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AI (Artificial Intelligence ) Content Writing for Medical Practices

AI (Artificial Intelligence ) Content Writing for Medical Practices

Human content writing VS AI content writing for medical practices, which one is better?

Copywriting is the activity or occupation of writing the text for advertisements or publicity material. Many medical practices will associate this with the process of writing the content that is published on their website pages. Copywriting is not very exciting, and many professional copywriters say it can be a rather monotonous activity. Excellent copy, the finished product of copywriting, requires dedicated time and effort to produce. Copy also is not limited to just the content pages of a website. Copywriting can be used for other online marketing activities such as social media posts, blog posts, PPC Ads, and email marketing campaigns. Traditional marketing activities like direct mail marketing or in-office brochures also benefit from excellent copywriting.  

Copywriting was originally something entirely associated with traditional marketing. Copywriters would write the copy for ads printed in the newspaper or broadcast on TV and radio. While digital marketing displaced traditional marketing, human copywriters would still be needed to write those words. However, like traditional marketing, technology is beginning to compete with human copywriters: Artificial Intelligence Writing. AI Writing, or AI Copywriting, is starting to become a service offered by medical marketing companies and is a new trend in digital medical marketing. While it is still being developed, it is becoming increasingly popular, much like voice search on smart speakers. Many medical practices will soon examine whether AI copywriting is more effective than human copywriting. Even though AI Writing is becoming popular, there are over 130,000 copywriters in the US and that number is expected to grow by 7% by 2026.

What is AI Writing? How does AI Writing work?  

As the name suggests, AI writing uses artificial intelligence to generate written content. AI Writing uses NLP (Natural Learning Processing) tools to help it generate its writing. The technology associated with AI Writing is not so advanced yet that you can say, “Computer, write me something.” AI writers need to know what kind of content they should write and what needs to be supplied with the keywords to put into that writing. Without this guidance, AI writers generally will not produce good copies for a medical practice website. Keyword research is still needed to write compelling copy. As for the type of copy, an AI writer will approach content for a blog post much differently than content for a page describing a treatment or medical condition. Humans are not entirely removed from this process when using an AI Writer and must lay down specific parameters.  

AI writers can also help human copywriters in other ways. It can examine the content written by someone and make editing suggestions to improve the grammar, clarity, engagement, style, and delivery of the copy. AI Writers also have the advantage of comparing that writing to millions of different websites to ensure it is free from plagiarism. It is not uncommon for a human copywriter, who may have spent years writing copy, to write sentences word for word again years later accidentally. An AI Writer can alert them to this issue so they can rewrite it to improve its uniqueness.  

What are the benefits of using AI writing?  

AI Writing can be beneficial to medical practices that use it. Some studies suggest that the CTR or click-through rates can be higher using AI writing than human copywriters. However, the results are not entirely conclusive as of yet. Below are some benefits of using AI Writing.  

AI Writing Saves Time 

While humans can do many things with their brains, a computer will always beat them in terms of processing speed. The average human brain can process about 60 bits of information per second. A computer’s processing speed is measured in GHz or Gigahertz. 1 Hz or hertz is about 2 bits per second. So for comparison, a human brain can in a computer operate at about 30 Hz, whereas one of the latest computer chips available for a home purchase can operate at 5.0 GHz. That would be 30 Hz versus 5,000,000,000 Hz. As you can see, a computer’s processing speed far exceeds the processing power of a human brain. An AI writer can analyze data, writing, and words at a rate that could not be imagined a decade ago.  

An AI Writer does not get writer’s block.

Every writer, be it a copywriter, novel writer, or someone writing a letter to a friend, has experienced writer’s block at some point. Writer’s block occurs when a writer is unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. Movies often portray writer’s block in a very comical way. In the 1987 movie “Throw Momma From The Train,” the character played by Billy Crystal has a two and half minute sequence where the character struggles to write one sentence all day. Writer’s block is a genuine thing for copywriters. However, an AI Writer does not suffer from writer’s block. An AI Writer can also help copywriters by “brainstorming” for them and suggesting topics, openings, and other ways to get them to write again.  

An AI Writer doesn’t get bored or distracted.

Copywriting, as mentioned, is a very tedious task. Doing something repeatedly can be immensely boring, and writers can get bored writing the same thing frequently. Besides suffering from writer’s block, a copywriter can start to slow down over time and become less effective as they become bored. They can also become easily distracted. A 5-minute break can quickly turn into 60 minutes of watching YouTube or TikTok videos. Maybe they become curious about another movie with Billy Crystal. The point is, copywriting is not an exciting activity, and writers can struggle to stay on task. An AI Writer and AI writing tools never get bored. You ask them to generate content, and they will do it, keeping a writer on task and helping them complete their work faster.  

An AI Writer will check the spelling, grammar, clarity, engagement, style, delivery, and plagiarism as a copywriter creates content.

