What is Medical Marketing and Medical Account Management? 

Medical Marketing Account Management Best Practices and Why you need a Medical Marketing Account Management? 

Medical marketing account management is a position that someone takes to help grow a medical practice’s business. They do this by retaining the business a medical practice already has and multiply it by exploring new opportunities to increase patient count. An excellent medical marketing account manager will work hand in and with their client (the medical practice) to determine their goals and the best way to achieve them. This is a long term position, and it is unlikely to be the same person who “sold” you on hiring the vendor to provide you the medical marketing management service. Once a contract is agreed to between a medical practice and a vendor, an account manager usually is brought on to take over from there.

What is medical marketing?

Medical marketing has 2 major areas: t includes 2 main areas 1) Offline traditional media 2) Online modern media.  Within your medical marketing, the most expensive component is medical advertising. Advertsing can be digital (online) and offline (traditional). Overall, medical marketing for your practice is your strategy, plans, software, staff, partners, and your advertising budget all combined together in a cohesive and cost effective way to attract and bring new patients to your healthcare practice as paying patients for your healthcare services. 


What is medical marketing account manager?

This is a position that helps your medical practice with managing resources, budgets, staff, vendors,  costs and ROI (return on investment). This position is usually long term and can be designed to provide your practice with continued access to new patients.


Why does a medical marketing account manager need to know the goals of medical practice?

The better a manager understands the goals and needs of a medical practice, the more effective they can be working for them. They will be able to answer any questions or solve problems with solutions that are customized to fit their needs. A long term partnership between a medical practice and an account manager can go a long way to making a business successful. All in all, knowing more about a medical practice makes it easier for an account manager to achieve their goals and make their client (you) happy!

Why you need a Medical Marketing Account Management?

Medical marketing takes a lot of time to do correctly, and that is not something every medical practice owner has available. If they are also a doctor at the practice, their day is filled with treating patients. If they are just the owner, the day to day operations of the business is going to take up much of their time. Having a full-time medical marketing account manager is going to make sure every detail is seen to for a successful marketing plan. It allows your medical marketing dollars to be more productive!

Is there a difference between an account manager and an account executive?

Yes, there is a difference between both of these positions, and you are likely to encounter both at a medical marketing company. Typically you will meet the Account Executive first. These people are the ones who follow up on leads, introduce medical practices to the services they offer and will convert those leads into clients. Once service has been agreed to, they will hand off the new client to the account manager, who will then work with them to achieve their business goals. Generally, an account manager will stay with the client for the entire time. Account managers only change when the manager moves onto another job.

Why is medical marketing account management relevant to a medical practice?

Medical marketing helps you retain your patients, which leads to higher revenue and ROI. Having a dedicated medical marketing account manager enables you to maintain those patients by making sure the proper attention is paid to your marketing efforts. By having an account manager, backed by their company, handling your marketing strategy, you are making your budget work harder for you to get more patients into your waiting room.

Another advantage of having a medical marketing account manager from a vendor is that they bring a reservoir of knowledge with them. They likely have worked with other medical practices and, over the years, have an excellent idea of what works and what does not work. Instead of going by trial and error, you are bringing on someone who knows a lot about the healthcare industry and how to market to it. All they need is your goals for them to develop a useful, individualized marketing plan. 

What makes for an excellent medical marketing account manager?

1. Supporting Patient Retention 

If you can retain patients and turn them into loyal, returning patients to your clinic, you are only adding to your overall revenue. A medical marketing manager will help these efforts by developing and supporting strategies for patient retention. Often, this involves following up with patients to check in on their health, soliciting reviews, and contacting them for follow up treatments or services.

2. Regular Communications With A Medical Practice 

Communication is key to a significant relationship between a medical practice a medical marketing account manager. This is especially true if the manager works remotely and does not visit the medical practice in person. Communication from the medical practice about the patient count, what new patients are saying when they first visit the practice, and updates on services are all vital information an account manager needs to refine their marketing plans. An account manager should communicate regularly to a medical practice about the projects, results, and other metrics of their marketing efforts. The more data and information exchanged between the parties, the better.

