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Business Managers and owners of Med Spa business do not have to struggle to have a successful online strategy. has over 20 applications available to get new client leads (from Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, Email Marketing, SEO Marketing, SMS/Mobile Marketing), convert client leads to customers, retain customers, and to get referrals and reviews from your existing customer base. Reputation Management is included in the GOLD Package.

Med Spa Online Marketing and Advertising

MedSpa Clients Search Online 88 Percent of the Time

Your target prospect clients & patients looking for medical aesthetic and medical spa services are driven by two reasons. They either have a need to address a medical condition or a desire to look and feel better. These prospect patients start and end their journey to find the right doctor and provider on the web 88% of the time.

As a business owner or manager of a medical aesthetic practice or a medical spa, you want to convert these prospect patients into regularly returning patients for your medical business. You can not achieve this by simply having an “pretty awesome” and website focused on visuals.  There are six strategies that should be covered in your plan to win new clients online.

Mobile Medical Marketing Website for MedSpas

Online Advertising and Marketing For Med Spas

Marketing your business can be difficult and time consuming. However, if you are able to focus on automating your online advertising, marketing and referrals, then it could save you time and $$$.

Until now, business owners had to struggle to be successful in online advertising and marketing. There are many pieces to the puzzle to be successful online. First, you will need a proper, professional website, mobile site, Facebook business page, and your website should be advertised properly to your targeted customers. The website should capture the leads – and if they call you, capture every phone call. It should have specials and promotions software applications, so you can manage your specials easily. The website should provide easy-to-use online appointments. The customers should be able to stay in touch with you with custom Email Marketing.

Conversion Mobile Sites For Med Spa Marketing
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The cost of each new lead varies from area to area – but generally you can generate qualified leads in the range of $8 to $16 per lead. understands your business – we know which ads work, which promotions work, and which strategies produce new clients.

Med Spa Online Advertising

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Content Marketing for Med Spa and Aesthetic Practices & Clinics

Medical Marketing Platform from creates new content for your clinic to send out each month, sets up your campaigns, and automates your email and Facebook content marketing strategies.

Many Med Spa and Aesthetic Practices owners have trouble keeping their clients and patients engaged with their clinics, and as a result they struggle with their patient retention.  Clinics that utilize content marketing to keep in touch with patients are able to both increase the number of times that patients come to their clinic, and increase the long term value of that patient.  Keeping in touch with your past patients, or prospective patients, normally requires a lot of time and effort in outreach from your staff, but with your patient engagement has never been easier. platform contains 6 different apps that help you with Content Marketing for your Med Spa and Aesthetic Practice.

SEO for Med Spa and Aesthetic Practices Using Unique Content

Adding unique quality content to your Med Spa and Aesthetic Practices website with proper headings and tags is very important.  In this figure below – you can see that each page of a website is audited by’s staff and software to provide rankings for unique content.  This step is setting up a new website is crucial to achieving excellent rankings. Anything less than 96% unique should be rejected.  To read more about SEO for Medical Practices please go here.

Med Spa Online Marketing and Advertising
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