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Medical Marketing 3 Ideas

3 Important Aspects of Medical Marketing

1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization

2. PPC – Targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising

3. Reputation Management

Executing a successful patient acquisition strategy requires much more than a website. In order to increase your clinic’s patient count, you need intelligent software behind your website, dedicated medical marketing team with years of deep online advertising for doctors experience, and a strategy that has been proven to be successful for top healthcare clinics across the US.  There are many aspects to your online success, however 3 very important strategies are SEO, PPC and Reputation Management for Doctors.

1. SEO for Doctors & Medical Practices

Google search engine is the most accurate search engine with the best algorithms for search results. Majority of the world searches on Google. So for SEO for doctors, you must focus on Google first.

Unfortunately, increasing SEO rankings for medical practices is not a simple one-step switch that can just be “turned-on”, it is a process that involves time-consuming steps and costs quite a bit of money. It all begins with having original, unique & quality non-plagiarized content on your website and taking advantage of the latest technology and Search Engine Optimization strategies and algorithms. Your content must provide value to a potential or existing patient.

Your target audience is Search Engines and Potential Patients – They are both equally important.

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Example of SEO Optimizations & Impact on New Patient Acquisition:

Google organic results show 1940 visits, with 2.25 page visits with total page views of 4364.  

Google PPC results show 1358 visits, with 1.82 page with total page views of 2466. 

You can see that impact from Yahoo & Bing is marginal. Over 78% of the patients are as a result from Google. This includes Google Maps, Google business listing and Google reviews. PatientGain data shows that Google has the most impact on your patient acquisition and patient engagement.

2. Medical Marketing Using PPC Advertising

Common question asked is PPC Advertising right for my clinic?  The answer is YES.  We have hundreds of examples to share with you. In a sample recent review of 162 medical clinics, we found that if a medical clinic is running PPC Advertising, 98 percent of these clinics have increased their patient count over a period when they were not using PPC Advertising.

Another very common question is asked “How PatientGain’s approach to online advertising helps our customers get better results?” Lets review the image below.  You will see attention to detail and technical know-how how online advertising works and domain knowledge about healthcare and major trends like Mobile Advertising for Doctors and Medical Practices.

For example, PatientGain’s customer for 3 years had excellent SEO results, excellent maps listings, excellent online reviews. Competition had been growing steadily. Patient volume, on average 63 patients per day – but facing stiff competition from 2 new clinics. PatientGain project manager had been discussing and encouraging the customer to start PPC ads on Google – but customer declined. Finally one day they started seeings ads for their new competitors. By launching an aggressive PPC advertising campaign, the customer experienced an increase by 18 percent in the first 2 weeks. Measured month over month compared to previous years, overall increase was 23 percent.  The additional cost of PPC advertising by off set by increased number of patients and higher volume of higher margin procedures. PatientGain recommends Google Adwords PPC for majority of its customers for an excellent ROI.

Let’s review a real example below:

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3. Medical Marketing Using Reputation Management For Doctors

In a perfect world, the quality of the medical care and level of personal attention provided by you should be enough to ensure that your patients contribute glowing reviews and testimonials. Of course, the reality is that most patients need to be gently and subtly encouraged to submit any online feedback.

4 Strategies to Improve Online Reputation Management For Doctors

No 1. Use an iPad in the lobby for patient reviews.

No 2. Use Text/SMS based software for patient reviews.

No 3. Use Email Marketing based software for patient reviews.

No 4. Use Social Media/Facebook software for patient reviews.

In real life, maximizing positive online review and minimizing negative reviews should be your strategy.