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Business Managers and owners of Med Spa business do not have to struggle to have a successful online strategy. has over 20 applications available to get new client leads (from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Email Marketing, SEO Marketing, SMS/Mobile Marketing), convert client leads to paying clients, retain clients, and to get referrals and reviews from your existing clients base. Reputation Management for MedSpas is included in the GOLD Package.

Example of FREE Med Spa Website 

Optimized for Google Search

Medspa Marketing Website Example 1366
Medspa Marketing Website Example 136
Medspa Marketing Websites Example 102
Medspa Marketing Websites Example 1091

Custom Images Created For Your Awesome Medical Spa and Aesthetics Practice. See Some Examples Below.

Medspa Marketing Custom Images Example 1091
Medspa Marketing Custom Images Example 22
Medspa Marketing Custom Images Example 221
Medspa Marketing Custom Images Example 223

Must Have Mobile Strategy – 73 to 82 percent of MedSpa Clients Check Out Your Services on iPhone or Android – Mobile Phones 

 Online Advertising Apps For MedSpas Aesthetics Example 44
 Mobile Conversion Apps For MedSpas & Aesthetics
Deals and Promotions Texting-SMS App for MedSpas
Facebook Deals and Promotions Texting-SMS App for MedSpas

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Custom Images Created for Your Medspa
Medspa Marketing by Services
MedSpa Marketing Website Example 67

Medspa Clients Search Online 88 Percent of the Time.  They Either Have a Need to Address a Medical Condition or a Desire to Look and Feel Better.

Your target prospect clients & patients looking for medical aesthetic and medical spa services are driven by two reasons. They either have a need to address a medical condition or a desire to look and feel better. These prospect patients start and end their journey to find the right doctor and provider on the web 88% of the time.

As a business owner or manager of a medical aesthetic practice or a medical spa, you want to convert these prospect patients into regularly returning patients for your medical business. You can not achieve this by simply having an “pretty awesome” and website focused on visuals.  There are six strategies that should be covered in your plan to win new clients online.

Med Spa Marketing Using Facebook
MedSpa Mobile Marketing
Mobile Marketing for Medical Spas

MedSpa Brand Marketing

MedSpa Brand Marketing
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 4
 Medspa Marketing Example website 44
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 5
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 6
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 7
MedSpa Brand Marketing Example 8

Online Advertising and Marketing For Medical Spas

Marketing your Med Spa business can be difficult and time consuming. However, if you are able to focus on automating your online advertising, marketing and referrals, then it could save you time and $$$.

Until now,Med Spa business owners had to struggle to be successful in online advertising and marketing. There are many pieces to the puzzle to be successful online. First, you will need a proper, professional website, mobile site, Facebook business page, and your website should be advertised properly to your targeted customers. The website should capture the leads – and if they call you, capture every phone call. It should have specials and promotions software applications, so you can manage your specials easily. The website should provide easy-to-use online appointments. The customers should be able to stay in touch with you with custom Email Marketing.

Online Advertising and Marketing For Medical Spas
MedSpa Content Marketing

MedSpa Content Marketing

Content marketing for your medical spa is extremely important.  Best part is that showing off your content on different mediums is a natural extension of your business. The more you “show” the more patients and clients you will acquire.

MedSpa Content Marketing Using Facebook and’s Content Distribution App

Content is still the king. Content is also the most important factor in determining SEO Rankings for Doctors & Medical Spas.’s Content App allows content writers and graphic designers to create great content, add to the app and then makes it available to GOLD and PLATINUM medical practices.   For example,’s Facebook Content Posting App provides Ready-To-Go content and posts, based on medical services provided by your medical practice.

Key features of this app are :
1. Get new Posts related to your services in your Ready-To-Go FaceBook Posts
2. You also get Happy Holidays and other seasonal Facebook Posts
3. You have complete ability to customize the posts
4. History of all past posts
5. Unlimited Re-Posts 


Content Marketing for Med Spa and Aesthetic Practices & Clinics

Medical Marketing Platform from creates new content for your clinic to send out each month, sets up your campaigns, and automates your email and Facebook content marketing strategies.

Many Med Spa and Aesthetic Practices owners have trouble keeping their clients and patients engaged with their clinics, and as a result they struggle with their patient retention.  Clinics that utilize content marketing to keep in touch with patients are able to both increase the number of times that patients come to their clinic, and increase the long term value of that patient.  Keeping in touch with your past patients, or prospective patients, normally requires a lot of time and effort in outreach from your staff, but with your patient engagement has never been easier. platform contains 6 different apps that help you with Content Marketing for your Med Spa and Aesthetic Practice.

SEO for Med Spa and Aesthetic Practices Using Unique Content

Adding unique quality content to your Med Spa and Aesthetic Practices website with proper headings and tags is very important.  In this figure below – you can see that each page of a website is audited by’s staff and software to provide rankings for unique content.  This step is setting up a new website is crucial to achieving excellent rankings. Anything less than 96% unique should be rejected.  To read more about SEO for Medical Practices please go here.

