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Urgent Care Marketing Strategies

Urgent Care Marketing Strategies

Patient behavior and the medical industry are changing – impacting urgent care marketing & advertising. The internet and social media have changed how the top urgent care clinics execute their marketing. 90 percent of the patients look online – and 88 percent of them pay attention to reviews. More than 82 percent of patients do this on a mobile device. 

There are approximately 10,000 urgent care centers in USA and growing. All of these clinics are need 6 import strategies to be successful.  Step no 1 to achieve 17 to 22 patients per day, so you break-even and start heading towards profitability. has achieved this for hundreds of clinics all across the USA, from coast to coast.  88 percent of the urgent care clinics do not have any sales & marketing software to self-promote their medical practice. Most of them have a static website and simple Facebook page with no intelligent apps. offers intelligent HIPAA compliant chatbot app and WordPress based A/B tested urgent care website & Facebook applications for sales & marketing and for patient engagement. There are over 20 different applications included in the GOLD package for your urgent care center. Gold service is a turn key package for your urgent care care. In addition we offer sales and marketing apps that be used individually. For example HIPAA compliant chatbot app  for urgent care centers is extremely effective for increasing conversions and reducing number of phone calls. 

One of the most important steps you can take is to avoid risky plans – use proven medical marketing strategies. This is a very good page to read.

Example use case: Urgent care network of 11 clinics

For example, an Urgent Care network of 11 clinics in the mid-west started using GOLD service in January.

New patient generation increased from 23 patients per day to 29 patients per day in the first 3 months, on average, across 11 locations.

A single location  Urgent Care in Florida contacted in the first week of January.  They contacted multiple companies to get quotes. They were looking for :

  1. Visually compelling website and Mobile friendly – with their own branding
  2. HIPAA compliance
  3. SEO Optimization – Wanted to be no 1 or no 2  for “Urgent Care Near Me {City Name}”   and “Walk In Clinic {City Name}”  and 20 additional search terms.
  4. PPC Advertising with a budget of $1200 per location
  5. App for patients to send Text/SMS to the central location 
  6. App for automated Chat*Bot (HIPAA Compliant) so 24 hours a day, patient lead could be captured and added to a CRM
  7. Monthly Newsletters (HIPAA Compliant storage of patient Emails)
  8. Facebook business page optimizations – So they can target people who “Liked” them
  9. GOAL : Increase patient count from 26 average per day to 30 in the first 6 months ( very modest goal – in the view of

Customer decided to start with GOLD package.’s approach is straightforward, hundreds of success stories, no long term contracts, no setup fees. Customer went live in January. By March 15, customer had reached 32 patients per day, using the same PPC budget, but using the GOLD package.  We have hundreds of examples like these.

Urgent Care Medical SEO 

2 very important aspects for your urgent care website marketing

1) Website design and creation is the basic step 

2) Marketing and building your SEO rankings is the next step, and is much harder than just creating a nice looking website. Success of you urgent care depends on this.  

Doctors and practice managers of urgent care centers ask this question everyday “How can I increase my medical practice or doctors website seo rankings?”  This is important because 90 percent of the patients check online before contacting an urgent care . Even 47 percent of existing patients look for additional, related services online on your own website or your competitor’s websites. Majority of patients are looking for your services using mobile devices and they are “Speaking” to their Mobile Devices like Siri – So speech based SEO is becoming extremely important for your urgent care’s website SEO. Speech Based SEO – New Emerging Area – As more patients are “speaking” to devices.

Let’s face it, as a medical practice owner, it becomes difficult to learn technology and run your business at the same time, it is time consuming and takes you away from your core focus of taking care of your patients and running your medical practice. According to Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, there are over 200 signals that Google considers in ranking your website. Here are some important ones. However these are certain signals and techniques that are extremely important for your rankings. Starting with your own content, this is the single most important aspect of your SEO rankings. So it all starts with your our website, with good quality content. 

5 most important things to understand about how to gain high seo and speech based seo for your urgent care center:
1) It takes money    
2) It takes time & patience
3) It is difficult – google changes algorithms regularly
4) It is a multi-step complex process rather than one time “task”
5) A professional team will produce better results than d.I.Y (and much quicker) is a proven medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.

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