How To Grow Your Clinic

How To Grow Your Clinic – 3 Step Process For Successful Medical Marketing. Applies to dentists, surgeons & healthcare practices.

As a physician operator, owner or a medical clinic manager,  there are hundreds of things you can do to grow your clinic and medical practice.  Simply, here are 3 main phases that you need to focus on. 

1. Getting patients to visit your web site. This means, getting found online – primarily Google. Social media helps also. 

2. Conversion is the next step, this means that after a patient visitis your website, do they take an action. Action could be to call you, Text/SMS you, fill out a form, click on directions, appointment request, redeem a promotion, or even pay a bill (existing patient)

3. Engagement, retention and follow up refers to how you convert your online efforts to financial payback. This includes monthly Email marketing to stay in front of them. Appointment reminders, follow up wellness messages. Happy birthday cards, happy holidays, happy mothers day (automated) 

Today, in the modern internet and social media based age, over 81 percent of the patients rely on the internet for medical information, doctor’s reviews, and your website’s content, to make a decision if you are the right medical practice. Hence you need a complete strategy that covers all three important areas of a patient’s journey.

Step 1. Get a website with high SEO and fast loading website

Focus on Google PPC ads, Google SEO, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, mobile ads.  They all work. Depending on where you are located, what type of service you are offering, and your competition. Remember Google SEO is crucial for your long term success, although it is difficult and takes time and money. For immediate patient acquisition, Google PPC, Facebook, Instagram ads work the best. 

Step 2. Conversion Strategies and Apps on Your Website

Is your website intelligent?  Is it A/B tested for conversion? Do you offer Texting/SMS from the website? Do you have a an intelligent Chat bot to capture leads? Do you offer appointment requests? How is the mobile site? How is the navigation?  does your mobile site load within 4 seconds? 

Step 3. Patient Follow Up and Monetization

Is your website connected to a secure HIPAA compliant CRM? Can you easily convert the leads to “opportunities”?  Is there a system to allocate your leads to different lists? assign to different staff members at your practice?  Can you respond quickly? Can you send promotions to non-converted leads?  Do you have mobile app to respond to monetize every opportunity?