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How To Grow Your Medical Practice

9 Simple Steps to Grow Your Medical Practice

Lets face it, everything is moving online. Telemedicine is the next wave – but how can you profitably attract new patients and continue to increase revenue from your existing patient base?

So what is the Secret Sauce for Online Success?

You must first realize that the most important website & mobilesite on the world-wide-web is your own website/mobilesite and second most important Website/Company related to your internet success is Google and then Facebook. SEO Rankings is only one part of the complete strategy- there are many additional strategies and factors involved in generating leads and new customers. Focusing only on free clicks/traffic (Free SEO/Organic clicks/traffic) is not very likely to generate leads and new customers for your business. If someone approaches you with the latest low-cost/cost-free SEO Magic Wand- they are simply not being honest with you. Some sales tactics start by providing you with a free “Ranking Report” and obviously the sales person will show you “how low” your website ranks for certain keywords etc. These are all sales techniques to get your attention.

Operational Optimization and Online Optimization Go Hand in Hand.

10 Simple Steps to Grow Your Medical Practice

You must start and end with having unique, quality content about your business, your services, your products, your patients & clients, and how you help your patients & clients. If this is the foundation for your business, you are likely to succeed and have discovered the secret sauce for successful SEO Rankings. Once you have added quality content to your site and search engines pick up on it, you next need to ADVERTISE. Start with “PPC Search” and cover all of the following aspects:

Step 0: Content is the King

Content on your own website/mobilesite is the king -Text, Images, Videos- information that your prospects and customers can benefit from. Mention and focus on benefits and results that you offer for your customers, show examples, and show reviews and customer feedback. You should have offers, specials, and promotions on your website to entice new customers. Create pages that lead a visitor to request more information, and capture their email, phone number etc. Make sure to constantly add new content and keep your website interesting for potential leads, and list your business in appropriate directories so it’s discoverable. SEO rankings is complex and cumbersome. There is no quick fix.  It takes time and MONEY to have execellent SEO rankings.

Step 1: Advertise

Focus on search advertising first- it’s the best bang for your buck. Start with Google, Yahoo & Bing PPC ads, then expand your search strategy as you learn about potential customer’s behavior. From re-marketing, targeted display ads, or social media ads- there are many great advertising mediums available. Each industry is different and requires a unique approach for targeted advertising. Mobile ad strategy should be equally important for excellent results.

Step 2: Smart Website with Intelligence

Make sure that your website is intelligent- not just a “wordpress pretty site” or custom site designed for aesthetics and beauty, without the brains. Your business will need an intelligent site, and a mobile site as well. You can do all the advertising, spend money and time on SEO/SEM, and many other strategies, but if you do not have an intelligent website, you are likely to produce mediocre results. Your website should be designed for “conversion”, and your CRM and Contact Database should be updated automatically with leads and prospect inquiries. Auto-Responders should be smart and savvy so that they can reply automatically to potential customers for specific requests. Do you have a Specials and Promotions engine embedded into your website and Facebook business page? Do you have Thank You Pages or is there a Visitor Intelligence center built-in based on IP addresses? Are you following how a prospect came to visit your website? Is there a Time-Stamp technology built into your conversion tools?

Step 3: Email Marketing

Email Marketing with brains- this is one of the most under-utilized tools we have seen at Majority of businesses are sending Monthly Newsletters- however, they are simple ones without a data-driven engine behind the newsletters. Simply ask this question: Is your newsletter completely integrated into your Website, Mobilesite, Facebook Business Page, Specials and Promotions Engine, Auto Responders, CRM, Prospect Database, and SMS Marketing Engine? Is it tracking user behavior and is it mobile-friendly?

Step 4: Facebook Business Page & Social Media

Have a Facebook Business Page? If not, get one- you will need it! Install lead capture apps on your Facebook Business Page. Facebook Business Pages are becoming an important customer acquisition asset for many businesses. Ask these important questions: Are you present on Facebook? Can your prospects request an Appointment? Can they fill out a form on your Facebook Business Page and initiate a quote? Can the lead inquiry automatically go into your CRM and alert you? Can you automatically respond to the lead with an auto-responder? In addition, Social Media web sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest could be important for advertising your business.

Step 5: Positive Reviews Strategy

Install a Positive Review App and start using it- it could be a game-changer for your business. Obtaining positive reviews on Google and Yelp is an extremely important asset for any type of business. Do you have the tools that help you achieve this? Do you have a strategy to alert your business of a possible negative review before it happens?

Step 6: Automation & Analytics

Automated advertising, marketing, and sales saves you time and allows you to focus on your customers- not on technology issues. Use custom forms to capture information from visitors and prospects, and allow existing customers to conduct business with you through your website, mobilesite, and Facebook business page.

Step 7: Phone Call Tracking & Automatic Follow-Up

Track all of your phone calls, majority of businesses generate the initial lead call by a simple phone call generated by your online ads, organic searches, newsletters, Facebook business page, or even print ads. You should make sure to track every phone call and data on each call to improve your conversion rates.

Step 8: Refine

Don’t stop- constantly improve your strategy and take the competitive advantage. Technology and the internet are changing too quickly for business owners to rest and lose valuable leads. has the technology and best practices to help you achieve better results- Please contact us so that we can help your business and answer any questions that you might have.