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Prospect patients looking for medical aesthetic and medical spa services are driven by two reasons. They either have a need to address a medical condition or a desire to look and feel better. These prospect patients start and end their journey to find the MedSpa and right medical procedure on the web 72% of the time.

As a business owner or manager of a medical aesthetic practice or a medical spa, you want to convert these prospect patients into regularly returning patients for your medical business. You can not achieve this by simply having an “pretty awesome” and website focused on visuals. There are six strategies that should be covered in your plan to win new customers online.

6 Important facts about Medical Spa Website Design and Marketing

No 1. Your website should be both attractive and designed for conversion. It should be intelligent. It should have software working behind the scenes to acquire new leads, respond to potential patients, store information, and build strategic data insights.  With the plethora of devices being used to surf the web and research businesses, your website needs to be responsive and able to adjust to device of the viewer.

No 2. You should be able to engage, communicate with, and eventually convert prospect patients to long-term patients by using mobile apps. Communicating with patients through SMS texting is also important. Utilizing marketing promotions on mobile devices such as iPads are effective conversion approaches as well, and should be included in your plans.

No 3. If you plan to succeed, you MUST ADVERTISE online. It is naive to think that you can create prosperous online lead generation for your medical business with SEO and organic search alone. Just think about how many billions of dollars are earned by Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and many other companies through their online advertising products. Would they ever make organic search so powerful that it would cannibalize their own revenues? Optimizing your website for organic search is a vital strategy but it can not be used to replace paid advertising. PPC advertising is extremely effective for acquiring new clients.

No 4.  Your business also needs to utilize software to effectively manage your interactions with leads, prospects, and patients. As lead information is captured, you need to have prospect database software tools: a PRM or CRM (Patient  or Customer Relationship Manager). These are extremely effect tools for your business. Relationship manager apps will allow you to not only store information in an organized manner, but also enable you to send emails, promotions, connect on social media, and automatically follow up with inquiries. If you are a medical clinic, then you will need HIPAA compliant CRM that can securely handle any potential PHI being submitted to you online.

No 5. Email Marketing and Email Marketing Automation are two different things. If you are just starting your business then Email Marketing is enough to get your marketing efforts off the ground.  However, if you have plans and desire to grow, then you must plan on graduating to using Email Marketing Automation. It is one of the most effect ways to convert prospects to customers.

No 6. Social Media and specially Facebook. This strategy is listed last, but it does not mean that it should be at the bottom of your list of priorities.  For the medical aesthetics and medical spa industries social media engagement and conversion is a necessity. Your business needs apps that connect your website to your Facebook business page. You should be able to accept appointments and payments from social media, and push content from website to social media effortlessly.

Within each of the six areas mentioned here, there are multiple apps and technology worth millions of dollars.  It becomes difficult for business owners to assemble and build such a massive system. This is why we have created  Strategies and tools covering all of these six areas, backed by over 20 apps, are available to you for a small monthly fee and no setup costs.

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