Medical Marketing Strategies For Doctors 

Doctors who take a proactive approach to marketing their practices and facilities will be ahead of the game. Medical marketing is increasingly competitive. Patient acquisition costs could be $8 to $27 per new patient. Patient trust is the foundation of medical marketing success for your practice.

The 21st century is the “on demand” century.  A coffee shop on every block, order your sandwich how you like from you phone and pick it up 5 minutes later, and gas stations where you can have on demand soda machines providing hundreds of soft drink combinations. Your remote control likely has a “On Demand “ button.  Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Americans can now get medical care on demand with walk  in clinics that are a short drive from their house.

Marketing Starts with Using Data Hidden in your EMR

6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing for Physicians. Used by the Top Clinics in USA and Canada.

Your patients start their journey to find your medical services in many ways. They may have immediate need for specific service, like a parent looking for a “pediatric urgent care near me”  and over 78 percentage of the time they will go to Google and search. And majority of the time, this is done on a mobile cell phone device.  You may have a client looking for specific MedSpa service like “Coolsculpting clinic near me” for non-invasive weight loss.  There are millions of ways patients search and look for your services, every day, however,  majority of the patients use online mediums like, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Bing etc to find a medical service provider.


6 Key Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing

Pillar No 1 - Patient Trust is the Foundation of Medical Marketing Success for Your Practice.

Provide excellent patient care and medical services to your target patients. Treat every patient like they are your first patient. Healthcare practices who focus on high customer/patient service have a solid foundation. From medical marketing perspective, Patient Trust starts from the moment they land on your website or read your online reviews. 


Pillar No 2 - Medical Practice's Website.

Your website is the face of your practice. Your website can be an asset or a liability. Your website should look and perform better than your clinic's practice. Moreover your website should always build your brand.


Pillar No 3 - Medical Practice's Online Reputation.

Your online reputation – Number of 5 star reviews on Google is the most impactful strategy you can employ. Facebook, HealthGrades, Yelp and other sites are also important however Google Reviews ranking of 4.3 or higher with 100 or more reviews will make a huge impact on your business. We have seen the data and we are excited to help you achieve this.


Pillar No 4 - Medical Practice's Online SEO and Advertising.

SEO and Advertising. Having  a nice website is a Step 1 – But if you are not improving the SEO on a monthly basis, you will be left behind.  Advertising on Google and Facebook will further improve your patient acquisition.


Pillar No 5 - Medical Practice's Social Media Strategy.

Social media strategy to engage with existing and potential patients. Key strategies include

1) Installing intelligent apps on your Facebook business page

2) Posting weekly on Facebook business page

3) Posting daily on your Google Posts.

3) Advertising on Social Media - Start with Facebook


Pillar No 6 - Medical Practice's Patient Communication Strategy.

Effective patient communication strategy.  Here is a great starting list 

1) HIPAA compliant communication from your website

2)  HIPAA compliant communication from Facebook. 

3) SMS-Texting from your website 

4) EMR integration 

5) Monthly Email marketing 

6) Daily Posts on Google Business Page

7) Weekly Posts on Facebook 

8) Monthly Promotions offered

9) Conversion Technology and Techniques 



This is the GOLD Solution From PatientGain



6 Pillars of Healthcare Medical Marketing

There are key steps you must take to be successful. It all starts with a successful Website and awesome SEO.

Use the Data in your EMR.

In the past doctors could depend on word of mouth to help grown their practices and build a loyal patient group.  With on demand medical care, people will often visit several different facilities based on their needs.  Doctors need to proactively market their practices and facilities to capture the attention of patients who need medical care RIGHT NOW. PatientGain provides doctors and facilities with the medical marketing tools they need to be successful.  Use the years of experience from our highly skilled web designers, Google Ad Word experts, and project managers to your advantage. Not technologically literate? Not a problem.PatientGain’s project manager will help train you and your staff and provide constant support as we grow your business together.

What was the word of mouth in the past is now the Google and Yelp reviews of today. It is easier than ever for people to get the word out about what they like or dislike about a business or service. If your clinic doesn’t have polite receptionists or is missing a doctor when they need medical care, they won’t only tell their friends but they will post it online for the world to see.  It is in your best interest to not only monitor what people are saying, but proactively seek out positive feedback to build a stellar online reputation.


