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Medical Marketing Using Media

Ready-To-Implement Medical Marketing Using 6 Different Medias For Doctors

This is the same system used by the TOP Medical Clinics in the USA – From Coast-to-Coast. 

Executing a successful patient acquisition strategy online requires much more than focusing on just one or two mediums. Generally you can divide the main Medical Marketing Strategy into Online Media and Off-Line Media.  Since Off-Line Media is on decline, and our live’s are changing into digital, we will focus on Online Media. Within Online-Media, there are 6 key medias that you should focus on:

  1. Online Organic Search Media – Google search in particular.
  2. Online Paid Advertising Using Google ( and other search engines )
  3. Facebook Media
  4. Email Marketing Media
  5. Reviews Marketing Media
  6. Mobile Marketing Media

In order to increase your clinic’s patient count, you need intelligent software that can automate all 6 media areas for your medical marketing.

No 1. Online Organic Search Media (A.K.A SEO for Doctors)

PatientGain has created several products and offerings to help you achieve great SEO – Search Engine Optimization for your medical practice. Focus is on results which means new patients, this means top Google rankings, with significant focus on mobile search results and mobile marketing. Google search engine is the most accurate search engine with the best algorithms for search results. Majority of the world searches on Google. So for SEO for doctors, you must focus on Google first.

Unfortunately, increasing SEO rankings for medical practices is not a simple one-step switch that can just be “turned-on”, it is a process that involves time-consuming steps and costs quite a bit of money. It all begins with having original, unique & quality non-plagiarized content on your website and taking advantage of the latest technology and Search Engine Optimization strategies and algorithms. Your content must provide value to a potential or existing patient.  Read More About Online Organic Search Media here. 

No 2. Online Paid Advertising Using Google ( and other search engines )

Common question asked is PPC Advertising right for my clinic?  The answer is YES.  We have hundreds of examples to share with you. In a sample recent review of 162 medical clinics, we found that if a medical clinic is running PPC Advertising, 98 percent of these clinics have increased their patient count over a period when they were not using PPC Advertising.

Another very common question is asked “How PatientGain’s approach to online advertising helps our customers get better results?” Lets review the image below.  You will see attention to detail and technical know-how how online advertising works and domain knowledge about healthcare and major trends like Mobile Advertising for Doctors and Medical Practices. Read More About Paid Advertising here. 

No 3. Facebook Media

Creating your business page on Facebook is very easy. However getting some useful results is difficult – Remember that after all Facebook is a “Social Media”  so if your objective is to convert, you have to do more than just social interactions.  First check the top image, area of the Facebook Business Page – Does it have your branding – Is the a phone number in the image – So a prospect patient or an existing patient can call you.  Facebook now provides a “CALL BUTTON” make sure it is setup properly.  The main areas of the Facebook Business Page must be filled out.  So your business location, address and business hours should be accurate.  As a best practice install a Call Tracking number – so you can measure how many patients are call you from Facebook Business Page. Adding additional apps Facebook Business Page.  Read More About Facebook Media advertising here. 

No 3.  Optimized Level

Doctors and practices at this level understand that online strategy is by far the #1 method to grow patient volumes, and build their business’s profitability. Driving patients to your door, and out-performing the competition on the internet, requires a depth of online marketing expertise, effective software, and a profound understanding of medical practice operations.  Clinics and doctors often have to enlist outside help in order to execute an effective online strategy, but the combination of skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to do so is found among very few marketing or advertising companies. However, healthcare industry leaders, with a single and multi-location clinics, use PatientGain’s Healthcare Platform to drive their clinics’ growth. PatientGain’s software enables medical practices to painlessly acquire new patients, effectively communicate and engage with their patients, and grow their business, with HIPAA compliance. PatientGain provides a BAA for your medical practice.