Facebook Posting App for Med Spas
Conversion Mobile Sites For Med Spa Marketing
Example 4 - Medspa Marketing Website
MedSpa Website Design

The cost of each new lead varies from area to area – but generally you can generate qualified leads in the range of $8 to $16 per lead. understands your business – we know which ads work, which promotions work, and which strategies produce new clients.

Med Spa Online Advertising

To learn about Search Engine Optimization for Doctors & Medical Clinics, please go here.

To learn about Pay Per Click PPC Advertising for Doctors & Medical Clinics, please go here.

To learn about Content Marketing Strategies for Doctors & Medical Clinics, please go here.

Medical Marketing MedSpa Example
Content and Brand Marketing for Medical Spas
Med Spa Online Marketing and Advertising
 Facebook Marketing For Medspa
Example 5 - Medspa Mobile Marketing
MedSpa Practice Manager Connector

MedSpa SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) & Marketing

There are 3 Important aspects to understand how your medical marketing impacts your Medical Spa’s online marketing strategy:

  1. Local SEO for Med Spas & Doctors
  2. Organic SEO Med Spas & Doctors
  3. Paid Advertising or PPC Advertising Med Spas & Doctors 


Local SEO For Med Spas VS SEO For Med Spas

Google search is extremely powerful and most important factor for your medical practice’s success.’s data shows that 78 percent of your online success is tied to Google as a company. Google Search for doctors is equally important. Let’s face it – patients go to Google Search to look for healthcare related services.  When a patient searches for a medical service – for example below – a patient is searching for “med spa near me”  the patient is located in West Palm Beach , Florida (EXTREMELY competitive area).  The top area is the Google Ads, The next area is Google Maps, the Google Listings, Google Reviews are displayed, and also link to websites. This is called Local SEO.  Organic results are further down on the page.  Your medical spa practice should show for these results for at least top 12 keywords.  This is a process and cannot simply be accomplished quickly.  To read more details about SEO for Med Spa’s & Doctors, please go here.   To read more about Online Advertising for Med Spas & Doctors, please go here. 

The figure below outlines results from a Google Search.


MedSpa Local SEO Example
MedSpa Organic SEO Example
Med Spa Email Marketing

How Much Should You Pay For Professional SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Services For Medical Spa Website

Experienced Companies Charge $300 to $2000/mon for a Typical Small to Medium Sized Medical Practice in USA & Canada. This Typically Covers the Services Only – Not the Software and Conversion Tracking Secure Storage of Patient Leads

There are many very good companies providing excellent Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO Management Services all across USA & Canada. Google is the source of your new patients for 78 percentage of the time. So Google should be the focus of your SEO strategy.

SEO for Doctors Can be Divided Into 5 Main Areas:

  1. Google Organic Search Engine Results
  2. Google Local SEO Results
  3. Google Maps Results
  4. Google Reviews Results
  5. SEM – Search Engine Marketing – A.K.A PPC Ads – Top Area for Google Ads. Although this is Paid Ads, but many doctors consider this a part of SEO

Experienced Professionals Produce Better Results For Your SEO Campaign

It is easy to be tempted to hire “general” SEO practitioner based on pricing alone.  But we would not recommend it.  Every day receives inquiries from doctors, surgeons, medical practices and many other healthcare professionals, seeking to improve their Medical SEO Rankings. Majority of the time we are amazed at lack of attention to details to SEO campaigns.   This is one area, you should not try to save few hundred dollars per month.  Go with the leader who understands three import aspects:

  1. Detailed domain knowledge about healthcare 
  2. SEO Specialists – Check their OWN SEO rankings on Google like “Advertising for Doctors”  – “Medical Marketing for Doctors”
  3. Website conversion technology with HIPAA compliance 

How Much Should You Pay For Professional PPC Management For Your MedSpa’s Website?

AdWords Certified Companies Charge $300 to $700/mon for a Typical $2000 to $4000 Budget. In Addition There May Be Setup Fees & Long Contracts – Not Recommended.

There are many very good companies providing excellent PPC Management Services all across USA & Canada. As a medical professional, doctor, physician or an administrator of a medical practice, you know that there are 2 main types of advertising & markeing.

1. Online Medical Advertising 

2. Offline Traditional Medical Advertising 

Since offline advertising is on decline and most patients are now check online resources to find a physician, doctor or a medical service provider, online advertising for doctors is on the rise.  Google advertising based on Pay-Per-Click is very effective and our data shows that it is an excellent Return-On-Investment (ROI).  However, in order to run an effective campaign, you need detailed knowledge of Search-Engine algorithms, patient behaviour, and healthcare services.  Not to mention conversion websites, tracking of leads, and HIPAA compliance.

PPC Certifications For Google Adwords are Difficult

It is not easy to be a certified professional. For example let’s review the following chart below from Google Adwords Certification.