3. Manage Expectations

An account manager also will manage the expectations of a client. Every medical practice wants to be #1 overnight, but that generally is not going to happen. An account manager will have the experience to tell a medical practice what the average expectations are of particular efforts. They have seen enough marketing plans at a variety of health care locations to know what works, what doesn’t, and how long it takes for something to show results. They are an excellent resource for medical practices that may not have a lot of hands-on experience with medical marketing.

4. Build Relationships With the Entire Team

For a medical marketing account manager to be successful, they need to build relationships with everyone at a medical practice. They should chat with not only the owner, but the doctor, receptionist, and other support staff. The better they understand the workings of a business, the better their efforts will pay off in their marketing and patient retention efforts. If an account manager only speaks with the business owner, they could be cut off from a plethora of information and ideas they could use to market the medical practice better. Granted, they shouldn’t be on the phone to everyone every day of the week, but regular communication helps everyone.

Is Medical Marketing Account Management included in the GOLD service?

Yes, PatientGain.com offers Medical Marketing Account Management as part of its GOLD service. You will be assigned an account manager who will work for hand in hand with you to achieve your goals. Unlike other companies that assign entirely too many clients to account managers to the point where they only can talk to their clients once a month, our manager is always available to you. Contact them, and they will get back to you quickly, often within the same day. They can facilitate your requests and help you achieve your goals. Call today for a demo and to learn more about our Medical Marketing Account Management services!

Healthcare Advertising VS Healthcare Marketing

Many healthcare professionals confuse Healthcare Advertising  with Healthcare Marketing.

Advertising is just ONE of the many "things", "programs" or "techniques" launched to achieve a successful Marketing Program.  So Medical advertising is one, but very important part of Medical Marketing for a practice.  For example if you are a pediatric physician with focus on urgent care for children, and your goal is to acquire more patients, you may want to "market" your practice in 20 mile radius for potential parents of patients who may seek Pediatric Urgent Care.  For this effort you would typically  have many things to do :

Step 1: Sign for the building
Step 2: Business cards
Step 3: Doctor's bio printed and promoted to local primary care physicians
Step 4: Providing free "meet-and-greet" for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 5: Collaboration with local schools for "low-cost" physicals for school athletes 
Step 6: Mail drop in 5 mile radius using USPS mail and flyers for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 7: Networking with other local businesses close to your own location
Step 8: Using social media campaigns
Step 9: Making the lobby of the clinic a pleasing place for parents of potential pediatric patients and for children
Step 10: Referral program to market using existing for parents of potential pediatric patients
Step 11: Launching your online strategy to market your practice
Step 12: Offline advertising offline for your healthcare practice
Step 13: Online Advertising for your healthcare practice


Healthcare Advertising Defined

Advertising for doctors can be offline or online. Offline advertising for doctors refers to Billboards, Newspapers, Paper Yellow Pages, Ads in Cinemas, Radio Ads.  

Online Advertising for doctors refers to advertising focused on internet based mediums. For example:

  1. Google search advertising
  2. Facebook display ads
  3. SEO / Search Engine Optimizations
  4. Website conversion techniques to improve the actual patients generation from your website
  5. Advertising on Instagram 
  6. Email marketing
  7. SMS/Text based marketing
  8. Display advertising 

Fuel of your medical marketing is the content of your website. If your content and potential patient's search aligns, you would have found the secret sauce.

Your content is the single most important factor in your online success. 8 reasons why content is important. 

1. Content defines your healthcare practice's brand.
2. Content expresses who you are, how you conduct your business.
3. Content is read by the Search Engines - and this results in GOOD or POOR rankings - You should NEVER copy content from another site.  Checking ideas from other websites is OK, but copying content is like shooting yourself in the foot.
4. Content can make your marketing flourish.
5. Content can make your advertising irresistible.
6. Social media loves GOOD content.
7. Email marketing with good quality content will give you higher open-rates.
8. Best of all - Patients LOVE Useful content.


Measurement of Medical SEO 

There are many automated tools available to provide you rankings of your keywords and of your website. However we have found that they use generic algorithms and are not accurate or dependable. As ranking algorithms from Google change more often than tools can "simulate" actual rankings. Our approach is based on automation and validation by an SEO expert, who makes decisions based on conversion factors also.  What this means is that every keyword has a different conversion. Plus every landing page has a different conversion. Origin of search matters also.  For example a patient searching for a specific treatment from a mobile device is likely to respond to your ads, page title listing differently than a patient searching for a specific treatment from a desktop device. Mobile user, if lands on your webpage needs to have a fully optimized mobile page with focus on immediate communication. For example if this patient was offered a Texting/SMS option, the conversion rate goes up by 14 percentage. Another example is more an more patients are "speaking to devices" like Siri and Alexa. The search terms used by humans when they speak are different than the ones "typed" into a device. 

