How to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice?

How to Attract New Patients to Your Dental Practice?

What Should A Hardworking Dentist Do To Acquire More Patients? Is it Ethical to Advertise?

We get calls and inquiries from dentists and dental practice managers every day. The key question asked, how can they improve their new patient acquisition? Here, we have provided a crash course or simplified version. 

Digital dental marketing is an umbrella term used for many advertising and marketing strategies that your dental clinic can employ. These can be online or offline activities and programs. Online strategy applies to digital activities. The objective of the advertising and marketing is to create interest in potential patients to visit your website and then your website needs to do its job of converting the visitor patient to a paying patient for your dental services. 

Before we cover the steps, there are 3 prerequisites.  Requirement no 1)  You, and your dental team, must be genuinely focused on providing high quality of dental care to your patients  2) Understand that there is no get quick success – basically it takes time to see results from any worthwhile effort   3) You must have a budget for marketing and advertising for your dental practice. If you do not allocate enough funds for marketing and advertising, you will not see the results.

11 step process for your dental practice’s online success

Step 1. You start with a high quality website. Website that communicates with potential and existing patients effectively. Website that contains high quality content and hence high SEO rankings. It should be mobile optimized, and interactive.

Step 2. Start building long term dental SEO (Search Engine Optimization) based on adding useful content for each of your dental services.

Step 3. Start building local SEO for your dental practice. It starts with Google my business page, Google maps, and Google reviews. 

Step 4. Hire a professional dental advertising company to setup and manage your online advertising. 3 key places to advertise are 1) Google PPC ads 2) Facebook ads 3) Instagram ads. A professional company will do a much better job than trying on your own. You are very likely to waste money by running your own ads. 

Step 5. Must have tracking software installed and a healthcare CRM. This does not mean Google Analytics only (this is your basic step 101). You need a system to track all phone calls, leads from website, social media, Emails, Texting/SMS and other mediums like dental Chat*Bots. This system should be HIPAA compliant 

Step 6. Start posting on Instagram, Facebook and Google posts

Step 7. Get reputation management apps. These apps allow you to maximize positive reviews and minimize negative reviews

Step 8. Start monthly Email marketing. Send useful information about your dental services and how they benefit the patients, Include promotions at the end of the Email message, this increases your open rates.

Step 9. Install online appointments app on your website. Allow patients to request or book appointments. 

Step 10. Install Dental*Chatbot app on your website. Make sure it is HIPAA compliant. These apps increase conversion. 

Step 11. Install 2-Way texting app on your website. 82 percentage of patients visiting your dental website do it on a mobile device. Your mobile website should allow them to send you texts. 91 percentage of patients prefer to be contacted by a simple Text/SMS rather than a phone call. Your strategy should be to accomodate them and increase conversions.