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Dental Websites Marketing Company

Dental Websites Marketing Company

Qualities of a reliable dental digital marketing partner 

For a dental practice to succeed, it needs a quality medical marketing plan to promote the business. The most successful dental practices know that this is difficult, if not impossible, to do in-house. With that in mind, they need a reliable dental digital marketing partner to handle the dental marketing of the business. There are many dental digital marketing partners out there, but not all of them are great at what they do and may not be the right fit for a practice. Below are some qualities an owner of a dental practice should consider before hiring a dental digital marketing company to partner with.  

Table of Contents:

1. A dental digital marketing partner should have extensive experience working in the dental industry.
2. When considering a dental digital marketing partner’s experience, consider their overall history and legacy.
3. A quality dental digital marketing partner should provide all services in-house.
4. A reliable dental digital marketing partner should provide analysis and reporting that is accessible to their client.
5. A great dental digital marketing partner should have excellent communication with its clients.
6. Ask if a dental digital marketing partner has any credentials to show its expertise.
7. What are some qualities a reliable dental digital marketing partner should have and services they should provide?

No 1. A dental digital marketing partner should have extensive experience working in the dental industry.  

A marketing partner with experience working with other dentists and businesses in the dental industry will be in a much better position to help a dental practice succeed than one with little experience. Experience and a proven record of success are significant indicators that a marketing partner is suitable for a dental practice. A practice is much more likely to be better served by a marketing partner with 10+ years of experience than a partner with 10+ months of experience.  

However, a dental practice needs to make sure a marketing partner is not only experienced but also keeping up with new marketing techniques and best practices followed by dental offices. Suppose a marketing partner has ten years of experience but is utterly unfamiliar with the dental practice’s technology, policies, or protocols. In that case, they may have difficulty meeting their goals. The right dental digital marketing partner will be using up-to-date technology, well organized, and efficiently promote a dental practice without the practice having to adjust anything on their end. The right marketing partner will promote a brand, bring in new patients, build patient loyalty, and offer an excellent ROI on the investment.  

No 2. When considering a dental digital marketing partner’s experience, consider their overall history and legacy.

A dental digital marketing company may have been founded over ten years ago, but do not assume they have been doing digital marketing in those last ten years. It is essential to look at their overall history in dental marketing and where their institutional experience comes from. Suppose a dental digital marketing company was a direct mail dental marketing company up until six months ago. In that case, they will have a different set of skills and expertise than a company founded five years ago and has only worked in the field of digital marketing in that time. Marketing companies are allowed to evolve and enter into new areas of expertise. Many traditional marketing companies have transitioned successfully into digital marketing companies, and many have not. A dental marketing company’s history in marketing, past successes, and current digital marketing experience is essential to consider. Traditional and offline marketing techniques can still be very effective if used correctly and paired with other online marketing techniques.

No 3. A quality dental digital marketing partner should provide all services in-house.  

When evaluating which dental digital marketing partner to hire to handle a dental practice’s marketing, a practice should see what services the partner provides in-house. Ideally, the marketing partner should be the only outside marketing vendor a dental practice must engage with when executing a dental marketing plan. The fewer vendors a practice has to talk to, the easier it will be to run the marketing plan, and there is less of a chance that people will not be on the same page. A dental digital marketing plan should be able to handle:

  • Branding
  • Website Development
    Website hosting
  • Website maintenance
  • Website design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Content marketing
  • Content copywriting
  • Social media 
  • Social media advertising
  • PPC advertising
  • Medical Engagement Chatbots
  • 2-way Texting
  • Online appointments

Ask if a dental digital marketing partner handles these areas in-house or if they use 3rd party vendors to manage these marketing areas. The more a marketing partner can handle in-house, the more efficient and effective it will be to accomplish its goals for their client. Communication within a marketing team will be faster than a dental practice asking a marketing partner for something who has to turn around and ask their vendor to do something. Who knows if that 3rd party vendor has 3rd party vendors of their own? Playing whisper down the lane with vendors will not get the results a dental practice is looking for to succeed.  

No 4. A reliable dental digital marketing partner should provide analysis and reporting that is accessible to their client.

