Urgent Care Marketing $499/mon

Patient Behavior and the Medical Industry Are Changing – Impacting Urgent Care Marketing & Advertising. The Internet and Social Media Have Changed How The Top Urgent Care Clinics Execute Their Marketing. 72 Percent of the Patients Look Online – and 88 Percent of Them Pay Attention to Reviews. 78+ Percent of Patients Do This on a Mobile Device. Call 888-600-4172.

There are approximately 15,420 Urgent Care clinics and Walk-In clinic centers in USA and growing. All of these clinics are need 6 import strategies to be successful.  Step no 1 to achieve 17 to 22 patients per day, so you break-even and start heading towards profitability.  PatientGain.com has achieved this for hundreds of clinics all across the USA, from coast to coast.  88 percent of the urgent care clinics do not have any sales & marketing software to self-promote their medical practice. Most of them have a static website and simple Facebook page with no intelligent apps. PatientGain.com offers Website & Facebook applications for sales & marketing and for patient engagement. There are over 20 different applications included in the PatientGain.com GOLD package for medical clinics.

Urgent Care Marketing $499/mon

Urgent Care Website Design – Free No Cost Website

Among many things you have to handle every day, is your website and marketing.  PatientGain.com service is used by hundreds of clinics across the USA for new patient acquisition and patient engagement.

Among 20 available apps, bad weather application allows you to broad-cast to patients that you are closed due to certain reason. This app is mobile friendly and is also compatible with Social Media also. Another app used by many urgent care clinics provides monthly updates to a targeted patient base in your effective target area.  There are only so many people live in your target area, you want to have an unfair advantage.

Urgent Care Clinic Marketing
Reviews Marketing For Urgent Care Centers

Urgent Care Online Marketing Data

For example, an Urgent Care network of 11 clinics in the mid-west started using PatientGain.com GOLD package in 2016. New patient generation increased from 23 patients per day to 29 patients per day in the first 3 months, on average, across 11 locations.

A single location  Urgent Care in Florida contacted PatientGain.com in the first week of Dec 2016.  They contacted multiple companies to get quotes. They were looking for :

  1. Visually compelling website and Mobile friendly – with their own branding
  2. HIPAA compliance
  3. SEO Optimization – Wanted to be no 1 or no 2  for “Urgent Care {City Name}”   and “Walk In Clinic {City Name}”  and 20 additional search terms.
  4. PPC Advertising with a budget of $1200 per location
  5. Monthly Newsletters (HIPAA Compliant storage of patient Emails)
  6. Facebook business page optimizations – So they can target people who “Liked” them
  7. GOAL : Increase patient count from 26 average per day to 30 in the first 6 months ( very modest goal – in the view of PatientGain.com)

Customer decided to start with PatientGain.com GOLD package. PatientGain.com’s approach is straight forward, hundreds of success stories, no long term contracts, no setup fees. Customer went live mid Jan 2017. By March 15, customer had reached 32 patients per day, using the same PPC budget, but using the GOLD package.  We have hundreds of examples like these.

The PatientGain.com  platform consists of a Google Optimized Responsive Website and over 20 online HIPAA compliant cloud-based applications, all integrated to work together and generate new patient leads, manage leads, convert patient leads to actual paying patient customers, manage patient relationships, and generate referrals. PatientGain.com is a single vendor automated solution and it is available at a fraction of cost compared to custom built or multi-vendor non-integrated solutions. PatientGain.com platform runs on secure servers and data-centers, based in the USA, with headquarters in the Silicon Valley California.

EMR Connector for Urgent Care Centers
Website Design For Urgent Care Centers
Patient Feedback & Reviews Marketing For Urgent Care Centers
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12 Most Important SEO Ranking Factors for Medical Healthcare Websites's Google SEO

Over 78 to 81 percent of your online success is tied to Google search, PPC, maps, listings and posts. This data is collected from hundreds of successful healthcare clinics across the the USA and Canada. SEO is very important part of your success.  Google search is the most accurate search engine. 

1. Website Pages Accessible and Readable by Google (verifiable)
2. Content of the website - Unique and non-plagiarized
3. Relevancy score - How pertinent is the information on the website compared to the “category” of the website - Every website has a “category” in Google’s index
3. Domain Age, URL and Authority
4. Mobile Optimizations
5. Content Optimizations for Images, Videos and Text based content
6. Technical Structure of the Website
7. Business Information accurate and matches on Google Business page, Facebook business page and Yelp business page
8. HTTPS pages
9. User experience
10. Links and references inbound and outbound
11. Social Signals
12. Page speed and AMP


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Physician Medical Marketing




Physician Practice Marketing

Physician Practice Marketing

Summary for Online Success For Doctors

These 6 steps are proven to add value for hundreds of medical practices. There are many other steps you can take to further improve your strategy. Monthly Email Marketing is another strategy, among many others.  Contact us so we can help you and view details GOLD package here.

PatientGain.com is a certified premier google partner for healthcare.

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