Dental & Medical Social Media Advertising Campaign

How to Set Up Social Media Advertising Campaigns for Doctors & Dental Practices

While Setting Up a Campaign in Facebook, Instagram Campaign Can Also Be Created Simultaneously With Just One More Click.

Facebook and Instagram advertising can increase the customer/patient awareness about the practice and they are helpful for the business to market its services through visuals.
While setting up a campaign in Facebook, Instagram campaign can also be created simultaneously with just one more click.
Here are the steps to create the Facebook and Instagram Advertising Campaigns.

There are specific steps, quality control and best practices involved in creating and running your, medical practice, campaign.

Step 1 Ticket, Budget and Services

Step 2 Creating Banners/Visual for the Ads

Step 3 Creating a Campaign, Adding Objective

Step 4 Creating Ad Sets, Add Traffic, Audience, Budget and Placement

Step 5 Creating the Ads, Adding Media, URL Links and Text to Your Ads

Step 6 Campaign Billing added, Reviewed and Enabled

Step 7 Send Ads Enabled Email to Customer with the Screen Shots of Ads

Step 8 Refine and Improve – Execution of the campaign should never be left on auto-pilot. A digital advertising specialist staff should be responsible for managing and monitoring your advertising campaigns.

Step 1: Ticket, Budget and Services

Your dedicated PatientGain Project manager (PM) will ask you about the services and monthly budget you want to advertise on Facebook and Instagram while giving you some recommendations. Based on your practice, location and competition your PM and social media marketing staff will review the details. Once the client confirms the budget, you will need to create an authorization ticket from your PatientGain dashboard.

Step 2: Creating Banners/Visual for the Ads

Once the digital advertising specialist staff has your targeted patient services, the PatientGain design team will create the banner ads, branded according to your services with the defined sizes, to use in the ads. The banner ads can have your own customized branding on them. 

Step 3: Creating a Campaign, Adding Objective

In this step, digital advertising specialist staff creates your Facebook/Instagram ad campaign using Facebook ads manager. Our Social Media Ads Manager creates your campaign with the particular name and adds the objective of your campaign. Most of the time the healthcare ads are for lead generation. Conversion is higher on your professional website than on Facebook/Instagram pages. We think it is due to clutter and too many social messages, events, text, and images on social media pages. We do not recommend using social media pages as lead capture and landing pages. Also per HIPAA guidelines, social media is not HIPAA compliant.

Step 4: Creating Ad Sets, Add Traffic, Audience, Budget and Placement

PatientGain’s digital advertising specialist staff updates the audience according to the practice type.  For example:  for a particular weight loss clinic or a med spa we usually create audience of a particular age and most of med spa want to target women but this audience targeting solely depends on the business needs. We will setup the time schedule, bid control, location targeting. If you want to advertise on Instagram also; we will create seperate branded ads on Instagram in this step.

Step 5: Creating the Ads; Adding Media, Links and Text to Your Ads

Usually multiple ads are created for one ad set in the social media marketing in which we use the customized banner ads that we created. The website links, ad text, ad lay out, ad tracking everything is done while creating your ads by our social media marketing manager to get the best results out of your ads. We usually track the ads by adding the Facebook Pixels in the link where ads are landing on your website.

Step 6: Campaign Billed, Reviewed and Enabled

Your Billing details are added and campaign is reviewed by your PM and then it will be enabled and started.

Step 7: Ads Enabled Email Send to Customer with the Screenshots of Ads

After your campaign is enabled you will get the email from our social media marketing manager with the screenshots with the Mobile and Desktop previews of ads on Instagram and Facebook both. Here is the example of ads preview of one of our med spa customer.

Step 8: Monitor, refine and improve conversions

Once your medical marketing campaign for Facebook / Instagram is launched, they PatientGain’s advertising team monitors the campaign. We make adjustments and review conversion.