics in USA and Canada. Includes 7 key apps and features. HIPAA compliant and setup is included with awesome customer service.