Other Considerations for PPC Management Pricing For Doctors

You should also consider setup fees and length of the contract.  We recommend no setup fees and no long term contracts.

Some companies charge you a percentage of the fee. For example here is a typical setup : We recommend you pay less than these and get better service. 

Example 4 – Small MedSpa practice with $1000-$1500 per month budget

Setup fee $350
Monthly fee $350 / month
Contract  12 months
Certifications Google Adwords Certified

Example 5 – Medium practice with $3000-$5000 per month budget

Setup fee $1000
Monthly fee $560 / month 14% of $4000 ad spend
Contract  12 months
Certifications Google Adwords Certified

Example 6 – Medium+ practice with $7000-$10000 per month budget

Setup fee $2000
Monthly fee $1,080 / month 12% of $9000 ad spend
Contract  12 months
Certifications Google Adwords Certified

4 Things to Avoid With PPC Management Companies

  1. Long Contracts
  2. Setup Fees
  3. Markup on Keywords 
  4. Hidden Charges

These are prices being paid by most medical practices for good companies.  Please contact us for more questions –’s pricing is different. Online Advertising for Doctors is all we do. You can even check on Google and search for “Online Advertising for Doctors”  or  “Advertising for Doctors”  and see the SEO results.

PPC and SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization for doctors and medical clinics should not be confused with “Online Advertising”,  they are related but separate strategies for patient acquisition. For detailed SEO for Doctors page, please go here.

 Pillars of Med Spa Marketing and Mobile Advertising
 Med Spa Marketing Using Email Marketing
 Med Spa Marketing Using Email Marketing

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4 Important Components of a Marketing Plan for Your Medical Practice & Clinic

Traditionally, marketing experts tell us that there are 4 key components of your Medical Marketing Plan.

  1. The Product or Service – This will be service offerings for your medical practice. For example, if you an Urgent Care clinic, do you offer service to patients based on 12 major categories. Examples will be Onsite X-ray, DOT Physical exams, Lab-test results, Ports Physicals, Simple Fracture treatment, Travel medicine, Immunizations etc.  If you are MedSpa / Esthetic based practice, you may want to define your product/service strategy based on competition and availability of your staff’s credentials.  For example, if you want to offer “CoolSculpting”, you will need to make an investment in purchasing this technology and then training of your staff. So each medical service you offer has a cost associated with it, and of course there could be tangible benefits for your medical practice. So your marketing plan must have a focus on which “services” you are going to offer. And each service deserves its SWOT analysis.
  2. The Price of the Service – In many cases, this is driven by the insurance company payouts to you. But there are certain procedures that are not covered by the insurance payments. There are additional strategies available to you here. Each patient can be divided into 3 main categories.
    1. PPO or Full Insurance – These insurance plans pay fixed amount for each procedure for in-network vs out-of-network procedures.
    2. Self-Pay Patients – Patient pays directly to the provider – you have leverage to provide better service than your competitors and charge more.
    3. High-Deductible plans – In this case, as an example,  patients typically have to pay initial $4000-$10000 out of their pockets.  After ta patient has spent these amounts on deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance, then the medical insurance  plan pays 100% of the costs of covered benefits.  Many patients consider that first $4000-$10000 as something that have to “shop” for prices, hence you have an opportunity to apply your own marketing strategy on how to attract these patients to your practice.
  3. The Place or Location of Service – For most parts, healthcare delivery system in USA and Canada is very local. Telemedicine can change this in the future, but for now patients typically go to a “local” provider. This is evidenced by 2000% plus increase in Google searches for “Urgent care near me”  or   “Sleep Apnea doctor near me”  or hundreds of other variations based on mobile patients searching for services “near” a patient. So your Place or Location matters.
  4. The Promotion(marketing) or Advertising of Service – This is one area, where you have true leverage to dominate your medical field. Your medical plan must include the promotion of your service.  There are generally 2 main sub-areas for promotion of medical services:
    1. Offline Promotions – Traditional marketing – includes newspapers, yellow pages, billboards,  referrals from peers, networking with other providers and suppliers.
    2. Online Promotions – This refers to digital marketing and digital advertising to acquire more patients and retain existing patient base.

 ’s GOLD Package is focused on your digital marketing & advertising for your medical practice. 

Content Distribution & Marketing For Med Spas

Your Content Is the Single Most Important Factor in Your Online Success. 8 Reasons Why Content Is Important. 

1. Content defines your medical practice's brand.
2. Content expresses who you are, how you conduct your business.
3. Content is read by the Search Engines - and this results in GOOD or POOR rankings - You should NEVER copy content from another site.  Checking ideas from other websites is OK, but copying content is like shooting yourself in the foot.
4. Content can make your marketing flourish.
5. Content can make your advertising irresistible.
6. Social media loves GOOD content.
7. Email marketing with good quality content will give you higher open-rates.
8. Best of all - Patients LOVE Useful content.


Med Spa Marketing Website Example 52
Reputation Management for Med Spas
Med Spa Online Marketing & Advertising

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