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Mobile Medical Marketing

Mobile Healthcare Marketing & Advertising is on the Rise. 83 Percent of Your Patients are on Mobile Devices.

Your patients are looking for your healthcare services on a mobile device. They prefer to communicate with your practice using mobile. Texting/SMS apps are essential for your practice.

It’s a given that you need to present where your target customers are – In this case, it is your patients. If you want to have an unfair advantage in  healthcare marketing, you simply need to make it a priority to be of an awesome service provider for your patients, and then focus on being in front of them, when they need you.  So let’s see where are your patients? Your patients are ONLINE, on MOBILE DEVICES, on SOCIAL MEDIA and on Google & Yelp. For example, 62 Percent of the Emails sent from doctors to patients are read on a mobile device like iPhone or a similar device.  83 Percent of Your Patients are on Mobile Devices. 

Patient acquisition costs can be anywhere from $8 to $27 per new patient in most US areas. If you are located in an area with a lot of competition, your costs will be higher. Also competing on the internet for more patients requires that every Urgent Care center must consider three key areas for online success. Each one of these areas are addressed by the OnRevenue platform and we have developed specific online applications for each area to help you become successful.

Key Strategies for Mobile Healhtcare Marketing

Strategy 1 – Intelligent Mobile Site

Those days are gone when all you needed was a responsive mobile site. Mobile sites are becoming VERY intelligent every day. They are now based on HTML5 technology so there is no need to “download” an app.  In the future, apps and mobile sites will be tightly integrated.  You can have the future NOW by using OnRevenue’s  Intelligent Mobile Sites. 

Intelligent Mobile Website with dynamic apps to take advantage of Mobile Medical Marketing trends. Your website should be intelligent, they should be connected to Marketing Apps, a Patient CRM, Promotions Apps, Phone Call Tracking Apps, Mouse Tracking Apps, Location Based Apps, Tightly Integrated to Google Maps, Voice Apps so visiting patients can “SPEAK” to your Mobile Site.

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Strategy 2 – SEO & Local Search Optimizations

Your medical website should be optimized so that it shows in position 1 or position2 for the most important search terms.  So for example if you have a medical practice that offers services like medically supervised weight loss for men, you would want your results to be like this example below.  No 1 in the PPC ads, No 1 in Google Maps, No 1 in Number of Reviews, Number 1 Google Business Listing, No1 and No 2 in Organic ( Free ) listing for search term “mens weight loss OKC”  – Here a prospect patient is searching for a specific service in OKC ( Oklahoma City).

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Strategy 3 – Online Advertising for Doctors

Online advertising can be divided into these major areas:

  1. Search or Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC Advertising) this is also known as SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  2. Display Advertising
  3. Social Media Advertising
  4. Email Marketing – By some experts Email Marketing is considered a form of Online Advertising/Marketing – But we will treat this as a separate strategy.

All of these approaches are effective for Doctors, however based on OnRevenue’s data, No 1.  Search or Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC Advertising) produces better ROI than No 2 & No 3.  It does not mean that you should not attempt No 2 & No 3. It means is that focus on No 1 first.

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Please see impact of PPC Advertising below.  By launching an aggressive PPC advertising campaign, the customer experienced an increase by 18 percent in the first 2 weeks. Measured month over month compared to previous years, overall increase was 23 percent.  The additional cost of PPC advertising by off set by increased number of patients and higher volume of higher margin procedures. OnRevenue recommends Google Adwords PPC for majority of its medical customers for an excellent ROI.

Strategy 4 – Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Let us walk you through 5 marketing strategies that work. These techniques and strategies have been proven to work for hundreds of clinics like yours. Your online success will depend on many factors, but among them is working with company who is focused on Medical Marketing, has deep Online Marketing experience, is an expert in Social Media and Patient Behavior marketing,  and of course is HIPAA Compliant and can issue you a BAA ( Business Associate Agreement).

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Healthcare Marketing Using Patient Reviews 

Healthcare Marketing is changing at the speed of the internet. Which means as a medical practice or a physician, Online-Reviews can make or break your practice.  One of the strategy is to use the voice of your patients to self-promote your medical practice.

This Simple App Collects Reviews From The Web. You Decide Which Ones To Display. 73% Of The Patients Look at Your Practice’s Reviews or Your Service Reviews. Highlight Your POSITIVE Reviews and Minimize Negative Reviews.

As you build a roster of Positive Reviews on the most important sites, like Google, Facebook and Yelp, now take your strategy to the next level. Select the best reviews, add them to your awesome medical marketing website, and increase your conversion.  See examples below.  These are from different type of practices.