Relying on a gut feeling or anecdotal evidence to determine if a marketing strategy is working is not an excellent way to evaluate it. A dental practice needs to look at data in context to what goals they want to achieve. A quality dental digital marketing partner will have that data available and accessible to their clients. They will have an information professional available to work with a dental practice to comb through the numbers to help them understand what it all means. A dental practice should consider that some aspects of a digital marketing partner are proprietary. For example, they will not give you every detail of a successful PPC campaign. A dental practice could then paste it into their account and fire the provider. However, a dental digital marketing partner should provide a practice with plenty of data to analyze.  

A marketing partner should also compare its data to other competitors in the area. For example, they should show how specific keywords perform over time compared to other dental practice competitors. A partner should also compare current data to past data, such as last month or last year. This data will help a dental practice know whether they are on the right track or if changes need to be made in their dental marketing plan. 

A reliable dental digital marketing partner should provide analysis and reporting that is accessible to their client.

No 5. A great dental digital marketing partner should have excellent communication with its clients.

A dental practice should not have to send multiple emails and make numerous phone calls to a marketing partner to answer something or have something explained to them. Reliable and frequent communication is vital for a partnership between a dental practice and a dental digital marketing company to succeed. Not only should the marketing partner get back to their client quickly, but there should be a variety of standard, everyday reports available or automatically sent daily to them for review.  

Evaluating how well a dental digital marketing partner communicates can be tricky. The most effective way to determine the quality of their communication is to ask to speak to some of their clients. They should provide referrals so a dental practice can inquire how well they communicate and what they should expect. While you should try to trust what a marketing partner tells you, having another party with first-hand knowledge and experience to vouch for their work and communication can be great reassurance that this is the correct choice.  

A great dental digital marketing partner should have excellent communication with its clients
A great dental digital marketing partner should have excellent communication with its clients

No 6. Ask if a dental digital marketing partner has any credentials to show its expertise.  

Unlike dental care, there is not a “dental marketing board” that gives marketing companies permission to help dental practices market themselves. There is also no universally agreed set of standards that dental marketing companies have to follow. Someone could slap a sign over a lemonade stand that says, “Dental Marketing Company: 5 cents a marketing campaign,” and they would not be violating any rules. While the lemonade may be good, it is unlikely the marketing work provided by the former lemonade stand will be of high quality.  

However, there are some certifications out there that marketing companies will go for to show their expertise in an area. For example, Google Ads has a certification process that recognizes providers as experts in online advertising and using the Google AdWords platform. Google has also established a directory of Google Ad Partners. These people and companies have been tapped and highlighted by Google as marketing partners that have performed better than others on the AdWords platform. Facebook also has a powerful ad platform for social media marketing. Dental digital marketing partners can get certified by Facebook as an ad professionals through their “Blueprint Certification” process.  

These certifications are not granted to everyone who applies. A marketing company needs to prove to Google and Facebook that they know what they are doing regarding advertising. A dental practice should also not assume that they are the right fit for them just because they are certified. Certification shows that they have experience in online marketing and should be considered along with other qualities when making a final decision. 

No 7. What are some qualities a reliable dental digital marketing partner should have and services they should provide?  

A. Effective use of social media

Social media is here to stay, and more people are becoming hyperconnected to each other every day. Mobile phones provide instant internet access, allowing people to check their social media feeds regularly. These social media networks are often where people go for news, advice, help, and look for healthcare solutions! Many businesses are on social media, and so should a dental practice. A dental digital marketing partner should have the tools to create and post content easily. They also should be able to provide support for social media advertising. A dental practice should have social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Twitter.

B. Consider other social media platforms

While the social media platforms mentioned above are the most popular platforms for a dental practice, they are not the only ones. Pinterest, Snapchat, and TikTok are other popular social media channels that can be leveraged to engage a target patient population. Some of these social media channels can help a dental practice connect with younger potential patients or others who do not spend much time on prominent social media channels. With that in mind, publishing additional social media content does generate more time for staff and marketing professionals to work on. If there is room for a budget or time staff have during a day, it may be worth exploring.    