We have measured and run hundreds of A/B tests for mobile patients looking for treatment. This data gives PatientGain a competitive advantage.

6 Pillars of Healthcare Marketing

6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing for Physicians & Dentists. Used by the Top Clinics in USA and Canada. 

Your patients start their journey to find your medical services in many ways. They may have immediate need for specific service, like a parent looking for a “pediatric urgent care near me”  and over 78 percentage of the time they will go to Google and search. And majority of the time, this is done on a mobile cell phone device.  You may have a client looking for specific MedSpa service like “Coolsculpting clinic near me” for non-invasive weight loss.  There are millions of ways patients search and look for your services, every day, however,  majority of the patients use online mediums like, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing etc to find a medical service provider. The following information applies to telemedicine physicians, dentists, surgeons, pediatrics, medical spas, pain management, functional medicine, primary & urgent care, cardiologists, podiatrists, addiction medicine, regenerative, wellness, therapy, OBGYN, integrative medicine, dentists, dermatologists, IVF & reproductive, pharma, bio-tech & many other medical practices.


6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing

Pillar No 1 - Patient Trust is the Foundation of Medical Marketing Success for Your Practice.

Provide excellent patient care and medical services to your target patients. Treat every patient like they are your first patient. Healthcare practices who focus on high customer/patient service have a solid foundation. From medical marketing perspective, Patient Trust starts from the moment they land on your website or read your online reviews. 


Pillar No 2 - Medical Practice's Website.

Your website is the face of your practice. Your website can be an asset or a liability. Your website should look and perform better than your clinic's practice. Moreover your website should always build your brand.


Pillar No 3 - Medical Practice's Online Reputation.

Your online reputation – Number of 5 star reviews on Google is the most impactful strategy you can employ. Facebook, HealthGrades, Yelp and other sites are also important however Google Reviews ranking of 4.3 or higher with 100 or more reviews will make a huge impact on your business. We have seen the data and we are excited to help you achieve this.


Pillar No 4 - Medical Practice's Online SEO and Advertising.

SEO and Advertising. Having  a nice website is a Step 1 – But if you are not improving the SEO on a monthly basis, you will be left behind.  Advertising on Google and Facebook will further improve your patient acquisition. SEO is for your long term success and online advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram can provide your healthcare practice with immediate patients and clients.


Pillar No 5 - Medical Practice's Social Media Strategy.

Social media strategy to engage with existing and potential patients. Key strategies include

1) Installing intelligent apps on your Facebook business page

2) Posting weekly on Facebook business page

3) Posting daily on your Google Posts.

4) Advertising on Social Media - Start with Facebook


Pillar No 6 - Medical Practice's Patient Communication Strategy.

Effective patient communication strategy.  Here is a great starting list 

1) HIPAA compliant communication from your website - Allow patients to contact you multiple ways and 24 x 7. This will improve your total patient count.

2)  Medical Chatbot that works for your practice 24 hours a day, and stores information in a HIPAA compliant CRM database. Very effective app for engagement of potential and existing patients.

3) SMS-Texting from your website. Over 82 percentage of your patients visit your website from mobile devices. Allow your website visitors to send you texts/SMS from your website

4) EMR integration

5) Monthly Email marketing 

6) Daily posts on Google Business Page

7) Weekly posts on Facebook 

8) Monthly promotions offered

9) Conversion technology and techniques to build your content strategy on highest conversion keywords and subjects



This is the GOLD Solution From PatientGain


PatientGain.com is a proven healthcare marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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The GOLD service from PatientGain is used by telemedicine physicians, dentists, surgeons, pediatrics, medical spas, pain management, functional medicine, primary & urgent care, cardiologists, podiatrists, addiction medicine, regenerative, wellness, therapy, OBGYN, integrative medicine, dentists, dermatologists, IVF & reproductive, pharma, bio-tech & many other medical practices.

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