Doctor's Office Marketing Has 6 Key Strategies

Online Engagement Strategies

Research from PatientGain shows that of a sample of 3450 Medical Clinics in United States, only 148 of these facilities are using Online Engagement Strategies software to gain a competitive advantage over their colleagues. PatientGain medical marketing is data driven, results based, and is constantly being refined with the latest studies and new best practices. We won’t simply be making a static website for you with a few links. A shiny website that does nothing for patients is like having a fancy car with no engine.PatientGain websites are intelligent and incorporate responsive design so they look as good on a desktop as they do on a mobile device, plus there are over 20 applications embedded behind the PatientGain intelligent websites to give you competitive advantage. Although PatientGain websites are based on WordPress software, but they have custom CSS, custom Javascripts, custom apps and automation built into the base WordPress websites – so they are UNIQUE, High Quality and Extremely Optimized Websites. PatientGain WordPress based websites are premium A/B Tested sites with excellent conversion results. These PatientGain websites have been refined for years and provided to you free of charge as a customer of GOLD or PLATINUM Package. You can also use your own website and embed PatientGain apps yourself. But you will see the best results when a website is A/B tested repeatedly and refined over the years.

Marketing For Doctors Costs

Results From Online SEO For Primary Care Physician

Review of a real customer.  Location is east coast – mid-level competition. Doctor Jones has been in practice for the last 13 years. Her focus has been Primary Care, Internal Medicine and general wellness with focus on Diabetic patients.  However, since last 3 years, multiple clinics have opened within her 5 mile radius. In addition, two Urgent Care clinics have also impacted her business. In the past all she had to do was to advertise in local yellow pages, few referral practices and business had grown due to her excellent focus on patient care. Due to competition, her average patient count had steadily decreased from 30 patients a day to 22.

In this case, Doctor Jones had to focus on new patient acquisition.  She search online for “online advertising for doctors” and found as the first organic listing on Google. She signed up for’s GOLD Service for $499/mon.  The results have been as follows:

Nov 2016 – Go live with new website, along with 20 apps embedded in the new Medical Marketing website.  135 phone calls received in the first month.  116 unique phone calls.

Dec 2016 – 434 phone calls received in the 2nd month.  388 unique phone calls.

Jan 2017 – 621 phone calls received in the 3rd month.  534 unique phone calls.

Feb 2017 – 518 phone calls received in the 4th month.  419 unique phone calls.

Mar 2017 – 599 phone calls received in the 5th month.  450 unique phone calls.

Apr 2017 – 697 phone calls received in the 6th month.  541 unique phone calls.

May 2017 – 801 phone calls received in the 7th month.  643 unique phone calls.

By the end of 7th month, Doctor Jones had achieved her target of 30 patients per day.   Mission accomplished. 

Online SEO For Doctors

Not Focused On Technology, But On Results.

Many medical clinics have a great location, highly qualified & certified medical professionals, and state of the art equipment but are struggling to fill calendars with patients. They don’t realize what they are missing: online expertise, powerful web based software, and the medical marketing solution to increase patient acquisition.  You don’t  just need a good looking website to generate new patients leads. You need a medical marketing partner that is working every day to make your website better, your online ads more effective, and creating new ways to facilitate communication between patients and your facility.

PatientGain’s optimized and successful solution is not focused on technology, but on results.

1) Targeted online advertising for Patient Acquisition
2) Software along with online and medical industry expertise for Patient Retention
3) Effective communication and online marketing for Patient Engagement
4) Effective advertising and marketing strategies for low Patient Acquisition costs

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Reputation Software For Doctors

Physician Medical Marketing

Physician Medical Marketing




Physician Practice Marketing

Physician Practice Marketing

Summary for Online Success For Doctors

These 6 steps are proven to add value for hundreds of medical practices. There are many other steps you can take to further improve your strategy. Monthly Email Marketing is another strategy, among many others.  Contact us so we can help you and view details GOLD package here.

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