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Medical Symptom ChatBots and How They Work

Today, in the medical industry, there are generally two types of chatbots you will encounter

1) Medical Symptom ChatBots and

2) Medical Marketing Chatbots A.K.A Conversational ChatBots


Medical Symptom ChatBots and How They Work

This type of chatbot engages with a potential patient by asking them a series of questions to determine the condition of a patient and capture some necessary information about this person. This chatbot operates much like your front desk staff would in terms of taking down essential information. A medical chatbot takes in all of this information and then presents it to a doctor for a diagnosis. Some doctors may even prescribe medication in real-time in response to the information they receive from a medical chatbot.

Some common questions a medical symptom chatbot will ask include:

  • Do you have a fever? What is the temperature? How long has this fever lasted?
  • Are you in any pain? Does your pain come and go, or is it consistent? What makes the pain worse, and what makes it better?
  • Are you sneezing, coughing, or congested? How long have these symptoms lasted?

A medical symptom chatbot can be a program to ask any question and record their answers.

Medical Marketing ChatBots and How They Increase Conversions

Medical symptom chatbots, while helpful, are limited in what they can do for a patient. In many cases, someone needs to be seen by a doctor or some other medical professional one on one to get the care that they need. Instead of inquiring about symptoms, a medical marketing chatbot is more designed to capture a lead and convert them into a paying patient. These chatbots do not engage a patient and try to diagnose their medical issue in real-time, but they help direct patients to the information they are looking for on your website. For existing patients, this might be a list of services they are unfamiliar with or perhaps to make an appointment. For a new patient, it will guide them through the process of being a patient: capturing their contact information, insurance carrier information, and the nature of their medical issue. Some chatbots may even schedule an appointment for this new patient or, at the very least, alert the front desk staff to call and follow up with the patient.’s Medical Marketing ChatBot offers an advanced medical marketing chatbot that can be embedded onto your website. Also known as patient engagement chatbots, these programs actively engage your website visitors to get the information they need so staff can follow up later with them. In today’s “on-demand” world, the attention span of many web visitors is short. Our goal is to have our medical marketing chatbot to engage with your website visitor within the first 15 seconds after your website quickly loads. We prompt them for engagement, and it will ask how it can help them. Some of the most common things our medical marketing chatbots provide website visitors include:

  • Booking an appointment
  • Asking a staff member to call them
  • Send a text message with more information
  • Direct them to a service or list of services
  • Provide hours of operation 
  • Give directions to the medical practice or open a map showing the location
  • Engage in live chat with a staff member

The feature that all of our clients love who use our medical chatbot is that it does not go home at the end of the day and asks for answering service to take over. Our medical marketing chatbot will operate after you close and be available until you open the next day. Instead of patients leaving messages for your staff to catch up on when they come in the next day, our bot can field those questions overnight. In many cases, our chatbot can answer these common questions, allowing your staff to concentrate on more complex needs. For any inquiry that our medical marketing chatbot cannot answer, we will capture the contact information of that patient and organize it so your staff can follow up with them. Our solution will save your staff time and allow you to assist more patients. In fact, if you have online appointments available, you might go home one night with a somewhat empty day and come back the next day with a full schedule.

Do I need to know how to program a chatbot to use it?

You do not need a deep understanding of coding to use our medical chatbot. The experts at will do all of the heavy lifting for you. We will keep your chatbot running, ensure it is communicating with your dashboard, and is securely capturing information to maintain HIPAA compliance. The questions and answers aspect of our medical marketing chatbot is also entirely customizable for your needs. While we do have a standard set of questions you can use, you can insert, delete, or modify any of these questions and answers. In fact, if you discover a recurring question that can be answered simply, like “Are you open on Thanksgiving,” we can add any number of questions to your Medical Marketing Chatbot. All of it is controlled through your dashboard, and if there is something special you need, we’ll do our best to work with you to make it possible.

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