No human copywriter or other content creator can produce truly perfect pieces of content. It would be by sheer luck they write something without spelling mistakes or grammar errors. Stanford University’s Hume Center for Writing and Speaking has identified the top 20 errors commonly made in writing. An AI Writer can produce content that is free from mistakes and does not copy content that is published elsewhere. AI Writing tools can help a copywriter check all of these things as they write. While a copywriter will likely review their writing after completing it, some writers like to fix their mistakes immediately. Checking writing for plagiarism is perhaps the most beneficial AI Writing tool available to copywriters. As they write, they can be alerted if their sentences or parts of sentences match word-for-word content with other websites, allowing them to fix it to improve their writing’s SEO value.

An AI Writer Lets A Copywriter Concentrate On Other Tasks

A human copywriter often does more than write content. They frequently research target keywords, analyze keywords, check to see if their original content has been plagiarized elsewhere, and more. An AI writer can free up time for a human copywriter to put more time into those important tasks. Human copywriters also often must check the work that AI Writers do produce or are asked to review it by their clients. It is far more efficient and easier to check work that has already been written with SEO Keywords in mind and embedded in content than writing it from scratch. A copywriter can produce and check more work, increasing output using an AI Writer and AI Writing tools.  

An AI Writer or AI Writing tool can write content in different languages. 

Previously, it was difficult for medical practices to write content in other languages. They would have to hire a different copywriter that knew one or two other languages. They tended to be much more expensive than regular copywriters, as fewer of them are available. However, today’s AI Writers and AI Writing Tools can effectively write in different languages. Many of the main languages around the world can be effectively written using AI. Some less common languages are starting to become available after a tremendous amount of work by advocates. Having content in different languages can be incredibly beneficial and give a competitive edge to a medical practice serving a community where English is not the primary language spoken at home. 

Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using an AI Writer or AI Writing tools?

While AI Writers and AI Writing Tools are impressive, some limitations must be considered. A medical practice should evaluate this limitation before using an AI Writer or AI Writing tools. Blindly trusting them can result in less than desired work for their medical practices.  

AI Writers do not create truly original content.

An AI Writer creates content by looking at a ton of different information and previously written content. It analyzes this content, puts it through its algorithms, and then creates new content. It is putting together ideas and words from other writers and presenting them as content. While an AI Writer uses code and algorithms to avoid repeating phrases and sentences that would be considered plagiarized, it is still someone else’s work. The “new” content created by an AI writer is more or less paraphrased from other sources.  

An AI Writer generally does not evoke powerful emotions in a target audience.

The technology behind AI Writers can not yet have these programs connect with a target audience on an emotional level. They will not “know” a target audience better than a human copywriter. It will not generally be able to invoke emotion in a reader with what it writes. As important as it is for SEO Keywords to be in place for content to be ranked high in search results, content still needs to connect with someone to make that conversion. Only human copywriters can put that final shine and polish on content to make it truly effective. For a medical practice, a website needs to convince the reader that they can trust the providers and staff at that medical practice with their health. This is a crucial decision; a medical practice risks losing that conversation from a patient to a competitor if they do not “feel” anything from the content.  

AI Writers have difficulty in detecting offensive or awkward statements.

Society and culture are constantly changing and evolving. Common words and phrases used in the past to describe people, conditions, regions, and other things may not be acceptable today. In fact, thousands of words are added or have definitions added to them in a dictionary every year. Humans can recognize these changes and adjust our language as needed. However, previously posted content may not have been revised or updated to reflect language changes. Older copywriters also may not realize that they are using phrases or terms that may be offensive or awkward to read. In these cases, an AI Writer may generate content that uses unacceptable language, and an AI Writing Tool may not flag inappropriate language. Some AI Writing Tools will flag words, phrases, or sentences that use problematic language. However, subtle references or terms that mean different things to different regions or communities are often missed or overlooked.  

What marketing activities can benefit from an AI Writer or AI Writing Tools?

Social Media Posts: Social media posts can be tiresome to write day in and day out. An AI Writer can help generate new, creative, and unique posts daily. A copywriter can indicate what keywords to use and then review what an AI writer produces.  

Blog Posts: Blog posts can be challenging to write for a medical practice’s copywriter as time goes on. The first several blog posts often come easy and can be easily written. However, as time goes on, it may not be easy to think of unique topics to write about that they have not already written out. An AI Writer or AI Writing Tool can generate ideas or entire blog posts for them to post.  

Content Marketing: A crucial part of content marketing is revising and editing past content. An AI Writing tool can quickly look at the content to find any missed spelling or grammar errors or look at the language with clarity, engagement, or delivery of the content. A tool can also be used to check for plagiarism. Content looked at 6 to 12 months ago may not be as unique or SEO friendly as it was when written. A copywriter may have written other content too similar, or an unscrupulous competitor may have stolen content right from a medical practice’s website. An AI Writing Tool can quickly identify issues and highlight them for a copywriter.

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