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How Do I Advertise My Medical Practice?

Medical Advertising For Doctors Using 5 Most Important Mediums

Common question asked by doctors:

  1. How Do I Advertise My Medical Practice?
  2. Which advertising mediums produce the best ROI for medical practices?
  3. How much is spent on advertising by other physicians?

If you have a medical practice, you are going to need to advertise it to bring in new patients if you want to maintain or grow your patient count. There are many ways to promote your business, but there are some medical advertising techniques that are more cost-effective than others. Many doctors have found there are five mediums in medical advertising that offer the best return on investment, or ROI. While you do not have to employ all at the same time, your first marketing efforts should start with some of these mediums.  

How Do I Advertise My Medical Practice?
How Do I Advertise My Medical Practice?

1. Google PPC Ads

Google Pay Per Click (PPC) ads are a powerful, cost-effective way to get your medical practice in front of the eyes of potential patients. Unlike a billboard or a diner placemat that everyone sees regardless if it is relevant to them or not, targeted PPC ads only appear when people use specific keywords or phrases. As the owner of your business, you know what keywords most people use when they are looking for your business. Develop a list of keywords, both broad and specific, and make sure you support your campaign with a reasonable budget. Google PPC ads are compelling because, if created correctly, you can get amongst the highest conversion rates among these other platforms. When people are searching for healthcare solutions online, they are very motivated to make a decision. For example, when someone is looking for urgent care centers that open first thing at 3 am, it is probably because they need that service in the next few hours. Present your medical business as a great solution to a medical problem, and you’ll convert many search engine users into loyal patients.  

For effective PPC ads on Google, create separate campaigns for a separate message you want to push. There should be different campaigns for services as well as a campaign to promote brand identity. As important as it is to select keywords and create campaigns, where you advertise is also essential. Examine your area and see if specific zip codes have more potential patients than others. Instead of setting a circle around your business to advertise, you can instead focus on particular towns, zip codes, or even neighborhoods. Given a little work, you could push certain services onto different areas. While it does take some time to develop these campaigns, it will make your PPC efforts much more effective.   Learn more about PPC advertising for doctors here. 

 2. Google Medical SEO

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your medical practice through search engines. However, the results from good SEO work often take time and are not immediate. SEO is the process of making changes to your website, so search engines better understand what your business has to offer, to make it more relevant to searches. The more relevant and authoritative you are on topics related to your medical industry, the more likely it will be presented as a suitable choice for those looking for a health care solution.  

Improving your SEO on Google is also related to content marketing. The more content you have on your website, covering your business and the services you offer, the better. If your site is always updating with new information or expanding on topics you already cover, this tells search engines you are actively keeping everything up to date.  Learn more about medical seo for doctors here. 

 3. Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is somewhat of an umbrella term that gets used in many different ways. However, when applying mobile advertising to a medical practice for medical advertising, it talks about placing ads in places where people will see them on their phones. Cell phone usage has exploded in recent years as more people have access to smartphones. There are many opportunities to advertise your clinic on a phone besides search engine ads or social media channels. There are many ways to get your ads to appear on various apps and games that are installed on cell phones. This is more display advertising than it is search advertising. The goal of this medium of medical advertising is to increase awareness of your brand in an area. It should be used in conjunction with the advertising methods listed here. While the click-through rate will be very low, you should be able to get a lot of brand exposure.  Learn more about mobile advertising for doctors here. 

 4. Facebook Ads

The advertising platform on Facebook is a powerful tool to reach potential patients in an area around your clinic. Facebook has many of the targeting tools Google Adwords does, such as targeting by zip code, town, or using a radius around a position on a map. However, Facebook allows you to target by age, gender, interests, and behaviors. You can finely tune your ads to reach the most potentially ripe target audience for conversions. While you will reach a small overall audience with Facebook Ads, the quality of this audience is often higher than ads on Google. With Facebook, you are also not just limited to text ads. You can attach pictures, videos, and even a carousel of photos to your post when you advertise. You can also set different goals, such as:

• Driving traffic to your website
• Engage with a target audience to message you
• Get more phone calls to a business
• Get contact information and leads from potential patients
• Promote your business in general in an area
• Promote a Facebook page to the surrounding area.

Learn more about Facebook advertising for doctors here. 

 5. Instagram Ads

Instagram, although owned by Facebook, has a different advertising platform than Facebook. Although the two are connected, and you can advertise on Instagram from Facebook, if you advertise directly from the Instagram platform, you are afforded some more options to tune your ads more finely. From inside the app, you can choose the age, gender, location, and interest to promote your ad. The ad will be in the form of an Instagram post, which can be either a photo or a video. Advertising on this platform can be powerful if you have quality videos or picture posts to push out. While you can advertise nationally, you should narrow your advertising to target an area closer to your clinic.  

Learn more about Instagram advertising for doctors here. 

These given medical advertising mediums should be your first go-to solutions for advertising your medical business online. Again, not all five have to be used, but they should all be considered when developing your marketing plan. Many doctors will start with one or two of these mediums and then expand to add more when they are comfortable with the work they’ve done so far. Contact today and let us help you walk through these mediums to find the best combination for you!