C. Create well written, high quality, unique content

Unique, relevant, and authoritative content is something search engines love to see and will boost the organic rankings of a dental practice. Content can come in the form of rewritten or updated content pages, new services, or even monthly blog posts. Content needs to be engaging and valuable to the people consuming it and help convert potential patients into regular patients. Good content adds value to a dental practice’s website and helps search engines show it to people looking for a dental practice.  

D. Incorporates videos in a marketing plan

Videos continue to become more critical in medical marketing plans, and there is no indication they are going away anytime soon. YouTube is the 2nd most searched website in the world, after Google. Dental practices can take advantage of this by creating short, informative videos and posting them on YouTube. These videos can also embed into a website. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have live-streaming capabilities, allowing a dental practice to engage with an audience and broadcast from their office.  

E. Advertising on Bing

While every dental practice should have an efficiently managed Google AdWords campaign, they should also consider advertising on Bing. While not as popular as Google, it does remain the 2nd most popular search engine. Although the overall percentage is small, it still represents many searches. Since fewer people use Bing and do not advertise there as often, the pay-per-click rates are often lower compared to Google. A dental digital marketing partner that offers Bing advertising among its services is a sign of a quality marketing partner.  

F. Experienced in creating mobile-ready websites

If a dental digital marketing partner does not create a mobile-friendly website, a dental practice should decline to work with them. Mobile phones and tablets with internet access will only become more available, so it is critical for a dental practice to have a mobile-ready website. A dental digital marketing partner needs to be experienced with creating responsive websites and ensure a site is optimized for a mobile phone.  

G. Only uses high quality, professional photos, and images on a website

The photos on a website need to be high quality and look professional. If pictures from a dental practice are not yet available, a marketing partner should have access to quality, professional photos to use on content pages. These photos should be unique and not free, copyright-free photos that other sites use. A potential patient will not be convinced to choose a dental practice if the “doctor” on the home page is the same person they see selling water ice on a different website. Dental practices should invest in a professional photographer to take high-quality photos. A marketing partner should then take these photos and optimize them for the web without losing any picture quality. 

H. An excellent dental digital marketing partner appreciates that there are still uses for traditional and offline marketing tactics

While not as popular, offline and traditional marketing can still be used effectively in dental marketing plans. Direct Mail Marketing can reach target audiences that other digital marketing campaigns may not touch. It can be very cost-effective when connected to a digital element, like a website. Ensure that anything mailed to a current or potential patient has a dental practice’s name, address, phone number, website URL, and an engaging call to action.  

As a dental provider or a practice manager of a dental practice, one of the most important assets you manage is your online presence. Specifically

1) Your dental website

2) Your social media pages 

3) Your online advertising (Google ads, Facebook and Instagram ads)

4) Your Google SEO

5) You communication with patients from digital mediums (Voice, Emails, Texting/SMS and Dental ChatBots)

These days, you will need a complete system to compete online. It is no longer sufficient to have a nice looking website only. It is very likely, you need to hire multiple companies to help you online. Or you can look at single vendor solution (GOLD Service for dentists) from PatientGain, for $799/month.

Here are specific useful questions to ask your dental marketing company

Dental marking company should deep knowledge about your dental services. Each service you provide should be marketed and advertised specifically for high conversion. 

Question 1) Is the staff of the dental marketing company certified for Google adwords – Do they have more than 2 certifications ?

Question 2) Is the website created for your dental practice gone through A/B testing for high conversion ?

Question 3) Is the website content based on high quality non-plagiarized, service focused SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?

Question 4) Is the website focused on lead-capture from every page?

Question 5) Is the communication from the website HIPAA compliant?

Question 6) Is there a live dashboard so you can see the data and conversions in real time? 

Question 7) Is there a human person you can Text/SMS and setup monthly account reviews? 

Question 8) How much do you markup the advertising keywords ? For example most companies will charge you $1000 per month for advertising (on Google, Facebook, Instagram), and they will keep $250 as the service fee. This will be more than 33%. So $750 spent on advertising, multiplied by 33% = $247.50 – We recommend 15%. See this page for details.  In another example a dental marketing company is charging a dental practice $ 1500 a month to run an ad campaign of $2000 per month on Facebook.

Question 9) Do you have an ROI so I can see the costs and benefits of online advertising for dentists? is a proven dental and medical marketing solution, includes apps, websites, SEO, HIPAA compliance and account management.