Med Spa Digital Advertising & Marketing

Med Spa Digital Advertising & Marketing $599 to $999/mon

Simple Medical Marketing & Medical Advertising for Med Spa Practices – Used by the TOP Performers in USA. Hundreds of Examples of Successful Comprehensive Digital Marketing.

Business Managers and owners of Med Spa business do not have to struggle to have a successful online strategy and as they do not have access to a proven and comprehensive digital marketing platform for their Medical Spa. has over 20 applications available to get new client leads (from Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing, Email Marketing, SEO Marketing, SMS/Mobile Marketing), convert client leads to paying clients, retain clients, and to get referrals and reviews from your existing clients base. Reputation Management for MedSpas is included in the GOLD Package. There are many highly rated digital marketing companies for medical spa in USA. They focus on their client’s needs. Below you will see 4 key mediums that produce very good results.

Top 4 Sources of new medspa clients:

1. Google PPC Ads (immediate results)

2. Google SEO (takes time to establish)

3. Facebook Ads (immediate results)

4. Instagram Ads (immediate results)

How Much Do Med Spas Spend On Advertising in USA?

Range is $600 per month to $15000 per month, depending on specialty and competition.

The actual advertising budget for each medical spa practice is different. Some medical spa practice’s are very aggressive and spend $1000 per day (or more) and some spend $1000 a month on advertising. We also have few medical spa practice’s who do not spend any money on online advertising, these medical spa practice’s rely on referrals and very strong SEO rankings. This data refers to online advertising, not offline advertising spend. For example we have a medical practice with 10+ locations, on average they spend – per location – $1600 per month on online mediums and $1000 per month for offline, traditional mediums. Another medical practice with 5 locations, spends $5400 per month per location, entirely on online strategy. They are no longer spending any advertising budget on offline, traditional advertising channels. A single location in 8 exam rooms, with extreme competition, spends $15000 per month on online advertising, with average patient count of 80 -110 patients per day. A plastic surgeon with medium competition spends $8000 per month on online advertising.

Also you have to understand that every practice area is different. For example let’s review specific specialties:

Medspa and aesthetic practices

For Medical Spas and Aesthetic practices, it is highly recommended to have online advertising budget. The typical range is $3000 to $10000 per month, with average budget of $4210 per practice in USA.

Plastic surgeons

Plastic surgeons need online advertising, more than any other category. It is next to impossible to be successful without proper online advertising budget. The typical range is $5000 to $15000 per month, with average budget of $6677 per practice in USA.

Dermatology practices

The typical range is $1000 to $4000 per month, spend on average spend $1960 per month per location. However these are “average” locations with medium competition. If a dermatology is also focused on cosmetic procedures, their budgets are more like Medical Spas and aesthetic clinics.

4 Good Examples of MedSpa Advertising & Marketing

Example no 1 . Google SEO for “Medspa near me” – Mobile potential patient searching for a medical spa.

4 Good Examples of MedSpa Advertising & Marketing

Example no 2 .  Facebook and Instagram ad 

4 Good Examples of MedSpa Advertising & Marketing

Example no 4 .  Google PPC (Pay-Per-Click) search ad example

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Medspa Clients Search Online 88 Percent of the Time. They Either Have a Need to Address a Medical Condition or a Desire to Look and Feel Better.

Your target prospect clients & patients looking for medical aesthetic and medical spa services are driven by two reasons. They either have a need to address a medical condition or a desire to look and feel better. These prospect patients start and end their journey to find the right doctor and provider on the web 88% of the time.

As a business owner or manager of a medical aesthetic practice or a medical spa, you want to convert these prospect patients into regularly returning patients for your medical business. You can not achieve this by simply having an “pretty awesome” and website focused on visuals. There are six strategies that should be covered in your plan to win new clients online.

Med Spa Digital Advertising

How Much Do Med Spas Spend On Advertising in USA?